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Old 03-23-2012, 10:07 AM
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Fansince1992 is looking to come up from OCW...Fansince1992 is looking to come up from OCW...Fansince1992 is looking to come up from OCW...

I think Vince did a lot to help Austin become as popular as he was.
I mean a guy with Vince's money there was no need for him to ever to step inside that ring. To Vince's credit he had some quite brutal matches and put his own body on the line. (Remember the cage match Vince v Austin)
Not at all saying Vince is the only reason Austin became a legend but i do think Vince was a big part of it!

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Old 03-23-2012, 06:30 PM
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GameOver worked a dark match on ECW recently...GameOver worked a dark match on ECW recently...GameOver worked a dark match on ECW recently...GameOver worked a dark match on ECW recently...GameOver worked a dark match on ECW recently...GameOver worked a dark match on ECW recently...GameOver worked a dark match on ECW recently...GameOver worked a dark match on ECW recently...GameOver worked a dark match on ECW recently...

Gonna throw a few others there that may or may not have been mentioned
In all cases it's a bit of both, Vince jr provided the stage and allowed said superstars to go all the way, said superstars took the ball and not only ran with it but scored numerous touchdowns

as for the characters

Austin wasn't far from Stone Cold b4 he got to WWE so he made the character Vince provided the stage and the nickname Stone Cold after drinking cold coffee during a meeting with Austin. or maybe i got that backwards, just going on memory

Hogan was already a Hoganesque character b4 Vince jr too over WWF albeit a boring slow character, technically Vince Snr created Hulk Hogan he certainly put Terry Bolea on the map, Vince jr just went with a Super Hero name in Hulk Hogan, put everything into WWF going global and pushing Hogan to the moon, Terry provided the charisma and the PR and the body. So in that case they equally contributed 50/50 IMO.

If Hogan wasn't that larger then life presence and a Public Relations dream not to mention such a charismatic person (if you didn't know him from within the business) it's arguable Hulkamania like event would never have taken place

and on the flipside if Vince Jr, hadn't re-signed Terry Bolea after he was fired for appearing in Rocky III and pumped everything into trying to create a cult following and a global phenomenon then Hogan would never have reached Immortal status. (atleast in America)

Undertaker is more Vince then Mark i'd say, Vince provided the stage, fed the fueds, technically created "The Streak" Mark provided the dark acting, the unique ring style for a big man and the work attitude.

John Cena like Hogan is a bit of both too, mostly marketing the right demographic but once again like Hogan if Cena didn't have the charisma to captivate the kids, work ethic and a public relations gold, he would would've been a floater between mid-upper mid card for alot longer, not saying he wouldn't have reached the world title cause he certainly would've whether you like him or not he has the look and the ability it's just the current character that was annoying.

HBK is mostly HBK - Even if Vince hadn't taken a chance and let him carry the ball HBK would've still continued to pump out stellar matches and cut cool cocky promo's all the world title did was just cemented HBK in legendary status it wasn't really his claim to fame like a Triple H or Ric Flair for instance who were mostly about being the World Champ and competing in that spotlight. HBK was the one that put HBK over.

Triple H - bit of both... It's no secret he married into greatness and that hasn't hindered his career but he was still a solid worker who like a Cena or Vince lives the business and he survived a year long burial which is something that definately gets stars over with Vince. Outside of that he puts bums on seats, does the PR work outside the ring and sells PPV's so that's win win for everyone.

Bret Hart - The Fans made Bret. no secreet Vince (atleast the character) doesn't see what people see in Canadian's which is ironic considering he's had numerous stars that have gone all the way to the top that were Canadian's. Vince also didn't get Bret other then his in ring ability. Yet despite all that Bret got to the top on fan support alone and then died by the same hand.

here's a side poll though Who Made Vince

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