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Old 04-10-2012, 10:50 AM
jrichardson25 jrichardson25 is offline
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jrichardson25 is looking to come up from OCW...

Why is it when there is a problem the answer is "turn them heel/face"? I hate the terminology in that sense. I do believe Orton is better as the bad guy. He should establish himself as the Austin of this era (even though I despise this comparison) The guy will get cheered by the hardcore and booed by the others. At least they'll react.

I think Orton needs to snap if they're going to say he's the bad guy now... He needs to step up his game. He can talk but he needs some lines fed to him. Can he cut a promo like Punk, Jericho or Cena? No. That's why you get him into a battle with one of them and get him to take time on the stick to get better speaking skill. He has the ring presence and the body language, he just needs the voice to add to it...

He could use a gimmick overhaul... but the way to do it is to "injure" him... keep him off tv for a month or two and have random people laid out everywhere. and then have him come back in a hoodie and pants (aka you cant see who it is) and have him go after the champ (any champ) and hit a finisher that's not the RKO... and bolt off... and go from there...

As for your idea... there should be a decisive finish that causes him to disappear... although I dislike the inferno match... a casket match could work. He could be the person Ace has been talking to recently on the cell phone... just sayin...
Formerly Speedsniper2005... getting too old for high school stuff haha.
Old 04-12-2012, 11:33 AM
Terry Gyimah Terry Gyimah is offline
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Terry Gyimah is looking to come up from OCW...Terry Gyimah is looking to come up from OCW...Terry Gyimah is looking to come up from OCW...Terry Gyimah is looking to come up from OCW...Terry Gyimah is looking to come up from OCW...Terry Gyimah is looking to come up from OCW...Terry Gyimah is looking to come up from OCW...

How I would book Orton's heel turn since he is my favorite wrestler in the world, this is how I would do it:

I would have him interfere in a match for the World Heavyweight Championship between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan where we think he is going to cost Bryan the title but instead he low blows Sheamus which causes Sheamus to fall down on to the canvas while Bryan is distracting the referee and when Sheamus is trying to get to his feet, Randy Orton is in the corner setting up for the punt and he hits the punt on Sheamus punting him right in the skull and when Bryan tries to take advantage of the situation, Orton WHAM! hits Bryan with an RKO leaving the ring causing a no contest

And then afterwards on RAW during one of Punk's matches, Randy Orton comes out while the referee is knocked out, and Randy Orton comes in steel chair in hand and we think he is going to hit one of the heels in the head with the chair, but wait he hits CM Punk in the head with a chair and then afterwards drags Punk's opponent on top of Punk and he then revives the referee with the ref making the pin costing Punk a match

And Orton then cuts a promo about why he's doing the things he's doing, basically becoming the Viper of old, caring about no one or nothing except himself and that he is sick of other superstars hogging his spotlight when the spotlight should be on him and that is why he is attacking superstars and he's going to keep doing it until he gets back what's his and that's the World Heavyweight Championship

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