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Old 03-28-2012, 09:05 PM
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Default WZCW General Guidebook to the Fed

Hello Guests and Members alike and I, on behalf of the WZCW staff and community, would like to welcome you to the premier eFed on WrestleZone Forums: WrestleZone Championship Wrestling. I am the WZCW Handbook and I am here to help you with a step-by-step guide on how to navigate yourself through the WZCW Forum (because this place can be a little confusing at first) as well as provide all the rules and regulations that are in effect within this section of the forums.

Before we get started, I would like mention to the people responsible for running WZCW who are known as the Staff or Creative Team. If you have any questions or queries about anything WZCW-related that are not answered in this Rulebook, please do not hesitate in contacting them through the Private Messaging system so they can help solve whatever issue needs answering:

WZCW Staff Members

Click for Spoiler:
FalKon - WZCW Head of Creative

KermitWZCW Head Moderator
Harthan - WZCW Moderator
Yaz - WZCW Moderator

Blade: Creative Member
JGlass: Creative Member
Killjoy: Creative Member

Now that you know the people in charge, the next step is to familiarize yourself with the different sections of the forum so that way you don't get confused when you need something specific. Once you understand these simple sub-sections, it should be easy enough for you to navigate yourself:

WZCW Sub-Sections

Click for Spoiler:
WZCW Network
This sub-section is divided up into two categories: the first being WZCW TV where all the shows and PPV's of WZCW will be posted by the staff for your enjoyment. The second is the WZCW Roleplay Board where all members come to post their RP's for their allotted matches. There is a separate set of rules for the Roleplay Board that you should read before starting.

This is a "mock" online website where all WZCW bulletins can be found, as well as members having "In-Character" fun. Here you will find exclusive WZCW headlines & the Fantabulous 20 ranking system. Here you will also find a link to the WZCW Roster where every active member of the roster will have their own profiles list here, as well as information about the current champions, title history and NPC information. If you wish, you can check our Released Wrestlers archive of everyone who used to be a member in WZCW.

This is the area where all members can relax and discuss matters about the E-Fed out of character, as well as letting us know of any character changes and time-off that you may require.

After having a gander at all of these sections and deciding upon joining WZCW, we'll need to head over to the Backstage area will you will find the WZCW Application Thread. Before applying, you'll need to acquire 50 NON-SPAM POSTS in the other forums of WrestleZone. We also hold the right to reject and request immediate changes to any application.

Once you have applied and been accepted into WZCW, check the Roleplay Boards to see whether your character has been selected to compete in a match for the next set of shows. All shows are done on a Bi-Weekly basis: meaning that the cycle of the match cards being posted up, allowing all members to RP and posting up the shows will take approximately two weeks before the next cycle begins. Here is an overview of what happens:

WZCW Bi-Weekly Cycle:

Click for Spoiler:
First Day of Cycle: Match cards are posted: Members are allowed to RP.
The Following Tuesday/Wednesday: RP Boards are closed*
The Following Weekend: The shows are posted

*Sometimes the RP boards may close at a later date due to extension requests or general forum inactivity

There are usually three shows that get posted outside of the PPV cycle. These are:

WZCW Shows:

Click for Spoiler:

The flagship show of WZCW
Normally posted up on Saturday or Sunday
Home of the Eurasian Division


The "secondary" show (i.e. 2nd show to be posted)
Normally posted up on Sunday or Monday
Home of the Elite X Division


The "teritary" show (i.e. last show to be posted)
Normally posted up on Monday or Tuesday
WZCW's testing grounds (new applicants normally start here)

Note: During a PPV cycle, no other shows will be ran that week (with the exception of Aftershock should there be an abundance of roster members) and will normally be posted on a Sunday or Monday.

WZCW also has its own PPV's that usually occur every four or five cycles (i.e. three cycles of Meltdown, Ascension & Aftershock followed by the fourth cycle of PPV). We currently have six PPV's running:

WZCW Pay-Per-Views:

Click for Spoiler:

Major PPV
First PPV of the "WZCW Calendar"
Matches decided via fan voting

All or Nothing

Minor PPV

Lethal Lottery

Major PPV
Named after signature "Royal Rumble" match
Winner headlines Kingdom Come for World title

Kingdom Come

Biggest WZCW PPV
Has an extra MD/AS/AF cycle prior to PPV
Features a Hall of Fame ceremony


Minor PPV


Minor PPV
Last PPV of "WZCW Calendar"

WZCW also features five championships including divisions with specific restrictions on how to attain title opportunities (usually done by performing well on a consistent basis):

WZCW Championships/Divisions:

Click for Spoiler:
WZCW World Heavyweight Championship

WZCW's Top Tier Title
Can be defended on any show
Contenders must earn title shot via stipulation

WZCW Elite X Championship

Ascension's Exclusive Title
Champion exclusive to defending on Ascension (and PPV's)
Contenders can earn title shot via stipulation or good performance

WZCW EurAsian Championship

Meltdown's Exclusive Title
Champion exclusive to defending on Meltdown (and PPV's)
Contenders can earn title shot via stipulation or good performance

WZCW Mayhem Championship

Speciality Singles Title
Can be defended on any show
All matches are contested under "Mayhem" rules (i.e. hardcore)
Champion can defend the title randomly in any match competing solo
Contenders can earn title shot via stipulation or good performance

WZCW Tag Team Championship

Accessible by tag team competition
Can be defended on any show
Contenders can earn title shot via stipulation or good performance

Note: If you wish to form a tag team, please find a willing partner who has given their consent to forming a team with you and submit your application to the Application Thread listed above in the backstage area. We will review the application much like your normal application.

We also encourage non-staff participation to help us when creating the shows. If you feel like you'd be ready to write a match to help out the Creative team, let us know in the Aftershock Sign-Up thread in the backstage area. and we will eventually assign you a match, depending on whether you are available or not. We also encourage non-staff members to tell us of any ideas that you may have concerning your character such as storylines/angles/feuds you'd like to have, a certain backstage segment that you'd want to include or just a general thing like shaking the hand of an audience member because they are someone your character knows. To do so, send any one of us Staff members a PM and we should get back to you. (Remember, we can reject or modify any requests).


Well, that about covers everything there is to know for WZCW. If you would like any further help: you can contact a member of staff; read the rules around the forums or simply ask in the WZCW Discussion Thread in the backstage area where inquiries are normally made... oh, I almost forgot the one most important thing:


Click for Spoiler:
This is a fictional online federation. Everyone here who roleplays and are members of staff do this for the fun of playing a fictional character and creating fictional storylines; almost to the point where everyone is considered a family here. We do not want any drama to occur in the fed as it could close the federation down and ruin everyone's fun. So please, play nicely with the other children so we can all get along together and make this experience fun for the whole family. General banter against other people is allowed in-character but any insults or direct shots will result in staff punishing you for your consequences. The rules of WrestleZone Forums apply in WZCW as well, on top of all the rules of the federation.

That's all for now:

Apply, RP & have some fun!
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