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Arcade vBookie

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Old 04-14-2012, 06:19 PM
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Originally Posted by CenaBYW View Post
Ok, that happens if they want to push McGillycutty, who's on NXT wrestling Tyson Kidd and Percy Watson. If they don't want to push him, they will NEVER and I mean NEVER give away a maneuver that is included in Cena's move set. If you think about it, every top star in WWE has its personal move set and almost nobody uses somebody else's move (opening and mat wrestling aside, obviously). The only chances that wrestlers get to express their abilities in the ring moving away from their well defined list of techniques is on Pay Per View, and if we're lucky McGillycutty never makes it there (NFI)

Although what you said would work, I just don't see it happening. I don't see Cole saying "we understand MM's father, mr. Perfect Curt Hennig, used this move as His finishing maneuver many years ago" when kids see Cena using this 4 minutes into any match every week since 2005. But it would work, I'm sure.
John Cena's crappy fisherman-suplex is nothing like Mr Perfect's Perfectplex. One's an iffy looking suplex by an iffy 'superstar' while the other was an awesome pinning finisher by an awesome wrestler. They are different moves in every sense and it would be the perfect finisher for Joe Hennig. It wouldn't cross over with Cena's move and to be honest, if some idiot up top thought that it did, I'm sure the first person that would grant its use would be Cena himself.....but then he would have four moves left.....so maybe not.
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Old 04-15-2012, 03:39 AM
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Originally Posted by shalliin View Post
Yeah, they are not that much alike. Cena's AA is a standup firemen's carry and the F5 is a shoulder twist with a flapjack throw.
AA lands on back from side of shoulder, F5 lands on front/face after twist throw from shoulders almost in a falling DDT type landing.
actually if you remember when Brock was first in WWE Cena made up the AA to mock Brock's finishing move. Even called it the FU at the time, to make fun of the F5.
Old 04-15-2012, 09:20 AM
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First off whoever said Jericho has been using the Codebreaker since 03/04 is wrong. He debuted it against Santino in his first match back from hiatus when he was feuding with Orton in late 2007. The other finishers Jericho has used in WWE other than the Walls of Jericho are, the Lionsault, Sleeper neck breaker, running enziguri, a better looking version of the Skull Crushing Finale called the breakdown and on very rare occasion a moonsault from the top rope.

Also he didn't stop using the elevated boston crab version of the Walls due to WWE thinking it was too dangerous as he does use it on opponents who are willing. Simply put when he was in WCW he was facing smaller opponents and therefor was easier to get that angle. In his WWE career he normally feuds with people larger than himself and it makes it very difficult to keep on for a long time.

As far as people who need to change their finishers... I kinda like Tyson Kidd using the springboard elbow drop as a finisher as opposed to the sharpshooter.. but that gets a big pop from the crowd so I can see why they wouldn't.

R-truth could do with a more consistent finisher. He's used the scissors kick, spinning flying forearm smash, jumping flatliner and the vertical suplex to ace crusher variant. I think he should use a sit out spine buster variation. i think that would suit him well.

Dolph Ziggler should just pick a move also. He's changed the way in which he hits the zig zag so it can't be as easily botched.. but he never seems to win with it. Ziggler should start using the fameasser as his finisher as it is quick and effective... but he should jump higher when doing it. Make it look a bit sweeter.
Old 04-15-2012, 10:53 AM
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As long as the WWE eliminates the WMD or Big Show's contract I will be happy to watch all other lame finishers.

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