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Old 03-13-2012, 07:27 AM
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Damn, You missed loads.

All the great matches, promo's, superstars etc who rose to the top.

Thanks to Online world of wrestling.
look at all the crazy shit you did miss;

Kane forces himself on Lita, then gets pregnant. Matt Hardy assumes it' his baby.
Then Kane explain's it's his setting up a Till Death do us Part Match at SummerSlam where Lita was forced to marry Kane after he beat Hardy with a chokeslam from the top rope. Within months Kane turned face to fued with Gene Snitsky who cost Lita her baby after he whacked Kane with a chair from behind causing him to fall on top of her and squash her and the baby. Complete with audience "baby killer" chants

Kurt Angle Vs Booker T
Not the matches itself, but the story behind it..
Booker T at this stage was accompanied by his wife, Sharmell.
So they give a storyline for Kurt Angle to become a dirty pervert enjoying the company of "guttersluts" and started to stalk and attempt to rape Sharmell.

Exploiting Eddie Guerrero's death
So, Vince McMahon makes Rey Mysterio drive Eddie's lowrider to the ring after he passes away. An unrelated storyline took place after the match between Randy Orton and The Undertaker — Orton put Taker in the backseat of the vehicle and backed it up into the SD! set and it exploded and burned in flames. This sent immediate shockwaves through the WWE as it was a blatant exploitation of Eddie Guerrero’s death. Shame on WWE

JBL Beats up The Blue Meanie Live on PPV

In the final minutes of the ECW One Night Stand pay per view, which was an “extremely” fun and entertaining evening for the fans and wrestlers who participated, there was an incident perpetrated by one of the “outsiders”. John Bradshaw Layfield, who is obviously jealous that fans cared more about ECW than JBL, took liberties by hunting down The Blue Meanie during the final brawl of the night. Once JBL got his hands on The Blue Meanie (from behind, I might add), he proceeded to punch away at Meanie’s already bandaged head and bust him open. This incredibly unprofessional act was witnessed by numerous wrestlers but went unpunished by WWE officials…. business as usual!

Tim White – Attempted Suicide:
At Judgment Day 2002, Tim White was injured while refereeing a Hell in a Cell match between Triple H & Chris Jericho. All along, WWE has tried to stress that the Cell changes the lives of everyone involved in them. When Tim White took a bump off the ring into the side of the cage, he injured his shoulder and was never able to return to his referee duties. At Armageddon 2005, they were pushing the fact that the Cell changes lives, and tracked down Tim White as bar he owns. Live on PPV, Tim White grabbed a shotgun and committed (simulated) suicide. We later found out he was alive and commited suicide several additional times on WWE.com.

Live Sex Celebration:
One of the most highly praised shocking moments in recent WWE history occured when Edge cashed in his “Money in the Bank” priviledge after John Cena retained the WWE title in the Elimination Chamber. Edge consequently captured the WWE title in a truly electric moment. What did WWE do to follow up this triumph? With something stupid, of course! Edge promised to celebrate by have SEX with Lita the following night LIVE in the ring on RAW. The moment arrived, and Edge and Lita were in bed in the middle of the ring supposedly “doing it” until Ric Flair thankfully interrupted. The highlight of the night came when Lita’s breast was exposed on TV (censored in USA & CANADA but shown in the UK). Guess what, it scored the highest rating in years!

The Lord of Sports-Entertainment:
It all started when Shawn Michaels stuck up for Bret Hart and started his feud with Vince McMahon. McMahon had to incorporate Michaels’ faith into the storyline so every week the religious overtones got thrown into the mix. This resulted in a match between Vince & Shane McMahon taking on Shawn Michaels and………GOD! From there Vince continued with the religious stuff, which was not only terribly offensive but extremely unentertaining from a fans perspective. It often had nothing to with wrestling whatsoever, except to try to get his desperate company a little mainstream exposure. It didn’t work.

Kevin Federline was fresh off his divorce from Britney Spears, and training hard with Johnny Nitro for a scheduled match with WWE Champion John Cena who he had been fueding in and out with in 2006.The match itself was everything it was expected to be and more – a complete load of shit! K-Fed (who, for some reason, insisted that everyone call him Kevin Federline) actually PINNED John Cena and committed manslaughter against the integrity of the WWE Championship.

“Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night”
The show ended with Vince's his limo being blown to hell. He is supposed to be “dead.” On Smackdown! they even have a complete mock 10 bell salute with all the superstars stood on the stage. Next the FBI was brought it to investigate who killed him, which was a complete waste of time on RAW, SmackDown! and ECW programming.

Two weeks later the entire storyline was thrown out due to the real life tragedy involving Chris Benoit. (which I'm not going to mention as it's a tragic real life issue.)

The Illegitimate McMahon!!
On the night of Vince’s return to RAW after his so called “death,” we got to see him reenact the night of said “death” just for Coachman to tell him that he has a illegitimate child. So now we are stuck dealing with this travesty that we are supposed to be wondering, and that we did…that we did. So each week we got to see different wrestlers confronting him, wondering if they are his child.

We even got to see Kane break continuity by saying he didn’t know his father [unless Paul Bearer got thin and grew, changed his name and took over WWE, then Kane forgot about him, then yes Kane, you don’t know him] Vince saying he slept with Melina so no possible way she is his daughter.

So Kennedy [who is supposed to be his son] is suspended, so WWE gets to choose who is next to be in line. We get to witness the entire roster be out there. We go through a bunch of clues of process of elimination. They say he is not Extreme, but for some reason Sandman is in the final 3. Well it gets down to HHH, JBL, and Sandman. “He likes to play the game” So it’s HHH? Alrighty… that’s… weird. But nope, the creative department gives us….. the Little Bastard! Hornswoggle!!!!

2008 Wasnt so bad..
RAW Guest Hosts: Every week, RAW featured “Celebrity” guest hosts. These hosts, from “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase to the Osbournes, generally waste 15-20 minutes of our time promoting their own product or charity, and even in some cases, just their for the sake of having a host. They usually have little to do with RAW, making maybe one match a night, and as we have seen from Kyle Busch and Joey Logano, they are occassionally horrible actors.

For just about 3 months, WWE TV was disgraced to have this horrible storyline, where Hornswoggle would face Chavo every week in a stipulation that favored Hornswoggle. From a Sharp-Dressed man match to, yes, even a Bullrope match where Chavo was dressed as a cow.

2010... Piggy James was a disgrace. But Iv gone on way to long.

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Old 03-13-2012, 10:00 AM
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IHW worked a dark match on ECW recently...IHW worked a dark match on ECW recently...IHW worked a dark match on ECW recently...IHW worked a dark match on ECW recently...IHW worked a dark match on ECW recently...IHW worked a dark match on ECW recently...IHW worked a dark match on ECW recently...IHW worked a dark match on ECW recently...IHW worked a dark match on ECW recently...IHW worked a dark match on ECW recently...IHW worked a dark match on ECW recently...

A few things i haven't read about-

Rated RKO- Edge and Randy Orton teamed up with a common goal in hating DX. They had any great tag team matches.

The Legacy- Randy Orton joined Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiasi Jr. too form an all 2nd and 3rd generation Superstar stable known as the legacy. Other members were added (Manu and Sim Snuka) but were short lived. This group helped Randy win the Royal Rumble and helped Orton win and retain the WWE Championship multiple times. They feuded with The McMahon Family and Triple H as well as others.

Donald Trump "bought" the WWE from Vince, only to sale it back to him for double the price. Trump and Vince feuded for a while and ended in a Wrestlemania match where each person selected a superstar (VKM- Umaga, Trump- Bobby Lashley) and the loser would have to shave their head. VKM lost.
Old 03-13-2012, 01:12 PM
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Default Wow

Usually I next to never post on these boards only view but there was something about this one that just got my mind going and I had to post. The greatest moments I can remember since '02 are (in no particular order)

-Of course the already mentioned back to back matches at Wrestlemania, and in my view greatest in wrestling history, between the two greatest Shawn Michaels & Undertaker

-Bret Hart returned and he and Shawn Michaels made peace on national television

-NXT (Originals) made a memorable debut literally taking out Raw completely

-While on the subjecy of NXT it was a short run concept that produced one solid group (Barret, Bryan, Gabriel, Slater) and one here and there from there on (Riley, Bateman, AJ)

-DX returned on multiple occassions, less edge & more comedic but worked in my view anyways

-Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels had one of the most memorable and well played out feuds of all time that culminated at Wrestlemania, from matches to meaning, promos & all, this rivalry had everything.

-John Cena of course debuted in one of the greatest rookie matches in recent history against Kurt Angle, however shortly there after he was placed with this "THUG LiFE" gimmick and his moves were cut in half leading to the hardest working man in the business getting booed outta various buildings.

-Several promising talents came and went in that span, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, Sean O'Haire, Kevin Thorne, Elijah Burke, & most recently John Morrison, and I am sure I am forgetting a few, some had more spotlight then others but none ever quite got to the dance

-Goldberg, Lesnar, Lashley, Batista, all came to the WWE.... all left WWE.... nuff said

-Ric Flair was giving the biggest farewell party in televised history for his retirement.... he showed up in TNA sometime later.... yeah....

-The Womens/Divas division will go in and hot. WWE has had their best share of both attractive and or wrestling talented ladies on their roster. Stacey Keibler, Brooke Adams, Maria, Ashley Massaro, Beth Phoenix, Tamina, Kharma, Natalya, Kelly Kelly, & the best in my view Mickie James & Trish Stratus

I could go on and on but I will do that in another post, more to come, more to come
Old 03-13-2012, 01:48 PM
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ShinobiMusashi is looking to come up from OCW...ShinobiMusashi is looking to come up from OCW...ShinobiMusashi is looking to come up from OCW...ShinobiMusashi is looking to come up from OCW...ShinobiMusashi is looking to come up from OCW...

I missed a lot in that time period as well. In the past few months that I've spent catching up, one of the best shows I've seen:

ECW One Night Stand 2005.

Even if you didn't/don't like ECW you will still probobly like it. It was pretty much just a throwback show to the Attitude era, and a really good one at that.

KB wrote a great review for it here that is at least worth a read to see what you missed. KB hates ECW, but he ranked the show just behind Wrestlemania X-7 as one of the greatest wrestling shows of all time if that gives you any idea of how good it was.

I first watched it a few weeks back, and could't believe my eyes, but I was always a pretty diehard ECW guy.

Don't waste your time with the 2006 show. Some of the most terrible booking I've ever seen.

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Old 03-13-2012, 05:04 PM
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A must see is Edgevs. Foley hardcore match at WM 22

And I would say the entire Edge/Cena feud starting with the first cashing in of Money in the Bank, going for over a year after. I know live sex show has already been mentioned but to me that was the best feud of the last 10 years and I can't stand Cena so take that for what it's worth.

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