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Arcade vBookie

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Old 04-13-2012, 05:13 PM
JM Punk JM Punk is offline
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JM Punk is looking to come up from OCW...

So many.....where to start?

The first times I were REALLY disappointed where when Chrono Cross came out for PS1 and Majora's Mask came out for N64. Mainly because I consider the previous games in their respective series, Chrono Trigger and Ocarina of Time, to be the greatest video games ever made.

Somebody mentioned Assassin's Creed and I completely agree. That game got old fast. Run over here, climb some building, kill this dude. Rinse, repeat. I heard the sequels weren't as repetitive, but I was out after that (although I must say that I am really looking forward to AC3.
Old 04-13-2012, 06:06 PM
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Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...Lee is an ECW Champion...

Epic Mickey

This was a game that was going to reinvent one of the oldest cartoons ever making certain old Disney characters relevant again.

Instead it was a huge clusterfuck with a camera that even the N64 would be ashamed of. So many good ideas but a terrible execution. Hopefully this is resolved for Epic Mickey 2.
Originally Posted by Dave View Post
For the record, Lee is a diabolical genius.
Dave also did my sig.
Old 04-14-2012, 07:42 AM
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Hmm. Anyone remember a game called Turning Point: Fall of Liberty? I got really excited for it after a Game Informer cover story on it that made it seem like it was going to be really awesome, so I spent a bunch of my trade-in money from trading in my DS (worst decision ever) on pre-ordering it, picked it up and then was like..."What the fuck?" Terrible controls, hit detection was awful, it looked like something made in 2002...just a bad, bad game man. I actually called the store to see if they'd take it back. The guy said "Why did you want to return it?" "Because it sucks."

He just laughed a little, then hung up on me.
Old 04-14-2012, 03:09 PM
Yrrab Yrrab is offline
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Yrrab is looking to come up from OCW...Yrrab is looking to come up from OCW...

TLoZ : Ocarina of Time.

A Link to the Past was such a huge, HUGE step for the series. Aside from the graphical advances on the SNES, the gameplay, music, fights, story, world, characters, enemies, items, and mechanics were pushed so far into the future for that time. It absolutely eclipsed any other game of it's genre on the SNES.

But OoT? Well, great, it's 64 bit. Had nice graphics. But it didn't bring anything new to the series like ALttP brought to the series. A Link to the Past was the first game to push the SNES to the limit in terms of just how much that system could do. Unfortunately for OoT, Super Mario 64 pushed the limits of the N64 before OoT could. Obviously, this is just my opinion, but OoT just didn't do it for me. Takes about a day to beat, has a piss-poor story (except for the Ganon fight at the end - best fight in a 3D Zelda game, by far), music completely sub-par to the first 3 games in the series, and the only memorable character happens to be the most annoying fuck in any video game I've ever played (HEY! LISTEN!).

Clearly, these are just my opinions. But damn, my sister and I were so damn excited for this game (almost as excited as I am for Diablo III), and it just completely castrated me as a kid. I can' really think of a time I'd ever been more bummed out.
Originally Posted by Randy Orton to Rey Mysterio
Rey, you're looking up towards the heavens, like you're looking at Eddie. Let me tell you something bro, Eddie aint in heaven. Eddie's down there, in HELL.
Old 04-15-2012, 10:00 PM
RattleRockerJet97's Avatar
RattleRockerJet97 RattleRockerJet97 is offline
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RattleRockerJet97 is looking to come up from OCW...

Can I throw in anything Madden or MLB 2K has made in the past 4 or 5 years?

Either way, off the top of my head the new Banjo-Kazooie game that came out "Nuts and Bolts" really killed it for me. I remember a year before the game came out and the teaser trailer came out, didnt show anything obviously, needless to say i was stoaked for a new BJ-KZ game. Then it came out, read a few reviews to make sure, and i was done.

I remember a Jak and Daxter game that made me feel the same way, im terrible at racing games against the clock, so playing.....2 I think it was, with so many timed races was an instant turn off.

Last one I can think of is.....Probably Sonic & The Black Knight. Yea i bought it, yea, I regret it.
Old 04-15-2012, 11:17 PM
blue_dragon's Avatar
blue_dragon blue_dragon is offline
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blue_dragon is looking to come up from OCW...

Not to nag or anything but I have to say that I can't believe someone would pick MGS2 as the worst one of all time....but again I have completed it so many times and it still delivers every single time that I must have lost track to why even consider such thing. But never the less...it's all in the eyes of the beholder. IMO MGS 2 one of best games ever created.

As for me possibly the first massive disappointment in a game I got when getting my hands on Alone In The Dark New Nightmare. Just to let on how much fail it was at first you just wanted it to be an alternative version to how great RE2,3 was but soon you realized that over the top copy catting and floating fluff cloud ghosts just won't do the trick. The whole camera deals (no it didn't work like it did for RE) and everything in between from controls to any weapon or such you got was really working. Possibly one of the crappiest titles of all time. And I had such high hopes for this game it still hurts to this day.

Another title is Fifth Element. It was really never that good and yet I somehow forced myself to play this from start to finish. Probably game time stolen from my life that I will never get away and I still don't get why.

Now let's see Xena: Warrior Princess. I know when I was a kid this had to be one of the most awesoem amazing games of all time. If you think that way please do not ever play it as teen or above. You will understand how horrible it is with almost none redeeming values except from probably throwing that thing around. It's a horrible, horrible game and nostalgia factor is just not worth it folks.

Another massive disappointment is Age Of Empires 2. Many people might love this game but IMO if you play it after teen years have long passed you will get that it's just not as good at all. And it's really hard to say what went wrong but you could assume it was everything. Maybe one of the main things where how everything was just going in slow motion and and it was hard to destroy buildings, took forever to get from point A to point B. The graphics and the units and the buildings had about zero appeal. Story was still good but that was one of the few saving graces of this horribly unappealing game.

Unfortunately the unappeal continued with AOE3. Can't say I played to much of that but that one was even more unappealing than the last one.

Now here comes out another one called Disciples 3. I to this day think that Disciples 2 is one really awesome game that stands very well on it's own. It's one of those diamond in the rough games that you rarely come across (expansions did not make it justice though). Everything from narration (especially the narrator of this story was just awesome with an excellent sad/atmospheric voice) to the story to characters to all the 4 balanced races with all the magic that came with it to graphics well basically everything. This game even had awesome multilayer (if casually playing with a friend). It just had overall appeal and awesomeness that only diamond in a rough could.

So what happens? Here comes Akella (oh boy) and ruins everything with this insanely crappy 3D version of the game called Renaissance. Dunno but there only a very few redeeming qualities. Like the sticking to the ground resource units and story was still really good (even if narrator did not have any real awesome appeal like 2nd had). The game lacked everything from balance to real simple yet fulfilling depth. Not to mention it felt like a massive sell out to the popular Heroes Of Might And Magic series (the reason why I picked Disciples was always to have an alternative easier play style clone so they ruined that for me too). Just overall terrible sequel to sucha great series. Never understood why they wanted to change what was not broken from DSC2 TBH.

Ok finally here goes nothing. GTA4. Biggest disappointment since probably the first one I mentioned (AITD). Ok so what do I do? Pick up a PC version when it comes out right. I'm so excited I can't wait. It all starts so good. Story looks awesome with Nico Bellic and his cousin (or whatever) and bam it hits me in the balls how much this game sucks. I can't drive my car (half of the game is practically gone right there), controls doesn't seem fun at all (unless I missed something) and later I find out Nico just seems having a good time running and falling and jumping in slow motion. I ask what the hell is going on?

This is a joke right? PC version was just rushed I'll wait for xbox 360 version with normal gameplay but alas...... everythings the same and it all is just horrible. And here come these so called critics and dare to write in their magazines that this is a masterpiece that deserves 10/10!? You just want to bang your head into the wall a few times because enough is enough.

I even had to switch gears to Saints Row to get my GTA fix. It used to be all about just getting yourself in a car and driving and doing fun missions and meeting fun characters and just feeling the windy breeze of freedom and badass whenever you stepped on the streets of Vice City. And Rockstar just kicked you in the nuts and pretended we should all do this reality BS that's about as fun as watching 2 no name jobber heels going at it with zero reactions..... Enough is enough Rockstar. Get your act together already.
Old 05-01-2012, 10:40 AM
Death Before Disco's Avatar
Death Before Disco Death Before Disco is offline
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Death Before Disco is looking to come up from OCW...Death Before Disco is looking to come up from OCW...

My biggest video game disappointment in recent history is Final Fantasy 13.

Wow. How far the series has fallen.

Okay, of course the game has outstanding graphics and audio, a high-water mark for the time that it was released. That aside, I thought the mechanics of the game sucked. Basically, you navigate your blue dot to the orange dot (apologies if my dot colors are incorrect), usually following the ONE path given to you, and in-between there are some lengthy, somewhat cool cutscenes. That's about it.

The battle system also sucks. It's very inhibitive in my opinion. The battle system of the early FF games and FF 12 (with it's gambit system) were my favorites.

Also, if you close your eyes and listen to some of the grunts and groans coming from the two child characters (I forget their names because I never finished the game), it sounds like you're listening to sub-par Japanese Hentai film.

Overall, a shitty battle system and overly linear storyline made Final Fantasy 13 the biggest recent video game disappointment for me.

An honorable (or dishonorable) mention goes to WWE All Stars, which came out last year from THQ. Awkward play control and lack of titles made that game another big disappointment.
Old 05-01-2012, 08:03 PM
TheNickster's Avatar
TheNickster TheNickster is offline
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TheNickster is looking to come up from OCW...

There are three games that really disappointed me. Both PSP since I don't have any consoles.

- WWE All Stars

This game was a major disappointment. No titles, limited and same move sets for so many wrestlers. The controls, as Booker B said were awkward and there was really nothing to keep me hooked. The Fantasy Warfare was fun at first, but got old after a while. The commentary ends up being the same and the entrances aren't even the full entrances. The path of champions seems so unorganized, and overall the game was a bust.

- Assassain's Creed Bloodlines

A game that I thought was going to be amazing, but ended up as dull as a dishwasher. I've heard the other games are good, but this one was terrible. Every place looked the same, all you did was kill people, some of the controls were just awkward, but the audiology was actually pretty good. The graphics were OK, especially when synchronizing but those were basically the only high points (no pun intended).

-WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2011

I'm going on a limb, here. I thought that the major low point was WWE Universe mode. The matches were ridiculous, and when you wanted to skip a match you could simulate the match and Chavo Guerrero ended up beating The Undertaker at Wrestlemania! Having a submission match every week doesn't make it better, and I was just disappointed on how it turned out.
Old 06-07-2012, 03:28 AM
Arcade's Avatar
Arcade Arcade is offline
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Arcade is looking to come up from OCW...

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 for the DS.

Got this game as a gift. I wasn't expecting the DS version to be just as good as the console ones, but this game was just horrible. You use the stylus to fight. That's where everything goes downhill. Everything is repetitive, and Season Mode is horrible. I thought it would be something to enjoy for a little while, but no. The game fails in every way. Last year I picked up SVR 2008 for the PS3, and it sucked, but not as bad as the DS version.

Check out WWE 2013: A New Season in the BT Section

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