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Old 04-09-2012, 12:37 PM
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The Dragon Saga is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Dragon Saga is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Dragon Saga is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Dragon Saga is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Dragon Saga is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Dragon Saga is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Dragon Saga is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Dragon Saga is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Dragon Saga is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Dragon Saga is getting some looks on Smackdown...The Dragon Saga is getting some looks on Smackdown...

Originally Posted by BiGEViL View Post
Oh noes! Please don't rep me! My life revolves around this site. PLEASE DON'T!!! Anyway, as I said. You gotta show me kiddo. Talk is cheap. You just continue your incestuous babbling backed by nothing. You just mad. Rep my nuts and this post while your at it.
He was talking to me, hence why he quoted my post where I listed everything Orton has done in the space of twelve months, because my post was so good, justin wanted to give me rep, that thing you get when you make a good post, something you probably never have.

And seeing as you know so much, by not respond to my post where I listed off everything Orton has done in a year. You going to prove any of that wrong? You going to go back in time and review the critical acclaimed matches Orton has had with Christian throughout the summer? Cause yeah, basically between justin and myself, we've made you look like an idiot. I would give you some red rep, but I don't want to waste the three seconds of my life it would take to do it.

Originally Posted by FunKay C. Cobblepot View Post
Could Dragon Saga stop being so right all the time?
Originally Posted by Hamlertainment, Inc. View Post
Dragon Saga is better than you.
Old 04-09-2012, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by BiGEViL View Post
You think WWE would bring in Lesnar, to put Orton over? Why do you think WWE has buried Orton? Do you think it an accident that his career has been put on hold? WWE is a HUGE supporter of the Military. Orton is a deserter, period. I'm not saying WWE didn't know about it, but I'm saying the majority of the fans didn't know about it. Now that it has come to light...look for his career to dwindle down even more. WWE wouldn't put Orton over Kane at WrestleMania. They CERTAINLY aren't going to spend the money on Lesnar to bring him in to job out to Orton. You can forget that. Factor in his drug policy violations...if you were Vince, would you invest any more time and money in to Orton? Not me. Orton's career is history. Bank on it. They may keep him around so that he doesn't go to TNA, but as far as major story lines and title runs...I don't think so, personally. I used to LOVE Orton, but when I found out he was a deserter...that did it for me. Just like he went AWOL, his career is now AWOL. Karma's a real bitch.
I highly doubt they are punishing Orton for deserting now considering they have used this as a story line before when he had that brutal feud with Cactus Jack back in the Evolution days when things were heating up in Iraq. I can understand your feeling on subject though because its a pretty cowardly thing to do but
they have mentioned it quite a few times publicly so its certain that thats not why he has been held back. Drugs? Maybe. But even thats a little hard to believe considering Orton has had a LOT of problems before not only with drugs but also fights and trashing other superstars and divas to the media, etc. and they have never done shit about it really so why start now? They always chalked it up to "immaturity". To me, Orton has gotten a little stale since becoming a face because he is less dangerous and the contorting and convulsing he does during is matches are ridiculous. As far as a Lesnar feud, I wouldnt mind it so much but I think Brock needs something a little higher profile than a program with Orton who isn't as high a commodity as before at least to me. I know others say he is the #2 guy but I dont feel that way. Brock needs a program with either Punk or Cena as much as it pains me to say the latter. I just dont like him as a face as much because when he was a heel he had that unpredictability and also he had the capability to do the most horrible vile shit to people and it was expected. Now he is a watered down version of that character who just talks a big game.
I just think they will get as much out of Lesnar's time as they can and going against Orton doesn't seem as flashy. But then again why just have Lesnar beat down Cena just to say he took out the top guy when The Rock JUST did it?

Hopefully this is working into something bigger than that because if I have to sit through another year of Cena talking shit to the Titantron I'll lose interest fast

Last edited by Matisyahu : 04-09-2012 at 01:43 PM.

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