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Old 03-22-2012, 02:36 PM
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Default PPV's Where Superstars Raise Their Games

I was thinking about the rock [watching the DVD]. I have always thought the rock was his best during Summerslam while someone like HBK was always at his best during Mania... I think the same can be said for Randy Orton and summerslam

My question is, are some superstarís ment to shine there best during certain ppvs?
Iím not saying The Rock or Orton havenít been great at mania, Iím just saying is it just a random chance that some superstars tend to shine during a certain ppv or is it planned?, and if its planned who are some other people who raise their game during a certain ppv?
Old 03-22-2012, 04:30 PM
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Rock vs. Lesnar and Rock vs. Triple H. vs. Kurt Angle were a couple of classic matches that involved The Rock and were at Summer Slam. He had some big matches at Mania as well like Austin vs. Rock, part 3, Rock vs. Hogan, Rock in the Fatal four for the WWEC., The other 2 matches against austin, in which he lost. I think the Rock was pretty consistent all year, but for a couple years he was Mr. Summer Slam, 2000 and 2002.

I think Austin was always pushed during Mania season during the Attitude Era. Rock too, but not as much as Austin. Triple H and undertaker and HBK have all got pretty big pushes too during many Wrestlemania seasons. Basically, the WWE pushed their best during the most important time of the WWE calander year to make the most sells possible which is just good business.

These days Cena, Undertaker and Punk are being pushed hard at Mania. Orton seems to have fallen back a bit ever since Mania 26. He had a good match with Punk last year but it wasn`t one of the most hyped matches on the card. Below Cena and Miz and Undertaker and triple H. for sure in hype and build up. It seems as C. M punk is slowly taking the number 2 spot from orton due to his fresher character, in ring abilities and Awesome mic skills. I hope Orton goes back to his bread and butter as being a heel who only cares about himself. This tweener thing may work for kids but it does nothing for to make me interested in watching his matches or promos.

For the years to come I would look to see Punk, Cena, Orton, Ziggler, Sheamus, Barrett, Miz and Rhodes to continue to get big pushes during Mania season. These are the stars and upcoming stars that will lead the business during the next 5 years. or more. Of course, they will keep bringing back the legends during Mania season as long as they can. What I worry about is what will happen when the oldest guys in the business who can still wrestle are Cena and Orton. If they don`t start creating more top guys who are majorly over with the fans future Mania`s will not seem any more important then any other event. Give it 3 or 4 more years and this will be the scenario WWE will be faced with. No more legends at Mania besides Cena and Punk and orton , if you consider them legends. More star power is needed on the WWE roster, and the sooner the better for everyone, WWE and it`s fans.
Old 03-22-2012, 05:29 PM
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Its their job to step their game up at PPV's. As for certain PPV'S...well everyone steps their game up at Mania. But I have to agree with you on Rock and SS because he has had some of his better matches at SummerSlam.
Old 03-23-2012, 02:22 AM
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definitely. obviously HBK and Taker for Wrestlemania. same could be said for Hulk, Triple H, Angle and Cena. they've all had pretty good Mania streaks and moments.

Edge is another for Wrestlemania. he had some great moments and only lost a few matches there.

the reverse can be said also. Mick Foley and Big Show have some pretty terrible Mania records. like hardly ever winning there. think about it. they even had a one-on-one match at Mania and it ended in a DQ. they never win at Mania.

as far as Big Show goes, he does pretty well at Survivor Series. he's won and retained World Titles there.

Kane and the Royal Rumble kinda goes hand-in-hand. those are the ones that come to mind off the bat. good thread.
Old 03-23-2012, 07:26 AM
XanderMatic222 XanderMatic222 is offline
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I sit here knowing that this is my first post and like the question. I have a few different Wresltlers that are on another level on PPV. Sting is virtually unbeatable at Starcade and Bound For Glory. Shelton is the master of the Money in the Bank on PPV. Hulk Hogan At the Bash at the Beach is not losing in his back yard at Daytona or Venice Beach. Hulkster Rised above the hate before before Cena was going into the 5th grade. Brett Hart defending the title at the Royal Rumble always seem to rise to the occation by escaping with his title. Steve Austin at the Rumble besides Vin Man Gurandamnteed he would not win Always won the Rumble even tho everyone wanted him OUT. Jeff would be on another planet in any type of table ladder and table match but Edge would usually be one step ahead of the charismatic enigma. Triple H always seems to rise up at No Way Out unless Hogan had the creative control card out. Cena is a first ballot HOF unfortuantly because when it comes to ppv the dude is on all for a while and i lost a lot of money waiting for him to drop the belt. i hope you enjoyed its my first!!!!!
Old 03-23-2012, 06:41 PM
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A few that come to mind that shine at Mania are obviously Taker and HBK, Edge as well has had a lot of memorable moments at WrestleMania, but let's look at people other than the top dogs.

Everyone tries their best at WrestleMania, but a few people that have stood out to me over the past 10-12 years have been Jeff Hardy and Shelton Benjamin. Both have done things at 'Mania that leave me with my jaw on the floor. I mean who could forget Shelton's leap off the ladder at WrestleMania 25? Or all the falls and jumps Hardy has taken in the TLC and Ladder matches. Both of them have been outstanding when it comes to WrestleMania, shame that they're both gone.

And as for the other booking, I mean sure, Orton does do very well at SummerSlam... but I think that has to do with more coincidental booking than anything... Orton may try a bit harder at SummerSlam but more than likely it just seems that way.
So yeah... I bet you didn't realize I spelt Phenomenal wrong in my name
Old 03-24-2012, 03:09 AM
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Kane at Royal Rumble.. Since the Royal Rumble ppv in 2001, every participant has been looking at Kane differently and so are the fans.. So I think to keep the "I'm dominant in Rumbles intact" Kane brings more to the Rumble than most ppl.. But sadly this year, he wasn't able to do it with the mask cause he was freaking going against SuperCena..


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