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Old 04-11-2012, 03:25 PM
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Default WWE: Booking Kurt Angle's Return

Monday, July 21st 2013
Monday Night RAW Supershow
Denver Coliseum, Denver, Colorado

Monday Night RAW Supershow has entered into the final twenty minutes of programming as we return from commercial break, a replay rolling of action from moments ago when WWE Champion Dolph Ziggler escaped with his head still intact, his brother Briley on the end of an Attitude Adjustment as John Cena shows his fury towards what transpired the night before at No Way Out, sending a clear message to Ziggler that he still has eyes for the WWE Championship. RAW has been quite tame tonight.

Excitement is evidently in the air. Several times throughout the night as Superstars were speaking on the microphone, they were disrupted by loud "WE WANT ANGLE!" chants. Not but one person has made reference to the possible return on the night, that man being the Chief Operating Officer, "The Game" Triple H. Hunter has been in a foul mood throughout the night, as Dean Ambrose cockily spoke on his two month reign as WWE Intercontinental Champion, Triple H was quick to make a match for Friday Night Smackdown, pitting Ambrose against Zack Ryder in a non-title match. As Josh Matthews approached the COO of the WWE moments before the Main Event, he had only but one thing to say... "If it is who, I think it is... tonight isn't nearly as close to being finished, as time would suggest!"

With hands clasped in prayer and wishes being made, the replay ends as we return to Monday Night RAW, LIVE from the Denver, Coliseum, Denver, Colorado!


Jerry "The King" Lawler
"...Dolph Ziggler needs to watch out Michael, cause you know as well as I do and
the entire WWE Universe, what John Cena is capable of!"

Michael Cole
"Well King, we'll have to see about that; all I know is, Dolph Ziggler is being hunted... and John Cena, is the hunter!"

Without notice the camera angle alters, panning over the 10,000 members of the WWE Universe in attendance to witness the fallout from No Way Out, raising their signs high into the air as they scream for the attention of the camera before Justin Roberts' voice is heard over the speakers and the camera changes to the image of the ring announcer standing, center of the ring.

Justin Roberts
"Ladies and gentlemen, I have been received word to inform, you, our WWE Universe, to direct your attention towards the titantron!"

An audible cheer is brought forth from the WWE Universe as the camera pans over a couple sections of the crowd once more, as those in attendance rise from their seats, their necks stretched upwards as their eyes stare towards the titantron which is displaying the accustomed graphic. Things are about to change however, as the lights inside the Denver Coliseum go off and the crowd cheer in excitement.

Michael Cole
"What the...? Arena has gone pitch dark."

Jerry "The King" Lawler
"Is this the surprise, that Mr. McMahon eluded to last night?"

Michael Cole
"More importantly King, is it the person Triple H believes it may be? We heard what he said earlier on tonight!"

As all focus, including that of the camera remains on the titantron, both commentators fall silent as the only noise is that of a chant screamed forth by the crowd, as "WE WANT ANGLE!!" reverberates throughout the Colorado based arena, the excitement growing, building! Viewers watching football hurriedly switch the channel to find the surprise moments away, is it who everybody assumes? Have the questions been answered? Has he returned? Is this all a rouge? And within the opening second of his titantron and music, everybody discovers the answers to the questions!


Michael Cole

As red and blue lights illuminate the Denver Coliseum, fans come unglued as they leap from their seats, not able to contain their joy as the trademark theme of "The Olympic Gold Medalist" pumps emphatically through the audio systems, fans refraining from even chanting "You Suck!" with the music in sheer respect as after seven years away... Kurt Angle makes a live appearance on WWE television as he slowly walks out onto the stage, a large grin on his face as the cheers and jubilation doubles. That feeling; the feeling you get when you know you are watching something epic submerges the entire situation as the four-time WWE Champion strolls from one side of the stage to the other, soaking in the ovation a loud "WELCOME BACK!!" chant meshes in with his music as Angle comes to the top of the aisle way.

Michael Cole
"After SEVEN, YEEARS!! The 1996 Olympic gold medalist, the former four-time WWE Champion, former World Heavyweight Champion; one of the greatest Superstars in WWE history has RETURNED!! Kurt Angle is back in the WWE!!"

Kurt Angle raises his hands in the air as red, white and blue pyro shoots up into the air behind him, a large bang emanating from the final firework before the triumphantly returning Kurt Angle makes his path down the aisle, a large smile still across his face as the trumpets connecting blaring out of the speakers, seeming very flattered by the reception from the Colorado crowd as Kurt comes to the bottom of the steps, readies himself before swiftly running up the steps, hopping between the middle ropes before classical spinning around in the center of the ring to an even larger cheer from the crowd who are an ocean of noise since his music began playing.

Michael Cole

Angle stops spinning and takes a deep breath, lowering his head before a moment before raising it and throwing his hands into the air once more as the fans cheer even louder, his music still playing from the PA system as he requests a microphone, being handed one as "Medal" by Jim Johnston fades away and is replaced by a thunderous cheer, coming at Angle with a large "THANK YOU ANGLE!!" chant accompanying it, Kurt red in the face as the camera zooms in to see him mouth the words, "Thank you!", some signs on his face that he is getting emotional, as he lowers his head and attempts to gather himself together.

Jerry "The King" Lawler
"I'm speechless... I'm not lyin' Cole, I never thought I'd see this."

Michael Cole
"King I don't think anybody did! This crowd has came into life! The ovation for this man when he came out was deafening!"


Two chants come Kurt's way as he stares into the sea of fans, shaking his head every now and then, a beaming smile as "The American Hero" nods his head towards the fans, even applauding them a couple times, not being given the chance to speak due to the reception. As time begins to run short, Angle raises his hand and motions for the crowd to calm so he can address the WWE Universe, the crowd agreeing as Angle brings the microphone to his lips and after a moment, speaks.

Kurt Angle
"Ehm... I don't know if any of you remember me... my name is KURT FREAKIN' ANGLE!!!"


Crowd cheer Angle and almost begin chanting again, but Kurt once again has to motion for them to allow him the chance to speak, once again the crowd in attendance oblige out of respect as Kurt Angle goes to speak once more.

Kurt Angle
"And, ehm... I did this thing, what was it again? Oh yeah... I WON AN OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL, WITH A BROKEN FREAKIN' NECK!!!"


Angle laughs to himself, having started with what some of the crowd would have wanted to hear, but what all would have enjoyed hearing as he prepares himself to actually speak. An "ANGLE!! ANGLE!! ANGLE!!" chant breaking out as he nods his head respectively, bringing the microphone to his mouth and speaking.

Kurt Angle
"It has been seven years since I was inside a WWE ring, at one point; well, several, I'll be honest... I said I would never step foot in a WWE ring again! I left this company, I went somewhere else and I made a living for myself just like any other guy. But about two weeks ago, I got a phonecall and boy was I surprised when he told me, his name... was Vince McMahon."

Vince's name gets a mixed reaction from the crowd, half simply booing because of who he is, the other cheering because they know he brought Angle back.

Kurt Angle
"Vince and I discussed a lot of things, a lot of things! And we came to an agreement; obviously, for me to return to the WWE and finish things how I want to finish them, on my own terms! I have came back to the WWE, the organization that gave me a job and transformed Kurt Angle from an Olympic Gold medal winning amateur wrestler, into an Olympic Gold medal winning wrestling MACHINE!! So that I can finish my career, the way I want to... on top... at Wrestlemania!"

Crowd loudly applaud to which Kurt nods his head to. Allowing the fans to cheer for a moment before resuming.

Kurt Angle
"I've watched for the past two years, as guys like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar returned to this company and competed! I watched as The Rock held the WWE Championship in his hand after he defeated Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 29! I watched as CM Punk pinned Stone Cold Steve Austin 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring at Wrestlemania 29... and you know what I was thinking? I wish I could be there! I wish I could have, one final day in the sun, one last match for the entire world to see, at a Wrestlemania. So I agreed with Vince McMahon on a seven month contract that will see me work until the night of Wrestlemania... and from now until that night, I promise, no... I guaren-damn-tee you, I am going to reinvent your perspective on Kurt Angle! I am going to leave this company, I am going to leave professional wrestling in seven months time, and you will remember me for what I am! One of the greatest wrestlers... of all-time."


Crowd once again burst into a large cheer and applause for the returning Olympic Gold Medalist as he smiles and nods his head. Everything appears to be going fine, as Angle brings the microphone back to his mouth to speak, however somebody has head enough, as it's time... to play "The Game!"


As "The Game" by Motorhead explodes into the arena and green lights flash, it doesn't take long for the Chief Operating Office of the WWE, Triple H to make an impact on the scene as he walks out onto the stage. Wearing his ever-fitting tight ass suit, "The Cerebral Assassin" walks down the aisle, his eyes never leaving those of Kurt Angle's and vice versa as Triple H makes his way up the steps and enters the ring through the middle ropes, straightening himself up as he stares across the ring at Kurt Angle who responds mutually as Hunter slowly steps his way across and grabs a microphone from Justin Roberts, his music fading away as "The Game" gets right down to business.

Triple H
"I'm sorry Kurt, I didn't mean to interrupt your return speech and all but I just had to come out here and I had to check if this was actually happening. I had to check was Kurt Angle actually standing, in my ring, in the year 2013!"

Angle replies, "Yeah" with a nod of the head as he and Triple H stand inches apart in the center of the ring, Triple H speaking casually on the microphone, with a hint of sarcasm with a slight smile on the edge of his mouth as Angle stands, arms crossed, staring back at the man he feuded with for over two years.

Triple H
"So it's actually you. I'm... not gonna lie... I don't know why Vince didn't tell me about this!? You know, I'm the guy that should be deciding who goes and who comes, who gets fired and who gets hired but I guess, Vince-being-Vince he thought that quickly contacting you and agreeing all this contract stuff, so that you could finish your career at Wrestlemania and all that, was good for business..."

Triple H steps in towards Kurt Angle, coming nose-to-nose with "The Olympic Gold Medalist" as his voice falls to the hoarse tone which Triple H is known for.

Triple H
"...but I DON'T!!"

As the mean expression commonly seen on the face of "The Game" comes over him all Kurt Angle can do is remain in the same standing position, smiling slightly as the fans boo Triple H's judgement, not one for a few words, Hunter takes a step back and resumes what he wants to say.

Triple H
"Lets be totally honest and totally straight about this, Kurt! I don't like you and you don't like me... we are complete opposites! From the minute you entered this company fourteen years ago, we were at odds, to stake claim to the fact, we were the best in the business!! Fast forward to 2006 and you walked out Kurt, you walked out, you cleared your little head and when it was time for you to come back, you didn't do it! Instead, for seven years you stayed away... and I've heard some comments you've had to make about certain things, but more importantly Kurt... about, ME!!"

"The Game" closes in on Kurt once more with the final word, Angle still not flinching a muscle as Triple H speaks.

Triple H
"So here we are Kurt, seven years after you left this company and you're back, but what I find ironic is, you're back looking for your final moment in the sun, your final moment to have the spotlight; because I'll admit Kurt, when you were here in the WWE, as a wrestler you were damn near untouchable... You came in here and from the day your star covered ass made it down that ramp and into this ring you were one of the best in the business! But Kurt... this isn't 1999 anymore... and that locker room is filled with guys who can out-wrestle your ass! Daniel Bryan, Tyson Kidd, CM Punk, Christian, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Antonio Cesaro... so Kurt, I want you to explain to me one thing, just one little thing..."

"The Game" pauses, Kurt still motionless in his crossed arm position as Triple H gets right up in his face and posses him the question.

Triple H
"...explain to me... why I don't fire your ass right here on the spot???"

Triple H lowers his microphone, the warrior look which has became an accustomed feature of "The Game" when he is met with confrontation on his face as Kurt refrains from showing any emotion towards his superiors comments, until Kurt chuckles to himself, teeth showing as he smiles, raising the microphone to answer Triple H.

Kurt Angle
"There isn't a chance in hell you're going to fire me!!"


Hunter can be seen breathing deeply as his chest expands, Kurt still smiling away as he raises his eyebrows, confident in his words.

Kurt Angle
"You want to be totally honest and straight, huh? Well lets be honest Hunter... the only reason you came out here is because truly, in the back of your mind, your ego can barely contain itself! You saw me come out here tonight, you saw the reaction I got and its eating you alive, isn't it? You want to destroy me! YOU WANT TO BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF ME!! Well Hunter, that's fine by me, cause it just so happens I know exactly where we can do it..."

As Triple H was doing to Kurt, now Angle does to Triple H as he moves in towards "The Game" and both men come literally nose-to-nose.

Kurt Angle
"...Kurt Angle vs. Triple H at SUMMERSLAM!!!"

As the crowd come unglued from their seats at Kurt Angle's insinuation of a match, Triple H looks just about ready to tear Kurt Angle's head off, the camera pans over to Kurt whose expression reads the same story, the tension building between both men as everyone awaits Triple H's response. As "The Game" raises the microphone, it's obvious he can't resist, not from a fight like this.

Triple H


Triple H's response brings forth a huge ovation from the crowd as they become rabid to see the two men collide, as they stare into one anothers eyes with red hot fury evident in both their faces, Angle's smile still intact as he appears to have something else to say, raising his microphone again and nodding his head slowly.

Kurt Angle
"Good! Cause Hunter, I promise you, by the time I'm finished with you at Summerslam, you'll remember what it's like to take beating from the only Olympic Gold Medalist in WWE history, cause if I don't break your neck... I'LL BREAK YOUR FREAKIN' ANKLE!!!"


Kurt Angle, nearly frothing at the mouth moves his forehead against "The Game's" as he sends the crowd home happy with the one catchphrase they wanted to hear.

Kurt Angle

Throwing the microphone to the mat, "Medal" by Jim Johnston once again protrudes from the speakers in the arena as the fans cheer what they've just seen, Kurt Angle and Triple H stand center of the ring, forehead-to-forehead as three weeks from the night they will meet in Madison Square Garden, Angle out to prove he is still one of the best in the business, Triple H out to prove Angle hasn't got what it takes, as the image of the two veterans is the final as we fade to black and RAW comes to a dramatic end.


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Could Dragon Saga stop being so right all the time?
Originally Posted by Hamlertainment, Inc. View Post
Dragon Saga is better than you.
Old 04-12-2012, 07:47 AM
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Jam's Review

Well it's good to have some variety here in the Book This! section. Writing about one man's role in a show could be pretty interesting. I know I've read a thread like this but about Zack Ryder, but this looks more promising to say the least.

However, this probably won't EVER happen. Kurt had some things to say about WWE that led me to believe that he would never set foot in the WWE ever again. Then again, this is the Book This! section so anything goes.

I love writing for Kurt cause this guy can absolutely go in the ring. I'd love to see him vs. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Jack Swagger, or Dolph Ziggler. Pretty fun that you've chosen 2013 for him to return here. An Angle/HHH feud is sure to be one hell of a feud. Both men can talk and both men can wrestle, that's all we ever really want. I like the dialogue between the two but realistically, I don't think that Triple H would have accepted the match on the spot since he's now the COO but I know why you did it and it's fine.

Overall, a good read here DG. Hope to see a match next time even if it's a squash. Would love to read the in-ring abilities of Kurt Angle any time, any day. Goodluck with this! It's off to a good start
Old 04-12-2012, 08:18 AM
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That was awesome!!
I don't know if you know!! I don't know if you care!!

I don't care if you know!! I don't care if you care!!
Old 04-14-2012, 06:45 PM
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If only this could happen in real life, this would be so awesome, Kurt Angle making his return to WWE next year, imagine if he did, he could have so many feuds with so many superstars like Cena, Orton, Punk, Sheamus, Ziggler, Bryan, Swagger, Jericho, Christian, you name it, because this is where Kurt Angle belongs, back in a WWE ring

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