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Old 07-17-2011, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by xxxdaniel_ariesxxx View Post
Here's why people say his Run wasn't booked properly;

Goldberg can't talk his way out of a wet paper sack, and his first feud was with one of the greatest talker the industry has ever seen. since the first match was also going to be the last match the feud had to be built on talking, which we've established that Goldberg cant do... STRIKE ONE

Goldberg can't put on a decent match to save his life and his main feud was with Triple H who, love him or hate him, can put on a hell of a match when he wants too and when he has someone who is competent to work with, which Goldberg wasn't... STRIKE TWO

The extent of his story telling ability is saying "WHO'S NEXT?" Goldberg was famous for beating a hand full of Jobbers about 10-15 times each, with a few "names" thrown in there to pad the list, and if the match went beyond two minutes he was lost. His longest "feud" in WCW during his famous "run" was with Chris Jericho and he wasn't even involved in it. Who's Next? Bill, why should I care about your current story and who your fighting at the show that I have to pay to see when you don't even care? Who's Next? how about whats going on right now, Bill... STRIKE THREE AND YOUR OUT!!!

Goldberg was hot for about 18 Months between 1997-1998. He fizzled out in early 1999 and NEVER can close to those levels again. By the time he debuted in WWE in 2003 he hadn't been seen in well over two years and wasn't even close to relevant anymore, much like when they brought the Ultimate Warrior back in 1996. his time was passed, he was a flash in the pan, a very bright flash that drew a lot of money for a while, but he was NEVER going to be on the same level as Hogan, Austin or Rock.
The reason that Goldberg's year in WWE was a failure was because it wasnt 1998 anymore... end of story
There was MORE good wrestlers in WCW and Goldberg faced a lot of them and he more than matched blow for blow with them. DDP was as much a great talent in the ring as HHH and he and Goldberg tear the house down! Kevin Nash had a great match with Goldberg at Starrcade in possibly the best big men match i've ever seen.

The difference was in the WWF you had to wrestle "WWF-style" wich is mainly kick and punch and every wrestlers have to wrestle the same. And it has to be pretty damn fast-past. Goldberg came from a company where it was more psychology-based(except the Cruiserweights), where you take your time in the ring to tell a story. And Goldberg's work was more like that. He would analyse his opponants like a Great White and then boom! he would strike. And then the match would continue, the opponant would think he had the upperhand and boom another strike by Goldy! It was in the goal to sell that invincible persona. And for that you have to be protected and in the WWF/E they don't bother with stuff like this. Because it has to be like a videogame, move quickly. One guy throw a punch, another throw a punch, then the other throw a punch. Hell if people think Goldy don't sell, well in the WWF/E every wrestlers don't sell.

As for the promo bit, we've seen a lot of legends not being great at promos and they made a lot of money. And a lot in the WWF too. Just look at Kane. He was the invincible monster for years and it worked.

Also Austin's run lasted from 97 to 99! I would call it a flash in the pan too. Rock had an even shorter run. And even then he wasn't as much on top as Austin was. Hogan had a great run in the 80s and his character was even more one dimensional than Goldberg. It was more successful because he had a promoter in Vince that was a good businessman(contrary to Bischoff in WCW) and grabed his opportunity when it was in front of him, didn't go ruin his company. Goldberg was the golden goose, booking him was like printing money and if WCW would have been as business-savy as the WWF, he would have had a non-stop dominance from 97 and on and WCW would still be here today.
Old 07-17-2011, 12:48 PM
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The run in WWE wasn't bad overall it just wasn't what many wanted it to be. Those of us who were WCW fans knew that he would not be used in the same way in WWE. it didn't come as a suprise that he was booked in a much different light then he had been. That was the problem. In WCW Goldberg was a monster. It wasn't until the shaddy booking that came toward the end that his character suffered.
WWE couldn't book him the same way because they already had several people in that role. The way he was presented was fine but it just didn't work for him because of his lack of ability. He was poor on the mic and limited in the ring. His matches needed to be quick and hard hitting. WWE used him like a traditionl face having to overcome the odds and win. That just didn't work for Goldberg. Plus, it was clear by the time he arrivied in WWE his head had exploded and he thought he was on the level of a Hogan or Flair something he never was and could never be. So yes the run was both bad and good depending on your point of view.
Old 07-17-2011, 01:12 PM
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WWE done absoluetly nothing wrong with Goldberg. WCW were dumb giving him a 175(or whatever it was) winning streak then having him job to Kevin Nash.

During his tenure with WWE, He got put over by The Rock, Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Randy Orton, Kane, Triple H, Brock Lesnar and more...

The reason Goldberg has always spoken negatively about his run in WWE is because they didn't give him a hundred wins in a row like WCW did.

At the end f the day, Goldberg has limited wrestling skills, no mic skills whatsoever. The guy always was an overated piece of shit, He couldn't lace Triple H's boots.
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Old 07-17-2011, 02:57 PM
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DeathClutch is looking to come up from OCW...DeathClutch is looking to come up from OCW...

It wasn't badly booked, if anything it was booked better than he deserved.
I'm a Goldberg fan as well, but the guy signed a ONE YEAR contract, he was giving a win over the Rock who was coming off two strong PPV matches, Goldberg pinned Jericho in what was featured as a grudge match, fair enough SummerSlam 2003 was messed up but that was HHH's injury but at the same time HHH SHOULD HAVE put Goldberg over, he didn't but Goldberg got a win over HHH at the Unforgiven PPV.
Goldberg was put in some smaller RAW feuds with Mark Henry & Batista whom at the time were not at the level in terms on main eventer as Goldberg but shit happens, Survivor Series rolls around and Goldberg pins HHH again, Goldberg is looking STRONG at this point. Armageddon Goldberg drops the belt to HHH in a triple threat, I've only seen the match once and it wasn't that great, Goldberg took time off went to Japan did his show over there, showed up at PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2003, announcing he'd love to fight, Goldberg returned before Rumble was meant to face Big Poppa Pump on RAW but Test was thrown in the mix Goldberg wins Rumble comes around and he's eliminated pretty quick after eliminating some guys (Angle eliminated Goldberg). Goldberg shows up on Smackdown to challenge Brock going as far to cost Brock his WWE championship at No way out followed by two of the biggest names in wrestling at WRESTLEMANIA 20 BROCK LESNAR VS GOLDBERG and people shit on the match but neither were staying in WWE and give the dulled match in mania history.

All in all Mania 20 hurt Goldberg more than Brock, sure Goldberg won but who gave a shit? neither sticked around and Brock went on to legit MMA and became champion quick, Goldberg done nothing of note worthy. Goldy wanted to be part of Mania 27 but why should WWE give Goldberg the joy of a nice payday when he couldn't even leave WWE first time around in a good way?

Goldberg's WWE run is BETTER than he deserved, he only ever put over HHH twice (minus house shows) no one else, had a World title run and faced the top guys.
Old 07-18-2011, 07:29 PM
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RicoLen is looking to come up from OCW...RicoLen is looking to come up from OCW...RicoLen is looking to come up from OCW...RicoLen is looking to come up from OCW...

Goldberg's run wasn't marred by bad booking. It was marred by bad experiences with the writing team who were GOING to book him poorly. He didn't like the sex angles that some of his booked opponents were a part of, and he didn't want lose to guys like them, because he said it marred his image to his younger fans. He never let those things come to fruition, he blocked them, but it was the booking that made him leave.

When you look at it on the surface yeah, the way things turned out, he looked pretty good, but that was because he put his foot down, and he didn't like having to do that, especially when he was getting backstage heat for not wanting to put someone else over. That missed the point and it was frustrating because no one seemed to really understand where he was coming from.

If you want to talk about bad booking though, how's this? In 1998 & 1999 the BIGGEST fantasy match you could come up with was Stone Cold vs Goldberg. Those two were even in the same ring together, but the match never took place.
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Old 07-19-2011, 03:42 AM
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Hollywood Naitch is being held back by Triple H...Hollywood Naitch is being held back by Triple H...Hollywood Naitch is being held back by Triple H...Hollywood Naitch is being held back by Triple H...Hollywood Naitch is being held back by Triple H...Hollywood Naitch is being held back by Triple H...Hollywood Naitch is being held back by Triple H...Hollywood Naitch is being held back by Triple H...Hollywood Naitch is being held back by Triple H...Hollywood Naitch is being held back by Triple H...Hollywood Naitch is being held back by Triple H...

Goldberg complains about his WWE run because he was not treated as the golden boy as he was in WCW, he wasn't allowed to absolutely squash everyone and look completely untouchable as he was in WCW and he was required to sell for large periods of matches, as all WWE wrestlers are expected to do.

He believes that his character was watered down in WWE and he wasn't allowed to be "Goldberg". Well, that was a neccesity, as why would WWE have booked him to have another 100+ match winning streak? They wouldn't because it had already been done and while the streak established Goldberg as a star, he was ALREADY star by the time he arrived in the 'E.

I don't really see how he could complain, as he was only there for a 12 month period with limited dates. He beat The Rock, one of the company's biggest names (albiet one who was leaving shortly) on his debut, went toe to toe with the WWE's premier faction in Evolution, and won the title while also looking dominant in pretty much every single match he had.

Personally I would like to have seen him keep the belt a bit longer, but Kane was on fire at the time of their match, and I would'nt have been against him beating Goldberg for the belt, he should have won that match not HHH.

Really, I think Goldberg had a very good year in WWE. Had he been there for 2 or 3 years then I think his character may have been handled slightly differently, perhaps he would have had a longer title run, and maybe ended up headlining WM. However, as it was well known he was leaving after that years WM, there is no way Vince would have invested more time and money in a talent who was on the way out, when there were better alternatives who were sticking around after the PPV. It wouldnt have made sense.

I would like to have seen Goldberg remain in the WWE, I always enjoyed his work but I still think he had a very good year in the company. I don't think he was that badly booked, as to be a major name in the WWE you need to know how to sell, and Goldberg didn't. Without that skill you are always going to limit what you can do, as not all your matches can be squashes.

Whenever Goldberg complains about his treatment in the 'E, I roll my eyes as I don't agree with him at all. He was there for 1 year and was immediately a big deal, consistently booked strongly and won the belt. If you are only there for a year thats all you can ask for.


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