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Old 10-31-2012, 05:32 PM
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a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...a0161613 is going to make some noise in the draft...
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Default WZCW Supershow II: Battle Royal

As announced by Big Dave, this over the top rope Battle Royal will determine the fourth man who will contest the WZCW Championship Fatal Four Way match. Everyone who is not a champion is eligible except the remaining three members of the Mentorship Programme, Drake Callahan and Steven Holmes.

Don't RP in this thread if you are not eligible. If you are not sure, ask anyone of the Creative members.

Deadline is: 11:59pm Central, Sunday 11th November, extensions as per thread.
Old 11-06-2012, 12:18 PM
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Beastmode 24 worked a dark match on ECW recently...Beastmode 24 worked a dark match on ECW recently...Beastmode 24 worked a dark match on ECW recently...Beastmode 24 worked a dark match on ECW recently...Beastmode 24 worked a dark match on ECW recently...Beastmode 24 worked a dark match on ECW recently...Beastmode 24 worked a dark match on ECW recently...Beastmode 24 worked a dark match on ECW recently...Beastmode 24 worked a dark match on ECW recently...

Chapter 5:A Divine Opportunity

Opportunity. Something everyone seeks to gain but few achieve. Ever since I first joined WZCW, I’ve been seeking my opportunity, and it seems like I’ve found it with Mason as the New Church. But as much as I’d like to believe we’re going to be a team for the rest of our careers, and that we’re going to run the tag team division, I have to be a realist and understand that nothing lasts forever. I love Mason like a brother, but eventually all tag teams go away. Mind over Matter, the Forgotten Powers, even Runn Reynolds Runn. You can even add the Crashin Movement, Stantime, The Full House Daves, Disasterpiece… All of the greatest teams in WZCW have broken up, and we will be no different.

With that being said, there is still more that I would like to accomplish as a team with Mason, and I honestly believe that The Almighty has made himself known to me through my colleague. We will become tag team champions, and we will rid WZCW of the filth that is SaboSax. The Almighty has given us a personal glimpse into His plan for us, and we are closer to accomplishing that plan. I know what Mason would say about our loss on Meltdown: “He works in mysterious ways,” and he’s right. I firmly believe that everything I’ve ever done has brought me here: to WZCW. In every great struggle; when it seems like there has been a decisive winner, the vultures descend and take what they want. It’s easy to say that Mason and myself are the vultures in the war of good and evil in WZCW, and very soon we will be taking what’s rightfully ours. This is His way.

But is His way me becoming World Champion?

Ever since I joined WZCW, I’ve fought, clawed, scratched, and admittedly, cheated to get where I am. This is the biggest opportunity that I’ve had to make a name for myself. I know that there’s going to be some incredible competition in this match, but physically, I’m stronger. Mentally, I’m sharper; and I’m hungry. No doubt there are going to be former World Champions stepping into the ring for that battle royal, men like Steven Kurtesy, and there are going to be competitors that have been here for a lot longer than me like the so called “White Knight” Chris KO. Do I have what it takes to eliminate someone like those two? What about Celeste Crimson, or Titus? (I still owe him from pinning me in that 8 man match.) I’ve never been in a battle royal so this is easily my biggest challenge. But I can learn from those before me who’ve won matches such as Lethal Lottery. Steven Kurtesy found himself in this exact position a couple of years ago, and the battle royal he won to be in the main event of Unscripted is arguably what catapulted his career. Ty Burna, Showtime, Titus and Big Will all won Lethal Lottery, so I should study how they accomplished that. There are so many questions going into this match.

But the biggest question is, if myself and Mason both enter the match, Would it bring an end to the new church, or would it make us stronger? Like I said earlier, I believe in Mason’s message, and I believe that we’re on the right path, but will selfish ambition get in the way of a divine plan? We’re so close to finally getting rid of the demons in the tag team division, and closer to our goal of finding The Almighty. Could selfish goals overtake the hard work we’ve both put in over the last couple months?

Forever in The Almighty’s presence,
Derek Jacobs.

As Derek sets aside his journal, we can see that he is in his apartment not far from the church that Mason pastors. Derek looks concerned about the choice that he has to make about the upcoming battle royal. Will he chose the opportunity of a lifetime to earn the opportunity to compete for the biggest prize in wrestling, or will he stay loyal to his “brother in The Almighty”? Just then, his phone rings. A familiar number, one that Derek hasn’t seen in quite some time appears on his screen.

James Parker.

Derek: Trying to rub in another loss, James?

James: No Derek, I’m just trying to see where my friend’s head is. You and Mason had a good showing in that match last week, but it seemed like you guys got a little cocky. What’s the old saying, Derek? Pride comes before the fall?

Derek: For a guy that said you’re not trying to rub anything in, that’s exactly what it sounds like you’re doing.

James: Okay, let me cut to the chase then. Are you going to enter the battle royal at the Supershow? That’s one hell of an opportunity, Derek. Honestly, it’s one that you might not get ever again.

Derek: What’s that supposed to mean, James? Do you think I’m not good enough to become world champion? Is that it? Or is this about Mason again?

James: …….. that’s exactly what this is about Derek. You need to ditch the preacher and do this for you. You’ve been on a roll since you joined up with him, I have to admit, but you’re just not you. This humble shell of a man that you’ve become just isn’t you anymore.

Derek: Is it the fact that I’m not the same person, or the fact that I don’t let you make my decisions for me that eats you up James? Ever since I was 20 you made my decisions for me. YOU told me where to work, what to drive, where to live. You controlled every part of my life like I was nothing but a piece of meat. I thought we were family, but I’ve came to realize that the only thing you were worried about was me making you more money. I wasn’t the one that was in love with money, James. You were. I’ve asked you more than once to come join me here at Mason’s church, that he would change your life, and every time; every single time I’ve reached out to you, you’ve turned me down. I have nothing more to say to you. Goodbye James.

James: Derek-

James is cut off by Derek hanging up.

A thick silence hangs in the air as Derek gets dressed. He’s requested the opportunity to talk to Mason Westhoff one on one, and he doesn’t know how Mason will react to what he has to say. Derek enters Mason’s spacious workout center and greets the preacher with a warm handshake.

Mason: Derek, while I’m always happy to spend time with you, I must say I’m a little apprehensive about this meeting. You seemed very stressed over the phone, so I’m a little concerned about you. What’s on your mind?

Derek: What’s my purpose here Mason? Am I here to serve your cause as a crusader of The Almighty? Or is there something greater for me?

Mason: I believe that although you are a great tool for our cause for The Almighty; and I say our cause because it just isn’t my work Derek, its ours- I believe that we make our own destiny. Why do you ask?

Derek: I’m asking because I want to participate in the battle royal to determine the last participant in the World Title match at Unscripted. This is my dream, Mason. I can’t lie to myself. I have enjoyed teaming with you over the last few months, but this is my ultimate goal here in WZCW. I’m not asking that we part ways forever, but I’m asking for your blessing to go on my own for this endeavor.

Mason: Derek, while I give you my blessing to strike out on your own for this match, realize one thing; I’ll be competing in the match too. You’re not the only one in this room that seeks personal glory, Derek. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to strike out on your own.

Derek: The thing I’m worried about, Mason, is what happens if you come after me, or if I come after you? I’m going to be honest with you; if you’re in there with me I’m not going to give you a pass. I’m going to be gunning for you just the same as I would be gunning for someone else. This is my dream, Mason. Nobody’s going to be standing in my way. Not even you.

Mason: I can’t say that I blame you Derek. Because that’s exactly how I feel. But look at it like this; I would much rather it be one of us that wins the match, than someone like Steven Kurtesy or Chris KO. While I can’t promise that we won’t come to blows, I can promise that after the match the New Church will be as strong as it’s ever been. I need to leave now Derek; I have other pressing issues to deal with today. This will be the last time that you see me until the battle royal. But Derek, remember this; there are others that will also be in this that we've had dealings with, and they could be looking for revenge against us. Not only could one of us walk away with a World Title shot, but we could also prevent the demons that have plagued us for the last couple of months from attaining one.

Derek: If that’s how you want it, Mason. Good luck.

Derek extends his hand, and Mason firmly shakes it before they go their separate ways.

After meeting with Mason, Derek returns to his apartment and studies tape of past battle royals that have been held in WZCW beginning with the one that started it all, Lethal Lottery I

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please. The rules of the match stated that a winner is determined when all 29 other opponents have been eliminated, with their feet hitting the arena floor. The official outside of the ring, has determined that while Big Will's body hit the floor, his feet hit the steel steps and did NOT, DID NOT, touch the arena floor. Will carefully picked himself up, and walked back up the steps, without touching his feet to the floor, reentering the ring and eliminating Steamboat Ricky.

Therefore your Winner of the 2008 W.Z.C.W. Lethal Lottery Match. 'The One' Big Will!!!!!" "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd erupts over the sound system, as the arena and the fans inside erupt with a HUGE, MONSEROUS ovation!!!! Ricky is on the outside of the ring, demanding an official tell him what just happened.

Apparently, only one of Will's feet hit the floor. The official is explaining this to Ricky, as he seems pissed off and heads toward the back. Meanwhile, Big Will has tears in his eyes, as hes on his knees in the middle of the ring, with every person in the arena on their feet cheering him on! Big Will will advance to Kingdom Come, in the Main Event to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship!
The Scene of Big Will’s victory transforms into Lethal Lottery II

Carmen and Titus look at each other and then both turn to Ricky. The crowd pops as this as Bratchny and Titus begin a double team assault on the real world champion. Ricky is putting up a fight lashing out against both men but the team of Bratchny and Titus is overpowering him. Bratchny then gives a bounce off the ropes and goes for a double From Russia with love. He connects with Ricky but Titus ducks it. Ricky is out from the FRL and Bratchny looks a bit dazed. Titus seems shocked that Bratchny went for his finisher on him and grabs Bratchny by the shoulder. He spins Bratchny round and gives him a kick to the mid section. Titus then gives Bratchny the Tit drop as Bratchny is out cold. The crowd are cheering huge amounts as Titus stumbles over to pick up Ricky. He goes to throw Ricky over the top rope but somehow Ricky manages to throw Titus over the top. Titus though grabs the rope and bounces back up as only one foot has touched the floor. He gets back in the ring and throws Ricky over the top. Ricky is eliminated as Bratchny has made his way to his feet without Titus realising. Titus is looking at Ricky on the floor as Bratchny runs to give him a clothesline. Titus notices this and manages to duck the clothesline as Bratchny knocks himself into the ropes as out of nowhere Titus gives a spinning heel kick. Bratchny is knocked over the top of the rope and is eliminated. There's a brief pause as Titus turns round and notices he's the last man in the ring.

He collapses to his knee almost in tears. Titus' theme hits as streamers and confetti fall to the ring. The crowd is immensely loud as Titus is still on his knees.

Harrys: The winner of this match and as a result will face Everest for the WZCW World Heavyweight title at Kingdom Come. Titus!

Titus stands to his feet and begins to applaud the fans, he climbs out the ring and goes along to give the fans hugs and handshakes.
The scene is now Lethal Lottery III as Showtime claims his spot at glory.

Showtime tries struggling out of the carry but Dave holds him firm. Showtime panics and gets a thumb into Dave's eye. Dave let's go and Showtime gets behind Dave on the turnbuckle. Dave sits down on the turnbuckle, his hand over his eye as Showtime carefully walks onto the ropes. Dave slowly gets his vision back and stands back on the turnbuckle. Showtime suddenly jumps forward and hits a huge Enziguri, sending both men off the turnbuckle to the outside! Showtime frantically reaches out and gets one hand on the middle rope, sending his body crashing hard into the side of the ring, his feet mere inches from the ground as Dave lands back first onto the outside mat.

Harrys: Here is your winner of the Lethal Lottery, and the man going onto Kingdom Come to face Ty Burna for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship, Showtime Cougar!

The scene then transforms to Ty Burna plunging WZCW into chaos.

Dave walks over to the Holmes, but Holmes immediately jumps off of the apron and onto the mat. Dave extends his arm out and points at Holmes, telling him to leave ringside. Holmes snarls at him and then suddenly jumps up and grabs Dave’s arm. The crowd becomes crazy as Holmes attempts to pull Dave out of the ring. Dave pushes on the top rope as he tries to remain inside of the ring. Meanwhile, Ty is slowly making his way to his feet. Dave notices this and begins shaking his arm, trying to get Holmes to relinquish the hold. Ty is now at his knees as he shakes out the cob webs. Dave’s face is red from pulling back his arm. Holmes grits his teeth in anger as he continues to pull. The crowd is deafening as they are extremely excited about the current situation. Ty is now on one knee! Dave is slowly regaining his footing inside of the ring as he is actually lifting Holmes up. Holmes screams as he refuses to let go! Ty is now at his feet! With one quick jerk, Dave whips Holmes off his arm and grips it in pain as he turns around! The crowd jumps up in excitement over Dave’s triumph. But that moment is short lived! Ty pump kicks his leg and a Consecrated Banishment lands in the face of Dave. The impact sends Dave staggering back and into the ropes. His feet lift up from underneath him as he begins spiraling backwards. The entire crowd gasps as Dave flips over the ropes and lands hard onto the outside mat! The referee looks at Dave and then signals for the bell!

Harrys: Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner, and the man who will compete for the WZCW World Heavyweight Title at Kingdom Come IV, Ty Burna!
A short time later, Derek writes in his journal once more.

After Mason told me that he was competing in the match, we agreed that while we will continue our endeavor to become Tag Team champions, if one of us became World Champion we would be in a much better position to glorify The Almighty. While I’m happy that we’re on the same page, the match hasn’t begun yet, and if I see the opportunity to make a name for myself at his expense, I’m going to take it. I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to win this match. This is my opportunity to show the world that Derek Jacobs is a force to be reckoned with on his own.
For one night only, Dr. Pain will be back in business, and I’ll be unstoppable. At the SuperShow, I wreak havoc. I destroy people. I dominate.

And you can bank on that.

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Please, take a seat. He will be with you in one moment???

*Barbosa suppressed the urge to go on a tirade and took one of the available seats.

High rising terminal - that is what it was called. Or the upward inflexion, like everything was a question or had some uncertainty behind it.

It drove him to distraction.

It was yet another reason why he did not like Steven Kurtsey. He spoke with that ludricrous variant, the Australian Question Innotation, which made him sound like he was seeking assurance for his opinions, despite him supposedly being a doctor.


Here we go again…*

WZCW Offices. How can I help you?

*That was okay. That was an actual question.*

One moment please. I will just connect you???

*The chair he had chosen groaned under the crushing pressure that Barbosa's death grip was now exerting on it.

However, inwardly, Barbosa reflected that in some way he could sympathise with her. She was the victim of social conditioning. All her friends, the celebrities she watched on television, even the politicians spoke that way. So why shouldn't she?

Barbosa also had something in his head that he could not help but repeat. But there was no question mark at the end of it.*

Barbosa: "Break SHIT!

Smash SHIT!


*It had been swirling around his head since it had in there just after Apocalypse. He suspected that SHIT had something of a similar mantra floating about in whatever it called a brain.

Together, those mantras had driven Barbosa and SHIT to make a mockery of that ridiculous tag match. However, that first test of the automaton's 'indestructibility' had proven abortive due to those circumstances that had precipitated it but those all too brief moments of blasting away at the Scaled Humanoid had been glorious.

Euphoric almost.

And then Drake Callahan, Dave Cougar and finally Big Dave had to break it up. For what? The good of Meltdown? A demonstration of the new GM's control over his show? If Big Dave had any real clue about forward planning, then he would have allowed Barbosa's experiment continue to its inevitable conclusion?

Then Barbosa would be free to take part in whatever match, feud or gimmick that Big Dave could throw at him.

Like this Supershow Battle Royale next week.

Normally, Barbosa would be overjoyed at an opportunity to not only regain his WZCW World Heavyweight Title but also to take part in such a chaotic multi-man match. He had already proven himself to be exceedingly dangerous in the similar Lethal Lottery on two separate occasions and would surely have been seen as one of the favourites to move on to the Unscripted main event with Holmes, Callahan and Cougar.

But now he had his own agenda.

It was not someone else's; not Kurtsey's, Kravinoff's or Ty Burna's. It was his own. And nothing was going to prevent him from following it to that inevitable, grisly conclusion.*

Barbosa: "Break SHIT!

Smash SHIT!


*And so that is why Barbosa was sat outside this office waiting for a meeting while a secretary tapped away mindlessly at her keyboard whilst answering the phone with that upward inflection that made everything sound like a question; that agenda was also why Barbosa kept the bubbling volcano of an outburst under control.

He had a question he needed answered and this meeting was with one of the three, well, four men that could answer that question.


Having said that, even with reflected sympathy and social conditioning, if that meeting did not take place soon, that volcano might not be controllable for much longer…*

Yes, sir?

Uh huh.

Yes, I'll send him right in???

Mr Barbosa? He will see you now???

*Each upward inflexion sends another shuddered through Barbosa but he manages to keep it together as he rises from his seat and enters the office without offering any indication to the secretary that he had heard here.*

Hmmpf! Wrestlers can be so rude???

*Ignoring the secretary's own outburst, Barbosa strides into the office. From behind the desk, Vance Bateman barely looks up from whatever meaningless paperwork he is combing through.*

Bateman: Take a seat, Mr Barbosa.

Barbosa: I'll stand.

Bateman: It is rather rude to stand when you have been offered the courtesy of a seat, especially when that someone is your...

Barbosa: I have one question and one question only.

Bateman: It is also rather rude interrupt some…

Barbosa: It is about this Battle Royale…

*Realising that he is not going to get anywhere with an etiquette lesson and worn down by a long day of pencil-pushing, Bateman allows his thoughts about the Supershow main event to seep out.*

Bateman: A dreadful idea…

Barbosa: I do not care about the match, the prize or even entering either… unless…

Bateman: Unless what?

Barbosa: SHIT.

Bateman: I'd keep your swearing to a minimum in my office, Mr Barbosa.

Barbosa: No… SHIT - Scaled Humanoid Industrial Technology. The cardboard automaton. The dick in the box.

Bateman: Ah yes, what about him/it?

Barbosa: Is he going to be in the Battle Royale?

Bateman: I have no idea.

Barbosa: Best you find out.

Bateman: I do not respond well to threats, Mr Barbosa...

Barbosa: It is not a threat. It is a promise. No SHIT, no Barbosa.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have another meeting to get to.

*With that, before Bateman can excuse him or more likely complain about being issued with an ultimatum from a contracted talent, Barbosa stomps back out of the office.*

Bateman: Hmmpf! Wrestlers can be so rude.


*Another office. Another secretary with her upward inflexions.

Rather than waiting for another few minutes all the while being bombarded by inane chattering and high rising sentences, Barbosa marches straight up to the office door and barks a question at the secretary.*

Barbosa: Is he in?

Yes, but you cannot go in without an appointment???

Barbosa: Sure I can.

*Barbosa storms through the unlocked office door to find his old "friend," Chuck Myles, with his back to the door reviewing some of the action from Aftershock 15.*

Barbosa: Myles.

*Unable to suppress a sigh, Myles tries to avoid eye contact.*

Myles: Barbosa.

Barbosa: About this Battle Royale…

Myles: Yes?

Barbosa: Is SHIT going to be in it?

Myles: Well, being neither a champion, a world title challenger nor a mentee, he is eligible. However, nothing has passed my desk regarding an official entry from him.

*Barbosa leans in over Myles' table, forcing the GM of Aftershock to look up at him.*

Barbosa: No SHIT, no Barbosa.

*Finally meeting the intruder's eyes and catching the drift of his short pronouncement, Myles nods his head and responds in the affirmative.*

Myles: Understood.

Barbosa: Good.

*With that, Barbosa marches back out the door as quickly as he had arrived.

Visibly relieved, Myles reaches into a drawer in his desk for a bottle of whiskey and shouts out to his secretary.*

Myles: Janine, hold all my calls and appointments for the next hour.

Of course, Mr Myles. Wrestlers can be so rude???

Myles: Quiet, Janine! He might come back if he hears you say that...

*Another office. Another secretary with her upward inflexions. Another door unceremoniously barged through.*

Barbosa: Dave.

Big Dave: Barbosa.

*It almost made Barbosa glad that the old warrior had risen from his desk at his impromptu entrance, taking up something of a defensive stance.

Corporate dealings had not so thoroughly dulled the steel of the man he had defeated for the WZCW title quite yet.*

Barbosa: I have just one thing to say.

Big Dave: So I have heard.

Barbosa: News travels fast through the secretarial ranks, I see.

*With that, Big Dave's secretary runs into the office to apologise for the intrusion.*

I'm so sorry, sir. We knew he was coming but we could not stop him. He just burst in here???

*Even though the confirmation of his deduction should have brought a smile to his face, instead Barbosa again has to fight to suppress another inflexion-inspired shudder.

Without taking his eyes off the intruder, Dave tries to sooth the flustered secretary.*

Big Dave: It is okay, Marjorie. A herd of rampaging wildebeest would not have stopped Barbosa from coming in here once he had decided to do so. And rather than discuss the last main event of Meltdown, Mr Barbosa is just hear to deliver a brief message and then he will be gone. Correct?

*Barbosa gives a curt nod before repeating what he had told Bateman and Myles.*

Barbosa: Supershow Battle Royale: No SHIT, no Barbosa.

*Big Dave returns the nod and repeats what he has been told.*

Big Dave: No SHIT, no Barbosa.

*Barbosa then leaves the office, content that his message has gotten across. He would be at the Supershow, but whether he took part would be up to others.

But wait.

Before the door can close behind him, another thought takes hold with Barbosa and he about-faces and marches back into Dave's office.

Locking eyes with the Meltdown GM, Barbosa utters one more word.*

Barbosa: Unscripted.

*After a few tense seconds, Dave responds with another curt nod and answers.*

Big Dave: That will be taken under advisement.

*Barbosa's eyes narrow somewhat having not gotten the immediate acquiescence he was looking for. However, after another few tense seconds, he breaks off the stare and leaves the room again, content that his message has gotten across.*

Hmmpf! Wrestlers can be so rude???

Big Dave: No, Marjorie. That is just Barbosa. And that is about as "polite" as he gets. It is SHIT that is going to see just how "rude" he can get…
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“They’re all here. Chris KO, Celeste Crimson, Titus; superstars will gather for a once in a lifetime opportunity. Former champions, promising rookies, jobbers of all sizes are going to Meltdown because they think they are the chosen one who will win the World Heavyweight Championship shot at Unscripted. But they are going to be disappointed because Destiny has rejected them all in one fell swoop.”

We see a small dimly lit room, which has candles and lamps dotted on shelves all over. In the centre of the room, floating just below the largest light in the room, are rows and rows of small crystal orbs that are arranged to resemble a chandelier. Each orb contains the face of a WZCW superstar and reflections of the dancing candlelight bounces around each spherical surface; the smiling portrait of a popular babyface like Matt Tastic are balanced by the devious grimace of a cocky sneer from Barbosa.

“These superstars are going to arrive at Meltdown thinking that it is their time; that their moment to shine is going to arrive in a matter of time. Their confidence will be misplaced. They are convinced that they will be the last man standing and enter the match at Unscripted. But I’m going to take great heart in shredding the hope of everyone who steps through the ropes.”

The origin of the voice is unclear until a male hand brings a larger transparent sphere up to the camera. Inside is an hourglass full of sand that tumbles through showing the steadiness of time flowing by.


“This is simply a matter of time. Its end will bring about crushed dreams; it will signal that the ultimate success is within touching distance. Destiny guides me to what is my true goal, a right and a massively significant accomplishment.”


“The Grand Mystique is running roughshod over the poor dregs who inhabit this company. Sure, Steamboat Ricky and Alex Bowen are blind to it so they think a match like this is theirs to lose. But they are stupid, closed only to hear the praise coming from their own internal monologues.”

“I’m willing to walk over the rest of the roster to get this opportunity, despite having already achieved all that should be necessary. I beat David Cougar; I beat the waif who is the current World Heavyweight Champion. It is sad that I need to qualify when I have achieved more than most of this roster has in one night. I should abuse any and all authorities to get into the match without having to perform like a monkey.”

“But I will not object. I will follow the same trials and jump through the same hoops, not because I have to but because I want to leave the roster and the fans in no doubt that I am the true superstar in waiting to become the World Champion at Unscripted. Winning that match is all the vindication I need.”

As if the cord has been cut, the crystal balls crash down to the wooden floor. The faces within disappear as the orbs are crushed and as the glass shatters, its’ pieces are sent flying across the roughened surface. The faces within the orbs dissipate and become wisps of smoke and dust in the air. The room is darkened and the Grand Mystique steps forward to take the full focus.

“One by one, hopes will be dashed and dreams will be cut short by the one who is most capable. And if the likes of Steven Kurtesy want to get in the way of destiny then I will smash them into pieces. I’m sick of selfish and heroic acts. WZCW superstars are self-servicing and gallant and this is what will be their downfall. I’m going to purge WZCW of their heroes and abolish the idiots who think that they can be the one to step forward and take their shot but it’s not going to happen like that.”

When the giant steps on the shattered glass, the smoke has disappeared. The masked man reaches down to grab a handful of the crushed orbs.

“When I enter the ring, you can be the superhero, the peaceful voice of the calm or the thrill-seeker, with your heart on your sleeve and pounding your chest. You don’t have to be the best, the fastest or the strongest; you just need destiny by your side. It’s not luck when you can command the sheer belief that your path is that of right and truth; it’s belief crushes everything.”

He raises his hand to inspect the remnants before closing his fingers to form a fist. Seconds later, a hint of blood flows from his hand but as he unfurls his hand, the glass has disappeared though the blood still remains.

“The true path is going to send the Grand Mystique into the main event of Unscripted, where the one outcome is going to be storied in advance. For when you are in hell, I am the one beast you do not want to live with. I am absolute and deserving of this opportunity because I have already beaten the World Heavyweight Champion. I am the one person that Showtime David Cougar doesn’t want to see in Hell with him. Steven Holmes and Drake Callahan will realise that they have no fear like the unknown quantity that I will bring into that match.”

As the Grand Mystique steps away, what is left of the floating orbs goes up in flames. He ignores this and walks towards a larger central orb that still features his dark blue mask. This orb is still perfectly intact.

“I am the darkness that encroaches at the end of every day; I inhabit the shadows that creep on you. If the very best are afraid of what I can bring, then nobodies like Derek Jacobs and Ricky Runn are going to barely able to bring themselves to face me. Much less is Alex Bowen who is not going to register.......”

His words trail off; not distraction, as there is not anything to detract the man from his task but there’s a different focus that fires in his eyes. But then we see it; the orb that featured his face now shows a hint of gold on a shredded background.

“For a lot of the roster, this match is an opportunity to make history, a chance to decipher the route to the main event. But I am the Grand Mystique and I know that there is more to than that; it’s not an opportunity, a chance. It’s the time to go and seize what is on offer. There isn’t just a chance to get into the match at Unscripted; it’s the opening to become at one with destiny, the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship.”

“Only then will WZCW be shown a hint of what has been unleashed upon them. The who’s, why’s and what’s of my existence, my return, may be answered sooner than you can believe. WZCW’s heroes can find out who is going to hunt them down to extinction. There’ll be no hiding; I want them to see me coming for them.”
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Shotaro has a 24hr extension.
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Default For El Califa Dragon

La caída de un gigante. El levantamiento de un dragón. Ahora el campo de batalla final se revela el corazón de un dragón ruge a través de los cielos, los dioses se lo temblorosos su paso!

The screen shifts to an ancient brick court deep in the heart of Mexico, the two sides of the court raised up with a lowered centered run almost the length of a football field. Stone seating rises up all around the court, almost like an arena. Two stone circles with intricate Aztec designs covering the entirety of the surface. One stone sits on opposite sides of the court. Standing in the center of the court is El Califa Dragón wearing baggy jeans and a white tank top. His trademark mask adorns his face, black with white designs this time around. His arms are crossed in front of his chest, staring straight at the camera.

I stand here today in one of my people's ancient courts. This is where the great game of Ullamaliztli took place. Legend has it that games would not be a mere two hour long break, it was a game that lasted days upon days, warriors fighting for the honor and glory of their factions, all in the name of the great Aztec gods! This is where my ancestors proved themselves, where their glory and their honor is all that mattered.

Califa drops his arms down to his sides, lifting his head up as he looks around the court for a few moments before stepping up onto one side of the court. He paces over to the large stone circle, running his hand along the various designs on the stone before taking a deep breath.

I can feel the presence of my people, their blood and sweat blessing this court. And just as my ancestors battled for honor and glory, so too will I at the WZCW Supershow. A battle royal, a shot at earning the right to fight for the World Heavyweight Championship. I did not anticipate such an opportunity would arise so soon, but it will be an opportunity that I absolutely must seize! I come in with the advantage, the unknown entity that is certainly the wild card. They will take me lightly, just as the monstrous Rush did and the results will be the same. I walk the same path of my people, the ring is my court, only unlike Ullamaliztli, I have no one to depend on other then myself. I will bring great pride and joy to my country. México celebró su dragón semana pasada, pronto lo celebran como el campeón del mundo!

Califa puts his head against the stone briefly before turning and jumping up and landing on the ledge between the court and the spectator seating, balancing delicately on the ledge but walking easily down the length of the court. He stops towards the end, turning and facing the other side before spreading his arms out.

To lose meant to become a sacrifice to the gods. To win meant a feast in your honor and the blessing of the high priest. This battle royal means just as much to me. To lose is to let down my great country, a consequence worse then death. But victory means everything. Victory means that I am just one step closer to becoming the best, to show that lucha libre is the superior wrestling style in the entire world! This is what I strive for, this is the opportunity to earn that chance, and it's not something I take lightly! I will not rest until my name is synonymous with greatness!

Califa suddenly leaps off the ledge and spins through the air, landing perfectly in the center part of the court in a crouched position. His arms remain spread out on each side before standing straight up. He points towards the camera as he speaks once more.

I am El Califa Dragón! I put the pride of my fellow Mexicanos on my back and I will never let them down! At the Supershow the roar of the dragon will be heard and the spirit of my opponents shall wither under its might! I t matters not who I face, the heart of a dragon shall always overcome! I was wrong earlier, I am not alone in this fight. My ancestors, the people that make up this great country, they are by my side and they will help guide me to victory. The gods shall smile favorably upon their dragon. I wear this mask with honor, it is my war paint as I prepare for this coming battle. It is my heritage to wear this mask, but a heritage I had to prove worthy of carrying on. Everything in my life I have earned, even just to merely fight in my ring was not a right, merely a privilege that I have had the honor of earning just as I will earn the right to battle for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Califa crouches down and picks up a rubber ball lying on the ground and tosses it back and forth between his hands. He speaks out loudly, his voice echoing throughout the arena.

Nothing will stop me from climbing to the top. Just as nothing stopped my ancestors from achieving victory here in this court. Bring upon your Grand Mystiques, your former champions and your favorites. They will all be incinerated from the fire raging deep inside the soul of this dragon! Victory shall be mine, and soon the World Heavyweight Championship wrapped tightly around my waist!

Califa tosses the ball high up into the air before jumping and connecting with a spinning kick, sending the ball flying through the air towards one of the stone circles. The camera follows the ball as it flies cleanly through the center of the circle. The camera spins back around quickly, as Califa walks slowly down the center of the court as faint images of Aztecs surround him, walking right alongside him dressed in full gear, their brightly colored headdresses noticeable alongside Califa's mask. The images disappear, leaving Califa alone as he stops at the end of the court.

A medida que el dragón se levanta sobre sus enemigos conquistados, aprenderán a respetar el poder que posee. Se va a temblar y encogerse como el rugido de los terremotos del dragón de la tierra misma y los propios cielos!
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Well.... I guess that's all the participants in the Battle Royal. Well, lets wrap up.

Leon Kensworth
stand by the Gorilla position with a mic at hand.
He prepares to leave but.....

Woah, hang on there.

Matt Tastic arrives.

You're going to enter the Battle Royal? What about Rush?

I'm assuming he won't be there given that he's a Champion.

So you plan to fight him and compete in the Battle Royal?

Well, like they say, you take your chances. I'm looking for a major fight. And this Battle Royal is one hell of a fight.

Well you do have a bit of experience with them. You did last from #1 and eliminated #30 at this years Lethal Lottery.

That's right. It's a shame Rush won't be there though. The thrill of tossing his overweight ass over the top rope will have to wait. But when this Man-Beast Machine goes out there, it doesn't matter who's in there, I'm chucking them out. It doesn't matter if it isn't Rush or if it's Doug Crashin, Barbosa, El... Como Diablos Se Llame Dragon, Ty Burna, Mitt Romney, Hurricane Sandy, mom, at that Battle Royal hunters are going to be lined up to shoot everyone flying. So many people will fly, they'll think it's duck season. Or wabbit season. Regardless. The fight is on and I want a piece of that action. If you mind, I'm heading out to Deliver some Kickassery.

Matt marches off to the ring. Many men look for a chance at the World Championship. Matt will join those men. Can he overcome the odds?
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MMSoldier is looking to come up from OCW...MMSoldier is looking to come up from OCW...MMSoldier is looking to come up from OCW...MMSoldier is looking to come up from OCW...

???: You know, there are numerous places I’d rather wanna be at this point in time.

A plush hotel room opens this scene, with The Devil’s Dancer sitting on the bed, Leon Kentsworth standing next to him. The interviewer is in his standard suit and tie, while Flynn is wearing a red tee-shirt and jeans. Leon looks around the room before directing his attention to Jimmy.

Leon: What do you mean? This is a nice place.

Flynn sighs as he slides off the bed and looks out the window, grief across his face. His interviewer follows a short distance behind him, intrigued at what Flynn means.

Flynn: Leon, have you ever been removed from your home? Think of this for a moment: There are millions of people who are now without a place to live because of this tragedy. They are living through the worst moments of their lives from this, and it pains me that I can’t be up there to try and aid them. The people in New England can use all the help they can get.

Flynn sighs again, and turns to face Leon, who has listened to Jimmy’s rambling and is a more solemn person than he was before. Jimmy sits back on the bed as Kentsworth looks at him.

Leon: They’re getting all the help that can be given. Most states are in some semblance of normal.

Flynn: Still…

Leon feels one of his pockets, and pulls a piece of paper out of it, which he hands to the upset wrestler.

Leon: Even the company’s trying to do their part.

Jimmy looks at the paper for a minute, then looks up at Leon.

Leon: Even the company’s trying to do their part.

Jimmy looks at the paper for a minute, then looks up at Leon.

Flynn: Interesting, is there a schedule for this?

Leon: There is, but you don’t have a scheduled match…

Flynn: Then why the hell are you here?

Leon’s shock at the outburst is hidden quickly by a new face, unknown to the camera.

Leon: Two reasons: One, the company wanted something for the website…

Flynn: Ok, and you chose me.

Leon snaps his fingers, then nods.

Leon: Two, there is an open match that you are welcome to enter at the show.

Flynn snaps to attention when Leon mentions the battle royal. A steely determination washes over the Devil’s Dancer’s face as he turns to look at Leon.

Flynn: I’m in.

Leon: Just like that? You don’t even know what it is!

Flynn stands staring a hole into the smaller interviewer, who takes the hint and backs away quickly.

Flynn: Leon, to be quite blunt: I don’t care. I need to do something other than sit on my ass and wallow in misery. The match will let me go out and do what I love.

Leon: Ok, now then…

Flynn frowns, trying to remember what it was that Leon wanted to get to. The interviewer pulls out his microphone and Flynn nods.

Flynn: Right, let’s go.

Leon positions himself next to Flynn, and takes a breath before starting his moment.

Leon: Hello, people watching on WZCW.com. Today, in our exclusive interview, we have one of the newest faces in WZCW, who won his first match on Aftershock this last week. My guest, Jimmy Flynn.

Jimmy waves and smiles for the camera.

Leon: First, Jimmy, let me congratulate you for your win against Dean Miles in a hard fought match on Aftershock.

Flynn smiles at the interviewer and pats his shoulder.

Flynn: Thanks, Leon. It felt good to be out on a mat again. Even if it was just for a little bit, it was a good time out there.

Leon nods, and Flynn looks out the window that he was at earlier.

Leon: Now, WZCW has announced its next Super Show, in order to raise money for those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Flynn: Yes, and I would personally like to thank the company for taking the initiative on this. I know many people who were hit by this storm, plus it went up near my hometown, and I want to express my best wishes to anyone who was beat by the hurricane.

Leon: And while you don’t have a scheduled match on this show, the night will be headlined by an open challenge to all non-champions: a over the top rope battle royal to determine the fourth man to be included in the World Championship match at Unscripted.

Jimmy looks at his interviewer with a fire in his eyes with the second mention of the match. He chuckles as Leon looks at him, intrigued.

Flynn: Yes, you’ve told me. And this is where I will announce my entrance into this match.

Leon grabs the piece of paper that he gave Flynn earlier and looks at the back of it.

Leon: As for other competitors, the only other confirmed entrant we have is WZCW’s White Knight, Chris KO. How do you feel about going up against the man who took Ty Burna out of the business?

Flynn rubs his chin and sits back on the bed as Leon repositions himself. He smiles and looks back at his interviewer.

Flynn: You gotta admit, that sounds like a good match. The White Knight against The Devil’s Dancer. That would get some people in here. But, overall, KO is a good wrestler who was put in bad positions, and he’s gotten chances before. I’m ready to take mine.

Leon nods as he returns his gaze back to the paper.

Leon: As for rumored contestants, at the time of recording this, only Derek Jacobs and Barbosa have expressed their interest about this match. What do you-

Flynn pulls the microphone away from Leon as the interviewer just stares.

Flynn: Leon, if they are the only two who have even talked about it, then there is an issue. This is the biggest match that is available for people to prove themselves. I’m going out there to show that this dancer knows how to go. I will go out and play this game not only for me. I’m going out for the people at home, the people of New England.

Jimmy stares directly into the camera, intensity glazing his features as he continues speaking.

Flynn: The people who have had one of, if not the, worst week of their lives will be turned around when one of their native sons, The Devil’s Dancer, Jimmy Flynn, wins the battle royal! They will rejoice when I go on to Unscripted and do the unscripted and challenge in the World Championship match. At that point, we will see where the cards lie.

Flynn turns back to Leon, who is stunned at Jimmy’s speech, and gives the interviewer his microphone. Jimmy smiles at the man, and then starts to walk away.

Jimmy: Thanks for the time, Leon.
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Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...

Keystone City, Kansas. It is sunny and not a cloud in the sky. The scene is that of a river with many people swimming in it. Titus is stood watching.


New York City, New York. We're stood on a street. It is dark yet there is a bit of a hubbub. It seems so chaotic and so peaceful at the same time. There is a lot of water about. We see Titus stood with two other men.

Titus: Do you mind if I have a word?

Man A: Not at all, I'd be honoured.

Man B: As would I, I'm a huge fan.

This is something he's heard thousands of times but given the circumstance this is not his focus.

Titus: Thanks, I do appreciate it. So talking to you guys you said you've both come from Louisiana, correct?

Man A: That's right, it's been a long ride up here but we just had to do something.

Man B: Took us just over a day and a lot of money, but it's a small price to pay.

Titus: Why here? Why now?

Man A: Seven years ago we had the same thing happen to us, we lost our homes.

Titus looks rather sombre at this and wants to hear the story.

Man A: Yet people came from across the country to bring food and clothes for us.

The man pauses, visibly upset at what happened all these years ago. The second man takes over.

Man B: The best way to repay kindness is with kindness.

Titus: Some would call you both heroes for doing this, would you put that title on yourself?

Still shaken the first man responds.

Man A: No, we're not heroes. We're just two men who drove up here to do the right thing. If that's being a hero then the world is in a sad state of affairs.

Titus looks both nameless men in the eyes and shakes their hands.

Titus: A true hero puts others before himself.


Keystone City, Kansas. Back to the river scene. There's a rather low level bridge with people standing on it. There's a young man stood on the edge of the bridge and falls into the river. Cries of help ring out and there's only one man for the job.


Newcastle upon Tyne, England. I suppose the story about person falling in the river can wait. It's 11am on Sunday morning of the 11th day of November. There is a crowd of people, all in silence. This cuts through the cold crisp air. The silence is broken only for a few tears.

After the silence groups gather as reporters talk to various veterans.

Vet: Wow, Titus Avison. My old lady is a huge fan of yours, she especially likes that film where you play the Pope.

Titus: Thanks sir, I really do appreciate it.

Shorter in stature than most hobbling with a walking stick the man who approached Titus radiated respect. As Titus is in England he is also speaking with his standard British accent and not the American accent he mostly speaks in.

Vet: You're a good man. I love what you did for that American town, they really did turn things around. May I ask you a question?

Titus: Of course you can, but only if I can ask one too.

Vet: You're not even 30 yet you've done it all, do you ever feel like something is missing?

Titus: I do. That's what keeps me going though. If I had everything I wanted then what would be the point?

Vet: I married when I was 25. By then I had already been to war and she was everything I ever wanted. I've been happy for 65 years Titus. Find what you love and do it for the rest of your life.

The veteran pauses.

Vet: I believe you had a question for me.

Titus: You are one of the many heroes in this world. Is there anything you dislike?

Vet: The word hero. I have never called myself a hero and I never will. I always said I didn't believe in heroes and if they existed I wouldn't be one. I was just a sixteen year old boy who wanted to stop the Nazi's from taking over this country. That's not heroic, that's just doing what any good man would do.

Titus: A true hero is definitely humble.

Titus shakes hands with the vet.


Keystone City, Kansas. Titus is back to his normal accent. You may recall that someone had fallen off a bridge into a river. The screams of people asking for help was quite loud. We return to the scene to find that there are no lifebuoys to save the man. Quick as a flash a Red blur jumps off the bridge, dives in the river and rescues the man. Titus pulls him out as the crowd applauds that heroic gesture.


The Staples Centre, LA, California. Backstage we're stood with Titus and Stacey Madison.

Stacey: Titus, we're here in LA which I'm sure will bring back some memories for you.

Titus: I guess it does. Fifteen minutes from here is the Kodak Theatre or whatever they're calling it now.

Stacey: The highlight of your life?

Quicker than a flash Titus responds.

Titus: No. I guess it is prestigious to have had that many awards and when I'm at the end of my life I may think it is but right now? My focus is one thing, and one thing only. Something I have held twice and something I have lost twice. I'm talking about being world champion.

Stacey: So despite failing spectacularly the last time you want to give it a go. That is the highlight of your life? Over the fame and fortune? Over the Oscars? Over being Keystone City's...

Titus: Hero?

Stacey pauses and then gives Titus a stern look.

Stacey: I heard that you'd been in hero mode recently. Even saving a someone’s life.

Titus: I saved a man's life and WZCW cameras were on hand to get the footage? That doesn't strike you as odd? What if you could see the footage from another angle?

Stacey looks confused at this.

Titus: What if you saw me approach the man on the bridge? What if you could see me as the man who pushed him in? Even if I jumped into the river and saved his life? Would I be the hero?

Stacey: That's despicable.

Titus: It's also a complete fabrication. I didn't push the man in, but I did save his life. The camera was rolling because I was due to show a bit more of my adopted town. Yet the thought is there. So what was the question I asked?

Stacey: If you saved someone but you caused the problem would you be a hero?

Titus: I know the answer. You know the answer. Everyone in the arena knows the answer. It's just one man who doesn't know the answer.

Stacey: So who is that?

Titus: The White Knight...

Titus grits his teeth as he speaks, almost refusing to say his name.

Titus: Chris K.O.

Titus pauses and looks up at the ceiling before directing his gaze straight back at the camera.

Titus: But Titus, I hear you say. How can you dislike Chris K.O. He's a hero, he saved WZCW, we love him! What did he save WZCW from? The mess that he brought? The chaos and darkness that he and his cronies ran rampant with? He brought us into that mess and I was one of the people who tried to put a stop to it. Hey no one remembers that though do they? He stopped the great Ty Burna something I couldn't do but it doesn't matter that Chris brought us into this mess.

Now he has his goal, to win the world championship. That is why I'm in this match Stacey.

Stacey: So you can get a chance to win the belt again?

Titus: No my dear. It's to make sure there is justice. See a true hero is humble. A true hero puts others before himself. A true hero fights for justice. Is it just that he can do this yet waltz in here like nothing is happen? I hope to goodness that every man and woman who loves this company will put their collective effort against him when this Supershow starts. I hope that everyone who cares for themselves would realise he screwed them over and go for him. I don't think he's aware of what he's up against.

Stacey: What if they don't care? What if they're in it for themselves? That is the ultimate goal, to win that match. Every man for himself.

Titus: Then the White Knight has the Red Mask to contend with.

Stacey: Even though he's put on 15 pounds?

Titus: Does that matter? He may have bulked up a bit but that means diddly squat in this business. Can you remember Manzo? Yeah I coped with him fine. What about Toyota? I could list many an opponent bigger than Chris that I have beaten in this ring. Does it concern me? No.

Stacey: You seem to be resting on your laurels a bit too much.

Titus: It's using that as the foundation to build a legacy greater than I have ever known that keeps me motivated. The past and future mixed together into the present. The White Knight will know what I am capable of during that Battle Royale.

Titus walks off leaving Stacey as the camera fades to black.
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GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...

A WZCW ring in the middle of an excited and effervescent audience. Inside of the ring, Truman Harrys stands, microphone in hand. The smile on his face is wider than usual. The words “WZCW House Show” scrawls along the animated advertising banners high up in the gantry, almost hidden amongst the rapturous crowd. The familiar horrifying chords of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Let Me Hear You Scream” echoes around the arena, engulfing the mesmerised flocks at ringside in a cacophony of noise. The usual bursting of fireworks and beautiful pyrotechnics further assault the senses as Truman Harrys' dulcet tones begin to drown out the music.

Harrys: Welcome, members of the WZCW family, to another world class offering of wrestling, super-stardom and sheer excitement.

The crowd burst into life again, letting excitement seep out of every pore they have. Their signs are hoisted high into the air as Truman Harrys continues his opening pitch.

Harrys: Tonight, we have a great show lined up for you. Some of your favourite superstars are here, and tonight, they're going to show you exactly why you come to see us every single night.

Another euphoric cheer rises into the air, surrounding and consuming everything in it's path. The fans are hanging on the middle-aged announcers words.

Harrys: So, without further ado, let me introduce a-

Click for Spoiler:

Truman Harrys stops his introduction, as John Constantine's music begins to blare around every corner of the arena. The fans are on their feet, their lungs bellowing their end. After a moment, a very conservative looking John Constantine appears on stage, clutching the King For A Day briefcase tightly to his chest. He doesn't seem like himself. In fact, his demeanour is a apparent departure from his usual confident self. His eyes dart from side to side, scanning the pronounced audience that assault his senses. He moves down the ramp, a tense look plastered all over his face.

Harrys: Uh- Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming the King For A Day winner, John Constantine.

Constantine is dressed in his usual suit but it is not done to it's usual standard. His tie is somewhat skew s it partly hides behind the heavy metal briefcase. The lace on his right shoe is untied and flutters as his stained shoes make their way towards the ring. Fans at ringside shoot their hands out to reach the KFAD winner but he seems less than happy to greet them. In fact, his facial expression would signal the exact opposite sentiment. As he reaches the ring, he slides under the bottom rope, not allowing the briefcase to leave his grasp for even a second. He gets to his feet and makes a dash towards a very stunned Truman Harrys. Constantine grabs the microphone from his grasp and then moves back into the middle of the ring, a look of sheer and intense anger on his face.

Constantine: You cheer!

There is another massive cheer as the Power Trip addresses the noise of the masses.

Constantine: Yes! You! And You! You cheer to!

Constantine rhythmically points at people in the crowd as he mouths the words. The fans cheer as he points each and every time. They are lapping up his attention.

Constantine: Yes, no matter how many times I come out here and physically dominate someone, no matter how many times I come out here and beat some rookie to a pulp and possibly finish off his career, you'll all still cheer for Constantine!

A unanimous chant of “CON-STAN-TINE” begins to echo around the arena. Constantine sniggers out loud and it is caught by the microphone. There is a brief moment of silence as the Power Trip paces around the ring, his arm still hugging the KFAD briefcase.

Constantine: For too long now, I've been the Power Trip of the people. I've been the white knight that Chris KO wishes he could be. I've been the man that you'll all flock to see no matter what. I've been the man that has been worth paying your hard-earned dollars for.

There is a muted sense of change in the crowd. The applause and cheering has all but disappeared now. Some of the more loud-mouthed fans have begun hurling abuse at The Power Trip, much to his delight. A wide smile begins to crawl upon Constantine's face. His sense of eagerness becomes apparent as he presses on.

Constantine: FOR TOO DAMN LONG!

The crowd jump up as The Power Trip tells down the microphone. Immediate booing begins, small at first.

Constantine: I came into this company, the man that you loved to hate, the man that would tell you the real truth. Yes, I was John Constantine, the person that men would fear and would make you tremble on the street were you lucky enough to come across me. But I was wrong. I know that you all want me to cash this case in. You want me to go into battle with Drake Callahan or Showtime David Cougar and win the belt from their oppressive clutches.

There is a muted cheer from the crowd. They like Constantine's message but not the way he is delivering it.

Constantine: But no! This case is mine and it will forever be mine. You don't know what it is like to chase a dream and be so close but so far away. You worthless peons have no idea what it is even like to have ambitions in the first place. You carry on with your workaday lifestyle hoping that your six-figured saviour will come along. You don't know what it is like to work hard for something and achieve what you always wanted. But I do!

Constantine continues to pace around the ring as a few beads of sweat begin to roll down his brow.

Constantine: I worked too damn hard to win this briefcase and I'm never letting it go. Because this briefcase signifies that I am better than all of you lazy and ignorant morons. This one piece of metal and the contract inside it, lets you know that I, John Constantine, am your superior in every single way.

A flurry of boos begin to reign down on The Power Trip now. He revels in it.

Constantine: At the WZCW Supershow, I couldn't care less if I come out of it as a winner or not. The reality of the matter is that I already have a guaranteed shot at the WZCW Heavyweight Championship. Hell, I might not even compete in the match! I might sit in the back and watch the lowlifes of WZCW chase after something that I have already caught. Watch them tear each other and themselves apart in the quest of getting a WZCW title shot. And when their bones are broken and their muscles are weary and they have won the Heavyweight Championship... Then my moment will come. John Constantine will cash in his title shot and all of it will have been for nothing. Whether it is tomorrow or Kingdom Come, I will be World Heavyweight Championship and there is simply nothing anyone can do about it!

At that, Constantine drops the microphone and rolls under the bottom ring as booing begins to flood the arena. He is still fiercely protective of the piece of metal that it is in his hands but he looks much happier than his first appearance as his music begins to play.

Reinstate The Fox!
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