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Old 04-18-2012, 08:02 AM
Terry Gyimah Terry Gyimah is offline
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Terry Gyimah is looking to come up from OCW...Terry Gyimah is looking to come up from OCW...Terry Gyimah is looking to come up from OCW...Terry Gyimah is looking to come up from OCW...Terry Gyimah is looking to come up from OCW...Terry Gyimah is looking to come up from OCW...Terry Gyimah is looking to come up from OCW...

Undertaker in his last match he should face his brother Kane, I think their story would come full circle especially if Taker were to bow out, who better to take the torch than his own brother Kane especially since Kane will become the new monster of the WWE, Undertaker trying to get rid of his brother Kane only for Kane to be the one to get rid of his brother, it writes itself pretty much

As for Kane, who should he face in his last match, I would say obviously it has to be Taker because of their history

As for Big Show in his last match, I would say Brodus Clay should face him, setting up Brodus to become the new Giant of the WWE

For Rey Mysterio in his last match he needs to face Sin Cara, passing of the torch from one lucha libre to the next generation of lucha libre high-flying because it is obvious they are setting up Cara to be the new Rey

For Chris Jericho in his last match he needs to face someone who could actually benefit from retiring him, I would say the person who should face Jericho should be either Daniel Bryan, Christian, or Dolph Ziggler or even The Miz, I would say Miz because with Miz retiring Jericho, it would put him right back on the map

Triple H it is obvious he will never retire, he will be like Flair, not knowing when to hang it up, but if Triple H wants to retire from being an active wrestler, then his last match needs to be against HBK, that plain and simple, so then that way HHH can officially take over his new role of COO

Mark Henry as for who should face Henry in his last match, I would say it needs to be Ryback

And for Goldust, his brother Cody Rhodes, as simple as that
Old 04-20-2012, 12:16 PM
theBec2101 theBec2101 is offline
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theBec2101 is looking to come up from OCW...theBec2101 is looking to come up from OCW...theBec2101 is looking to come up from OCW...

Undertaker - Gonna have to say Cena at Wrestlemania. They could work out so many angles for that storyline. What if Cena does whatever it takes to beat Taker but goes to far maybe and it turns him heel.(no HBK to stop him)
On the other hand I wouldnt mind Taker keepin the streak and Ted Dibiase pays someone or beats Taker maybe with the help of his father at Survivor Series since that is where all started. Maybe pays off Kane.

HHH - I would of liked to see where the Punk feud would of ended up. But I dont think he'll retire anytime soon. He'll still do select apperaces.

Rey Mysterio - I can honestly tell you I dont care. he just needs to retire.

Big Show - Maybe Orton. He can be a Giant Killer instead. Other then that I dont know. Maybe a up and commer.

Kane - I could see Taker retiring Kane.

Mark Henry - I dont think I would care if he had a "retirement match". I mean he is ok, but a whole storyline if I win you leave. Not interesting.

Goldust - I would like him to have his last match with Cody but as Dustin not Godust
Old 04-20-2012, 08:11 PM
ShatteredDreamsProduction's Avatar
ShatteredDreamsProduction ShatteredDreamsProduction is offline
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ShatteredDreamsProduction is looking to come up from OCW...

Undertaker - I purposely left Taker and Kane until the end as I have been pondering the concept of Brother Vs. Brother match for these two, but i feel it has been done to death, Taker Vs. Kane must have happened at least 15 times now at a PPV, (i aint too sure about exact numbers but it feels that many), so for taker i feel like someone with a point to prove, and maybe kickstart his career once more would be the Miz, he is unbeaten at WM aswell, and could maybe have a crack at it at WM30 and leave Taker 21-1. thus the miz can have a storied career, attempting to beat Takers streak but as a heel who holds titles and defends them successfully at 'Mania each year but falls short eventually.

Triple H - HHH will be around for a long time, with him being C.O.O. of WWE, so it is a tricky one, but if he did have one, I would like to say Sheamus as he is similar in style and therefore would maybe get sheamus back to his badass heel persona of kicking anyone's ass no matter who it would be.

Kane - Now, as for Kane, who could possibly benefit from doing battle with Kane, according to WWE recently, it is wrestlers who are currently already over with the fans (Cena and Orton), so lets go with a different view on this, lets see, another wrestler who is stumbling at the final hurdle of making it big time is Mr. Ziggles, Aka Dolph Ziggler, and also R-Truth, but I aint sure how this would work, how could Kane possibly get into a feud with Truth or Ziggler, so yeah, i'm at a loss for that one, but Kane could do these guy a favour or two and get them into the big time, especially if it is the old school Big Red Machine who kicks everyones ass and is practically unstoppable.

Rey Mysterio - now everyone is mentioning sin cara for this, for the mask vs mask match, but i feel Alberto Del Rio would be a much better bet, he seems to have lost momentum in the WWE and for him to feud with Rey again would be a great way of getting him back to being a smug heel who thinks he is better than everyone else on the roster and deserves to be there because of his riches.

Chris Jericho - there are 3 potential candidates for this match, CM Punk, D-Bry or the Miz, i personally would like to see D-Bry fight Y2J in his final fight, i imagine that this would send D-Bry into a world of his own, imagine D-Bry chanting YES!! whilst proclaiming he is the best in the world now, i imagine you see this as a rehash of CM punk vs Y2J, but this would send D-Bry, now as World Heavyweight Champ, into a feud with Punk, still WWE Champ,

Mark Henry - I feel this should be a toss up between Mason Riley and Ryback, now some people may call me crazy, but with kane, big show and henry all getting on, we need a new powerhouse who will destroy all comers, and who could do with a push than these two "newbies" to the WWE, obviously Ryan has been here before with the new nexus and Ryback with the Nexus, but they were backseat members, a side note for the main event of Punk and Barrett respectively, whereas now they could be thrust into the limelight, as the man to stop the Worlds Strongest Man, and become a Goldberg/batista like figure of a Face who destroys people easily. I would prefer Ryan to do this job of putting away Henry.

Big Show - Ryback or Ryan again, whoever doesnt destroy henry should get to destroy Big Show and become a powerhouse heel, as Brock aint gonna be around full time and Tensai isnt garnering the heat WWE expected him to, who else but a new guy could really do this job, i feel that the big show is one of the most likeable wrestlers around today, okay so he has been a comedy act at times, but his records speak for itself, WWE champ, Tag team championships, IC title, US title, so lets just say he is still the happy go lucky giant that can knock a man out with one punch, wouldnt it be something to see a man take a knockout punch, get back up and then destroy the big show, and that is what you would have with Ryback in this one, it would have people wondering, if he ended the big show, who can actually stop him.

Goldust - Cody Rhodes is the obvious choice for this one, Brother Vs. Brother which i'm sure many younger fans wouldnt have known about the link between the two until early 2012, it would be a great way for them to end Goldie's career and maybe kickstart Cody into the main event, However for this to happen they do need to make Goldust relevant again, maybe give him a run as IC or US champ.

Booker T - I dunno who could be Booker T's last match, as i expect him to wrestle randomly throughout his commentating career, like Lawler does, he is a legend in wrestling, from his tag team days with the harlem heat to being the 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time WCW champion and probably deserves one big send off match, perhaps against a young upstart who needs a push, maybe a NXT talent. So for this one i am gonna go with a choice that may shock people, but Derrick Bateman, he is a very good wrestler who just needs a chance to shine, and what better than calling out Booker, perhaps saying how booker lives in the past and that he is the future, etc, etc, booker claims he isnt a wrestler no more until he gets riled up enough to try shut up this wannabe, but Bateman wins and can go on to bigger and better things.

William Regal - Wade Barrett, pure and simple, Englishman vs Englishman, host it in Manchester MEN Arena aswell and you have a perfect match-up for the brilliant Regal, also i believe Barrett has huge Respect for Regal and would be a huge match for the english WWE fans, where both men have huge fan bases.
Old 04-21-2012, 01:48 AM
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HBsam31 scored a win over Santino Marella...HBsam31 scored a win over Santino Marella...HBsam31 scored a win over Santino Marella...HBsam31 scored a win over Santino Marella...HBsam31 scored a win over Santino Marella...HBsam31 scored a win over Santino Marella...HBsam31 scored a win over Santino Marella...HBsam31 scored a win over Santino Marella...HBsam31 scored a win over Santino Marella...HBsam31 scored a win over Santino Marella...HBsam31 scored a win over Santino Marella...

Pretty much agree with the OP here, but the one that I really want to comment on is Taker and Kane. I can't see any other way for them to go out except for by the hands of each other. It's possible Taker could be done, but I really see him getting the big send off he deserves, and hope it ends with a match with Kane.

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