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Old 03-21-2012, 08:26 PM
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Jessie M'kay? is a Television Champion...Jessie M'kay? is a Television Champion...Jessie M'kay? is a Television Champion...Jessie M'kay? is a Television Champion...Jessie M'kay? is a Television Champion...Jessie M'kay? is a Television Champion...Jessie M'kay? is a Television Champion...Jessie M'kay? is a Television Champion...Jessie M'kay? is a Television Champion...Jessie M'kay? is a Television Champion...Jessie M'kay? is a Television Champion...
Default Character Creation "Ban List" (Update - October 2014)

For reference:

Bold = Duplicates
Gold = Legends

Character Reps

Click for Spoiler:

Brad Pitt (Chris K.O)
Bray Wyatt (Mikey Stormrage)
Cesaro (Flex Mussél)
Chris Sabin (Matt Tastic)
Cloud from Final Fantasy (Theron Daggershield)
Criss Angel (Ty Burna)
Fire Ant (elegAnt)
Hrithik Roshan (Veejay)
Lacey von Erich (Eve Taylor)
Mideon (Dorian Slaughter)
Momoji from Ninja Gaiden (Kagura Ohzora)
Mike Knox (The Beard)
Nathan Jones (Bruce Irwin)
Paige (Aubrey Sloan)
Prince Devitt (Alhazred)
Randy Savage (Daddy Mack)
Robot (S.H.I.T)
Ryu [Cosplayer] from Street Fighter (Jonathan Hyada)
Sakata Gintoki from Gintama (M)
Sin Cara (Baez)
Super Dragon (El Califa Dragón)
Triple H (Constantine)
Tyler Breeze (Ramparte)
William Regal (Steven Holmes)

Official Fed NPC's:

Beverly Mullins (Selena Anderson)
Jesse Ventura (Jack Cohen)
Brad Maddox (Dillon Morse)
Bryce Remsburg (Keith Morse)
Bobby Heenan (Johnny Klamor)
Carley Rae (Katie Shepard)
Eric Bischoff (Chuck Myles)
Georgie Thompson (Cat Connor)
Jack Tunnay (Vance Bateman)
John Slattery (Mr. Banks)
Justin King (James Aubrey)
Laura Mattano (Elizabeth Prince)
Maria Kanellis (Rebecca Serra)
Maryse Ouellet (Stacey Madison)
Mike Tenay (Sebastian Copeland)
"Red Shoes" Unno (Jurou Akiyama)
Todd Grisham (Leon Kensworth)
Tony Chimel (Truman Harrys)

WZCW Legends:

Dolph Ziggler (Showtime Cougar)
Lance Storm (Everest)
Stevie Richards (Titus)


NOTE: The following reps can be still chosen. They are subject to approval by the WZCW Creative Team

A.J Styles (Austin Reynolds)
Alexa Bliss (Lexi Hayes)
Austin Aries (Drake Callahan)
Black Dynamite (Action Saxton)
Bret Hart (Blade)
Clint Barton as Ronin (Saboteur)
CM Punk (James Howard)
Cody Rhodes (Mick Overlast)
Curtis Axel (Barbosa)
Evan Bourne (Big Dave)
Jimmy Jacobs (Triple X)
John Morrison (Ricky Runn)
Johnny Depp (Vega)
K-Ness (Black Dragon)
Kaitlyn (Celeste Crimson)
Kurt Angle (Steven Kurtesy)
Mick Foley (Steamboat Ricky)
Randy Orton (Sam Smith)
Raven (Alex Bowen)
Sid Vicious (Rush)

Entrance Themes

Click for Spoiler:
Currently in Use:

"300 Violin Orchestra" - Jorge Quintero (Ty Burna)
"Angel of Death" - Slayer (Dorian Slaughter)
"Ante Up" - MOP (El Califa Dragón)
Beethoven's 5th Symphony (Steven Holmes)
"Down Under" - Men At Work (Bruce Irwin)
"Eye of the Tiger" - Survivor (Flex Mussél)
"Freeze Up" from the Ninja Gaiden OST (Kagura Ohzora)
"Happy Symphony nr.5" - Izydor Mazur (ElegAnt)
"Hero" - Skillet (Jonathan Hyada)
"How" - The Neighborhoods (Beard)
"Howl" - Florence & The Machine (Cerberus)
"I'm a Man" - Black Strobe (Veejay)
"Into Battle" - Ensiferum (Chris K.O)
"Laser Cannon Deth Sentence" - Dethklok (M)
"Live & Learn" - Crush 40 (Mikey Stormrage)
Majora's Mask Battle Theme from the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Alhazred)
"Old Skool" - Dizzy Rascal (Daddy Mack)
"One Step Closer" - Linkin Park (Constantine)
"Run Devil Run" - Girls Generation (Aubrey Sloan)
"Sacrament of Wilderness" - Nightwish (Theron Daggershield)
"Seven Devils" - Florence & The Machine (Ramparte)
"Stand Up" - All That Remains (The Elite)
The Terminator Theme (S.H.I.T)
"Titanium" - Within Temptation (Eve Taylor)
"Together As One" - Rockman Holic (Matt Tastic/Baez)

WZCW Legends:

"Diamond Eyes" - Shinedown (Showtime Cougar)
Super Smash Brothers Brawl Theme (Titus)
"Supernova Goes Pop" - Powerman 5000 (Everest)

WZCW Official:

JBL Theme (Mr. Banks Theme)

"Anti-You" - Blue Stahli (Meltdown Theme)
"Falling On" - Finger Eleven (Chuck Myles)
"Holy Diver" - Killswitch Engage (Aftershock Theme)
"Legs" - ZZ Top (Becky Serra)
"Omen" - The Prodigy (Ascension Theme)
"On the Run" - Judas Priest (Jack Cohen)
"Oh, the Boss is Coming" - Arkells (Vance Bateman)
"What I See" - Lacuna Coil (Selena Anderson)

Finishing Moves

Click for Spoiler:

Brainbuster (Aubrey Sloan)
Fame Asser (Titus)
Fireman's Carry Cutter (Veejay)
Gorilla Press Slam (Daddy Mack)
Gotch-style Impact Mat Slam (Flex Mussél)
Gotch-style Piledriver (Steven Holmes)
Inverted Stomp Facebreaker (Eve Taylor)
Olympic Slam (Constantine)
Over-the-shoulder Belly-to-belly Piledriver (Matt Tastic/Baez)
Rock Bottom (Everest)
RKO/Diamond Cutter (Theron Daggershield)
Rolling Cutter (The Beard)
Rolling Pedigree (Ramparte)
Running Power Slam (Bruce Irwin)
Single-underhook DDT (Dorian Slaughter)
Twisting Spinebuster (Constantine)
World's Strongest Slam (Mikey Stormrage)


Bicycle Kick (Ty Burna)
Head Chop (SHIT)
Heart Punch (Kagura Ohzora)
Running Knee (Chris K.O)
Spinning Backfist (Alhazred)
Superman Punch (Jonathan Hyada)


Camel Clutch (Steven Holmes)
Cobra Clutch (El Califa Dragón)
Crippler Crossface (Chris K.O)
Dragon Sleeper (Everest)
Fujiwara Armbar (Eve Taylor)
Guillotine Chokehold (M & Dorian Slaughter)
Inverted CHIKARA Special (ElegAnt)
Kata-Ha Jime (Jonathan Hyada)
LeBelle Lock (SHIT & Veejay)
Mandible Claw (Alhazred)
Sleeper Hold (Kagura Ohzora)
STF [Modified] (Aubrey Sloan)
Texas Cloverleaf (Showtime Cougar)
Torture Rack (Flex Mussél)
Triangle Choke [Modified] (Ty Burna)


Avalanche C4 (Showtime Cougar)
Avalanche Backslide Slam (M)
Diving Clothesline (Bruce Irwin)
Diving Elbow Drop (Daddy Mack)
Diving Headbutt (The Beard)
Frog Splash (ElegAnt)
Phoenix Splash (El Califa Dragón)
Senton Splash (Mikey Stormrage)
Shooting Star Press (Theron Daggershield)
Shooting Star Corkscrew Elbow Press(Titus)
Springboard Corkscrewn Senton (Matt Tastic/Baez)
Springboard Leg Lariat (Ramparte)
Closed Thread

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