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Old 04-13-2012, 05:16 AM
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Default Catmobile Championship Wrestling!!

Hello and welcome to Catmobile's Book This, CCW!

There will be one main show known as CCW Earthquake. The show is similarly run to the way Raw is run, Live. The first episode is from Wembley Stadium, England. There will be three shows before a Pay-Per-View and after every Pay-Per-View there will be a 10 minute show known as Fallout which interviews the superstars the day after their PPV match-ups to see if they are moving on, continuing the feud or whether questions will be answered.

Jeff hardy [Main Event]
Goldberg [Side Feud]
Tyler Reks [Main Event]
Rey Mysterio [Cruiser-weight]
Triple H [Tag Team w/ HBK]
Shawn Michaels [Tag Team w/ HHH]
Dolph Ziggler [Mid Card]
Zack Ryder [Mid Card]
AJ Styles [Mid Card]
Sin Cara [Mid Card]
Jack Evans [Cruiser-weight]
John Morrison [Cruiser-weight]
Alex Shelley [Cruiser-weight]
Evan Bourne [Cruiser-weight]


CM Punk [Main Event]
Brock Lesnar [Main Event]
Cody Rhodes [Mid Card]
Randy Orton [Main Event]
Mark Henry [Main Event]
The Miz [Mid Card]
Abyss [Side Feud]
Bully Ray [Mid Card]
Kane [Tag Team w/ Undertaker]
Kofi Kingston [Cruiser-weight]
Bobby Roode [Tag Team w/ James Storm]
James Storm [Tag Team w/ Bobby Roode]
Brian Kendrick [Cruiser-weight]
Batista [Main Event]
Zema Ion [Cruiser-weight]
Undertaker [Tag Team w/ Kane]
Chris Sabin [Cruiser-weight]
Samoa Joe [Mid Card]
Jack Swagger [Mid Card]

Jeremy Borash
Michael Cole [Not Heel]
JR [PPV's only]

Josh Matthews
Tony Chimel

General Manager:
None as of yet.

Christy Hemme
Justin Roberts

Looking forward to posting the show, I'm on writing it now.


Old 04-13-2012, 05:55 AM
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If I post, feel blessed.
Join Date: Dec 2011
Location: Durham, England
Posts: 56
Leakee is looking to come up from OCW...
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Default 1st Ever Earthquake Part 1



Michael Cole-

Hello everybody and welcome to Catmobile Championship Wrestling! We are kicking off here to you live from Wembley Stadium and we are SOLD OUT with the best and the craziest fans in the world. The British! *laughs*

I’m kidding, we’re on our tour and away from our home the United States but this is still the biggest debut in the history of wrestling and the first thing that’s going to happen is the unveiling of the new CCW World Championship Title!!

**Lewis Musgrove, the young owner of the company comes out holding the belt to a medium pop without a theme song**

Lewis Musgrove-

This title is from now on the most coveted title in Sports Entertainment today. This title will have superstars blood, sweat and tears on it. Things like these can rip friends apart; they can make enemies become friends. They can get into people’s heads. Where I came from, there weren’t many businessmen; hell there wasn’t even any food to eat. We had to fight for our food. We couldn’t trust anyone. I’m not prepared to tell you, the CCW Galaxy what happened. There’s one superstar out there in the back I know I can trust as he was my only friend back then. He has persuaded me to buy this company with my wealth and I know he would be a worthy champion. We're going to crown him the new champion. TYLER REKS!

**Tyler Reks Music Hits to a big reaction as he walks down to the ring**

Tyler Reks-

You, believe I have the potential?

Yes, you’re built strong, you’re a savage; a beast, Tyler.

Sir, I think you’re mistaken.

No. I ain’t kidding around. Do you want this title?

Definitely, I’m not sure I would be a worthy champion though; I have no experience of such a thing. I’ve never held a World Title before.

I have full faith in your ability, Tyler.

**Tyler puts belt around waste, Crowd starts clapping loudly and chanting “Tyler! Tyler! Tyler!**

Wow, I don’t believe it, this is my dream…

**Mark Henry’s theme hits to a chorus of boos.**

**Sexual Chocolate! Is heard from the British fans in attendance”

Mark Henry-


That’s BOSS to you!

Give me a title shot! This isn’t fair!

**Pushes Tyler back**

**Tyler reacts with a Lou Thesz Takedown to Henry and begins punching him. Tyler gets up and is held back by security.**

Lewis Musgrove –

Match! RIGHT NOW! Reks vs Henry, If Henry wins, he get’s a title shot next week!

Jeremy Borash-

Wow! We’ve got a No Holds Barred number one contenders match! NEXT!

And don’t forget; we’ve got a new champion! It was a very controversial decision to name Tyler Reks the new CCW Champion so early into the night as superstars are tweeting that they are a bit upset at what has just occurred.

We’ll be right back after this commercial.


Old 04-13-2012, 10:13 AM
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Leakee Leakee is offline
If I post, feel blessed.
Join Date: Dec 2011
Location: Durham, England
Posts: 56
Leakee is looking to come up from OCW...
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Default 1st Ever Earthquake Part 2

**Return from Commercials.**

Cole – We’re back and the bell has rung just seconds ago!

Click for Spoiler:
Both men lock up to begin the bout in the first ever match in CCW. Tyler is thrown into the turnbuckle where Mark Henry follows up with a splash in the corner. Tyler is down on the ground as Mark bounces of the ropes and drops his whole 400 lbs bodyweight on Reks as the World’s Strongest Man goes for the cover, 1..2.. Reks kicks out! Mark Henry lifts up Reks, picks him up into the World’s Strongest Slam hold but Reks counters into a drop toe-hold. Both men are down as Reks rolls towards the outside. He goes into where Justin Roberts is sitting and he ducks down out of vision to the camera. Henry is now walking towards where Reks was last seen when out of the blue; **WHACK!** A chairshot that would have been heard around the arena from Reks to Henry's skull!



Back to the fight as the camera is on Reks who is pulling the commentary table apart. Henry is now up and he is busted open! as he goes for a devastating clothesline but Reks dodges and lifts up Henry!



Tyler Reks hits the burning hammer through the commentary table!!
The ref is going to check on Mark Henry and he’s calling for the bell!
The ‘X’ sign is made by the referee as Physio’s rush out.

Justin Roberts-

The referee has ruled Mark Henry unable to compete and therefore the winner of this match, Tyleeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrr Reeeeeeeeeeekkksssssssssss!!

**Tyler’s music hits as he celebrates in the ring. He grabs a microphone.**

Cut the music please!
Wow. Everything I’ve ever wanted, it’s came so fast. But I’m loving every minute of it. I want to say a massive thank you to Lewis Musgrove for being my best friend all my life. Thank you to the CCW Galaxy aswell.

**Big cheers from the audience in attendance (CCW Galaxy) as Reks’ music hits and he walks to the stage and turns around. Has one last look at the audience and lifts up his title over his head when Batista comes from the side of the ramp! Boo’s are heard from the crowd as Batista attacks Reks from behind. He starts pointing and shouting at Reks on the floor but we can’t hear what he is saying as we go to a break.**



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