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Old 04-09-2012, 08:01 PM
Latinoeddy's Avatar
Latinoeddy Latinoeddy is offline
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Latinoeddy is looking to come up from OCW...

1. Wrestlemania XX - This was such an awesome ending with two beloved babyfaces celebrating in the ring with their respective world title. A very emotional moment and definitely a Wrestlemania moment.

2. Money in the Bank 2011 - Maybe because this was recent, but I absolutely loved this ending. Punk winning the title is something I did not see, and if he did I thought for sure Del Rio would cash in on him. But he did win and he kicked Del Rio in the head, blew Vince a kiss good bye, and celebrated with the Chicago fans as he left with the title.

3. One Night Stand 2006 - This was an awesome feel-good moment for the ECW fans and for RVD fans as well. RVD, a guy who never achieved main event level status for so many years, finally wins the world title. He celebrates with the ECW orginals and the crowd absolutely loved it.

4. Wrestlemania 26 - This was a very classy way for Shawn Michaels to go out. Everything from Shawn and Undertaker showing respect for each other and shaking hands to Shawn thanking the fans, and the fans thanking Shawn for his career. It was just awesome.

5. Survivor Series 2002 - Another Shawn Michaels moment. He won the title after years of battling drugs and breaking his back nearly five years prior. It was the perfect comeback story. One of the best title wins in recent memory.

All of these moments were great endings and all were usually followed by a really good/great match. I could name plenty other endings such as the Wrestlemania 12 ending with Shawn Michaels winning the title or Wrestlemania 14 when Austin won the title. For a less happy moment, Bash at the Beach 1996 or Wrestlemania 17 both were awesome because of the heel turns.
Old 04-09-2012, 08:21 PM
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bigjoe113 is looking to come up from OCW...
Default My Top 5 Greatest PPV Endings of all time

5. Money in the Bank 2011..CM Punk is Leaving WWE Champion
I really had no idea if CM Punk had resigned with WWE going in to MITB. I was solely rooting for CM Punk in his match against Cena for the WWE Title. Especially the build was one of the best in a long time starting with the epic shoot/work promo. So Punk leaving with the title was such a OMG moment, with the still shot of Punk blowing a kiss to Vince good-bye... it was Awesome.

4. Survivor Series 2001...WWF Takes All after beating Alliance
I remember the build up to this match vividly. This was before I knew about the internet so I truly thought the Alliance had a chance to win and take over both companies. Alliance looked so strong with my WWF breaking apart in the match. However it was fitting the last two were the leaders of the WWF and the Alliance. Rock and Austin they had a great 15 min brawl with a surprise ending of Angle turning and helping my guy Rock win it all. I was jumping for joy with Rock looking on watching Vince celebrate, I was like yes we did it! lol

3. Royal Rumble 2007...Greatest Ending of Rumble Ever
Two of my favorite wrestlers are HBK and Taker. Both were already legends and hadn't touch WWE gold in such a long time. I wanted both of them to be champion soooooo bad. So when both HBK and Taker were laying on the mat spread out and you see Taker SIT-UP then HBK KIP-UP it was like Oh Shit its about to go down. These guys haven't touched in ten years so it was fresh yet nostalgic. Having a lil back and forth 10min match with Taker winning at the end, as a fan you just had to applaud the performance these two put on and it foreshadowed the epic battles they would finally have @ WM. IMO the best ending to Rumble ever!

2. Wrestlemania XX...Benoit and Guerrero are World Champions
Both Benoit and Guerrero had been working their asses off for years trying to become main eventers. From wrestling in Japan to ECW to WCW to WWF. They would put on show stealing performances yet just quite didn't get the honor to be World Champion. However RR '04 comes around and Benoit wins then @ NWO '04 Eddie wins the title. You see them talk @ WM XX about leaving WM as champions by using their will and desire. Eddie retains his title then Benoit taps out HHH. You see Benoit on the turnbuckle with the WHC, turns around then there's Eddie. They embrace and to this day it still gets me emotional bcuz you know ALL the sacrifice they went through to get to that exact moment. Not only Both World Champions but at the end of a WM.

1. Wrestlemania XXVIII...Rock wins

First off Rock was the reason I started watching wrestling. Early '99 his promos and antics were so must watch that it had me hooked to watch WWF and everything else they did. In 2004 he left for good and since then I just couldn't get into wrestling like I use to. However FINALLY he comes back and makes immediate impact, attacks and challenges Cena. For 8 years I've been waiting for this man to return and still can't believe he came back. To watch WM 28 and hear "IF YA SMELL" with him walking down the ramp in his trunks, getting on the turnbuckle, and raising his arm....LITERALLY gave me goosebumps. But I thought and probably so did everyone think Cena was winning. Oh was I shocked when Rock hit the Rock Bottom and the Ref counts 1..2..3. The crowd is goes absolutely nuts, I'm jumping and screaming like a damn lunatic. That ending brought the 10yr old kid back out of me. Also that moment reminded me why I am a fan and love wrestling!!!
Old 04-09-2012, 08:49 PM
Mr. Perfect Mr. Perfect is offline
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Mr. Perfect is looking to come up from OCW...

Most of the moments I would talk about have been covered but just wanted to mention one more: Badd Blood 1997. I rank Kane's debut as one of the best of all time, during the first hell in a cell match between Taker and HBK. Made for a memorable moment.
Old 04-09-2012, 08:53 PM
justinept justinept is offline
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justinept worked a dark match on ECW recently...justinept worked a dark match on ECW recently...justinept worked a dark match on ECW recently...justinept worked a dark match on ECW recently...justinept worked a dark match on ECW recently...justinept worked a dark match on ECW recently...justinept worked a dark match on ECW recently...justinept worked a dark match on ECW recently...

Originally Posted by 2Sweet_4Life View Post
1. Survivor Series 1997- Seriously? Nobody mentioned it? the most historic moment in not just wwe history but wrestling history.
Not sure how the first six posters forgot about this one, a truly epic finish that will show up in my top spot.

5) Money in the Bank 2011. We'll see if this stands the test of time, but this one had everything you look for in a marquee match. The story line was intense, featuring a departing CM Punk verbally attacking the WWE hierarchy. It left you guessing whether or not Punk had - or would - re-sign with the company. And it had an amazing crowd that was hot throughout the final match. Even the ending left you guessing as no one knew when CM Punk would re-emerge after winning the title.

4) New Years Revolution 2006. Most assumed Edge would simply cash in his MITB contract at WrestleMania 22. Few thought he would cash it in at New Years Revolution, taking advantage of a beaten John Cena. This formula has been used by all but one MITB winner since then, but it was a total shock that first time.

3) Survivor Series 1998. Mick Foley discussed the brilliance of this pay-per view in that Vince McMahon took one of the darkest moments in WWE history, and turned it into a money-making angle the following year. When The Rock turned heel and joined Vince McMahon's Corporation, it finally gave Steve Austin a legitimate top heel wrestler to fight against.

2) Bash at the Beach 1996. Any wrestling fan over the age of 25 can tell you where he was the night Hulk Hogan turned heel. This was one of the most important nights in the history of the business, and it really provided the spark for the Monday Night Wars.

1) Survivor Series 1997. This wasn't just crossing the lines between fiction and reality; this one completely broke down the wall. Perhaps the most legendary feud in WWE history came to a shocking end with the most surreal finish of all time.


Now what we need is a top-5 WORST endings so that I can discuss such doozies as:

- Starcade 1997
- Halloween Havoc 1998
- WrestleMania 8
- WrestleMania 9
- Halloween Havoc 1995
Old 04-09-2012, 09:33 PM
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ShinobiMusashi is looking to come up from OCW...ShinobiMusashi is looking to come up from OCW...ShinobiMusashi is looking to come up from OCW...ShinobiMusashi is looking to come up from OCW...ShinobiMusashi is looking to come up from OCW...

1. Wrestlemania X- Bret Hart world title victory celebration was so dramatic. Like he had just won the Superbowl.

2. ECW Barely Legal 97- The best ECW show of all time because of the way it all ended. Terry Funk put the company on the map. The 53 year old man just got beat to hell in the 3 way dance with the Sandman, and Stevie Richards(The winner would get an ECW World Heavyweight Championship match against Raven immediately after the match). He manages to win the 3 way dance, but he was so beaten and bloodied that he couldn't get up off of the ground. Funk rolls Raven up to win the championship and everyone went crazy. Funk and Dreamer went into the crowd to celebrate and there were fans in the crowd with legitimate tears in their eyes. Easily the best moment in ECW history because it was a make or break show for the company, and the crowd was so into it.

3. ECW One Night Stand 2005- Seeing Bischoff get his ass whooped all over the ECW ring before getting a stunner from Austin was quite surreal.

4. Royal Rumble 1992- One of Ric Flair's greatest promos after he won the Royal Rumble celebrating with Bobby Heenan and Mr. Perfect.

5. In Your House February 1996- Bret Hart vs Diesel steel cage match where Undertaker came up through the bottom of the ring, and pulled Diesel down through the mat.
Old 04-10-2012, 01:41 AM
peter_midnight peter_midnight is offline
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peter_midnight is looking to come up from OCW...

5. BATB 2000 when Booker T became the Heavyweight champion after the shoot from Vince Russo effectively firing Hulk Hogan and us never seeing Hogan in WCW again! Russo may have sucked balls most of his career, but I'll be forever glad that he did what he did that night.

4. Summerslam 92 was just plain awesome w/great work by Davey and Bret showing that the world title isn't the only title that can draw in the main event.

3. BATB '96 was pretty good considering the heel turn and christening of the New World Order (or organization as Hogan first called it, lol).

2. Mayhem '99 It seems that Vince Russo was ahead of his time booking 2 babyface Canadians Bret "The Hitman" Hart and "The Canadian Crippler" Chris Benoit against each other in Canada in the finals of a 32-man tournament for the WCW World Title was pure genius. Great match with the ending being featured on Malcolm in the Middle for years, lol.

1. Survivor Series '97 Let's face it, we all know why this was a great/tragic ending.

Honorable Mentions:

WM6-people went nuts for the Warrior when he won.
Any Starrcade where Flair main evented.
WM4 Savage winning the belt was awesome.
Souled Out 2000 when Benoit won the title, I was thrilled.
Slamboree '97 when Piper, Flair and Kevin Greene beat the nWo in Charlotte, NC. WHOOOOO!
Old 04-10-2012, 02:27 AM
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Pedigree1 is getting some looks on Smackdown...Pedigree1 is getting some looks on Smackdown...Pedigree1 is getting some looks on Smackdown...Pedigree1 is getting some looks on Smackdown...Pedigree1 is getting some looks on Smackdown...Pedigree1 is getting some looks on Smackdown...Pedigree1 is getting some looks on Smackdown...Pedigree1 is getting some looks on Smackdown...Pedigree1 is getting some looks on Smackdown...Pedigree1 is getting some looks on Smackdown...Pedigree1 is getting some looks on Smackdown...

Wrestlemania 20 Wow what a wrestlemania that was and still is all these years later!! Two great wrestlers realizing their dream come true!! Eddie retaining the WWE title and Benoit winning the WHC and the embrace those two shared will always be remembered!!

MITB 2011 What a PPV and the punk v Cena match!! All that drama the incredible shoot promo that punk did a few weeks before MITB was just incredible!! The match itself was downright awesome!! Hold for hold moment for moment!! That match Cena definitely wrestled his ass off. What a fucking great match!!

Summerslam 1992 Possibly the greatest match of bret harts career nevermind Davey boys. Brother in laws going at it in probably IMO one of the easily top five IC matches of all time!! If your a wrestling fan at all and want to witness a great match i highly recommend this match to anyone!!

Royal Rumble 2004 This in my mind was one of the top royal rumbles of all time!! Two matches stand out in my mind!! The first being last man standing match between trips and HBK!! Back then those two just were pure magic in the ring together!! Great chemistry and you can honestly feel the hatred between the two!! What a brutal brutal match those two had!! Damn it was literally like a street fight where anything goes and chairs sledgehammers kendo sticks they left nothing out on that night!! The main event Chris benoit going coast to coast!! Lasting over an hour with all the stars back then!! Eliminating the big show the way he did was pure magic!! Benoit on that night left everything in the ring and had nothing left at the end of the night!!

Survivor series 2002 Possibly one of the greatest Survivor series of all time!! Honestly who didnt go holy shit when brock gave the big show the F5!! I know i did especially with his busted rib he still did it and that was when show weighed 500 plus!! That was an amazing feat of strength and still to this day no one has matched brock in that department!! Cena is strong as hell but brock is just a downright beast!! The EC match itself!! Im sure no one picked HBK to win it on that night and wow lasting damn there an hour when it got down to HBK vs HHH what a battle!! It was a bittersweet victory for HBK!! I honestly had no idea that was HBKs last title run and im sure no one did either!!

Honorable mentions

Bash at the beach 96 and survivor series 97!! Everyone has talked about these matches and pretty much said what there is to say!!
Old 04-10-2012, 08:50 AM
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The Fabulous Rougeau's The Fabulous Rougeau's is offline
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The Fabulous Rougeau's worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Fabulous Rougeau's worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Fabulous Rougeau's worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Fabulous Rougeau's worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Fabulous Rougeau's worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Fabulous Rougeau's worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Fabulous Rougeau's worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Fabulous Rougeau's worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Fabulous Rougeau's worked a dark match on ECW recently...The Fabulous Rougeau's worked a dark match on ECW recently...

All great choices and honestly there are so many more. But here are the ones that stand out to me:

5) WrestleMania XXVIII: This is fresh on our minds, but I absolutely lost it when the Rock got the clean pin following a 2nd Rock Bottom.

4) WrestleMania XII: The two greatest workers in WWF/E history put on a clinic and as the time ran down the fact that no man got a fall just added to the excietment. The end of regulation with Michaels in the sharpshooter forever and not submitting was awesome and overtime providing a sudden victor made it that much better. How they put on a perfect match for over 60 minutes still baffles me today.

3) WrestleMania X7: This match had everything I loved about the attitude era. The only time in their trilogy where both men entered as faces and it made this match the best of the three. Loved the over the top ending of Austin killing Rock with the chair and Rock keeps kicking out. Set up Austin's heel turn perfectly.

2) Survivor Series 98: This shows my bias towards The Rock, but I was shocked like never before or since at this ending. Rock was starting to turn face and then all of a sudden he's a bigger heel then ever. This also was the night The Rock started using the sharpshooter which is awesome in how sloppy it looks. Just like his overhead belly to belly throw was.

1) Survivior Series 97: The most famous night in wrestling history and the night we got to see the behind the sceens view of the wrestling world. Lost in this is the raw emotion that this match portrayed as the 1st 10 minutes were all on the outside with each guy trying to kill the other. Seeing how this match started makes me sad that we missed out on a Mania rematch at 13 because they could have combined this aspect of the match, with a better mapped out and longer in ring spots to make another classic that was completely different from the 1st.

All American Boys

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