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Old 06-21-2010, 05:11 PM
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Default Week of 6/14/10 - 6/20/10 (Weekend)


Xplosion will be on Spike now on Thursdays. That’s a good thing, but uh, if they want to do that, why not just make it a three hour Impact? It makes sense I guess, but it’s a bit much. Actually this makes it FOUR hours with Xplosion, Impact and then Reaction. Damn you think that’s enough?


Impact got a 1.0. This is HUGE considering this was against the final game of the NBA Finals.

Fatal Fourway 2010
Date: June 20, 2010
Location: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, New York
Commentators: Michael Cole, Matt Striker, Jerry Lawler

So we have the double main event here as we have eight guys in two world title matches. This has been an interesting build though as those two don’t have much as far as intrigue go, so they’ve built around them. Instead now it’s about the NXT Invasion and Kane’s quest. This is brilliant from a build perspective and the ratings have shown that. I’m looking forward to it, so let’s get to it.

And we start with Vince. Ok then. We go to a recap of the Bret/NXT car thing from Monday night which makes sense. I like how this is starting off. Bret is gone for awhile apparently. And that’s all there is to it I guess.

Intercontinental Title: Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston

Nice transition there with Vince being Drew’s big fan. Drew is very attractive. That is all. Actually it isn’t but you get the idea. Before Kofi comes out we see Vince getting into his car. Remember that. Drew calls out Teddy Long for no apparent reason. McIntyre says Teddy looks pathetic and that he wants Teddy to hand the IC Belt to him once he gets it back. Chimmel messes up the place Kofi is from, calling it West Ghana, Africa.

Kofi starts off by jumping him which doesn’t last long. I think I’m starting to get the issues people have with Drew’s offense. It just doesn’t look right for some reason. We hit the formula as Drew goes for the leg…and now the arm. Ok then. Alright he’s staying with the arm. That’s fine then. Striker says it compromises Kofi’s strategy, even though it doesn’t as Kofi mainly uses his legs. Drew hooks an armbar, which makes sense.

It’s a rest hold, but it’s not something generic like a chinlock so it’s far more acceptable. We get a DOOM reference of all things which is a team you NEVER hear about anymore. Well he’s not using the right limb but at least he’s sticking with it. Lawler and Striker have a weird relationship which is kind of funny actually. I’m never sure if they hate each other or not, which makes them far more interesting. Kofi goes for a sunset flip but his arm doesn’t work. NICE.

Drew kicks the arm and the psychology is working here. It’s not smart, but it’s consistent at least. Kofi gets a DDT out of NOWHERE with a flip in a nice counter and we’re back to even. It amazes me how 7 minutes of a beating is canceled by one move but that’s how it always works. We’re about ten minutes in here and you know the end is coming. That’s the big problem with WWE: the match formulas are rather predictable.

Kofi gets sent to the apron but Drew goes for a belly to back. Kofi falls on him for two and then gets his head taken off by a kick. Does EVERYONE use a big boot anymore? Future Shock doesn’t work and a tornado DDT gets two for Kofi. Solid match thus far. Kofi even sells the arm! Kofi does that running punch in the corner thing and gets a running powerbomb for his troubles. Nice one too.

The SOS gets two which is nice as it’s the same thing that he won the title with but it doesn’t work here. Kofi gets a headscissors but Drew shoves him off and into the referee. Enter Teddy Long I’m guessing. Future Shock hits and there’s no referee. Drew goes to get Teddy and rips the referee’s shirt off, telling Teddy to make the count. I can see it coming from here. Teddy goes to two and just stops dead, shaking his head at Drew.

The look of fear on his face is just priceless. So, Kofi hasn’t moved in about three minutes now. Is he like dead or something? Matt Hardy runs in and hits a BAD Twist of Fate to allow the Trouble in Paradise to hit. Teddy of course count the three. Ending really hurt it.

The Hart-Dynasty say they’ll make Bret proud. I see why they rarely let Kidd talk. He’s got some Benoit in him which is a good thing though.

Raw Women’s Title: Maryse vs. Alicia Fox vs. Gail Kim vs. Eve Torres

Eve is in blue again so I can’t complain at all. Everyone is in this at once which does little to get my hopes up on this. Yeah I don’t care at all about this. Everyone goes for submissions at once but everyone breaks them up to play up the whole fatal aspect of this. The ropes can’t be used for breaks apparently. I’d bet that’ll be compromised about a million times here. Eve hooks a camel clutch and Gail gets a Boston Crab on Alicia at the same time.

Maryse runs her mouth off and Alicia blasts her. Gail hits a dropkick which Striker of course calls a Jumping Bomb Angel Double Stomp. I hate him at times. Eve hits a very fast neckbreaker on Maryse and doesn’t cover, instead hitting a bad moonsault. And Alicia Fox wins the title by stealing the pin on Maryse. Oh dear.

Rey and Big Show waste our time. Rey is just annoying anymore.

And here’s Chris Jericho. Uh, ok? Jericho says that anyone under the age of 25 watches the WWE because of him and his hooking us to the company. He talks about how Barrett has been more important than he has lately. This is an interesting sounding promo as he talks about being an underdog. He talks for a LONG time and he wants a rematch with Bourne tonight. Jericho is almost coming off as looking for sympathy here. Almost.

Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne

You can never accuse Jericho of not helping the young guys. You can tell Bourne is excited and fired up to be here which is a very nice thing to see. It’s great to see the young guys being given a chance. Even if they botch it, they’ve got a chance. The fans cheer for Jericho as we’re in the smark capital of the world. Bourne hits a sweet dive off the top to the floor to take out Jericho.

Jericho hits a standard dropkick which isn’t something that he throws out most of the time. It’s nice to see things like that so I can’t help but smile. Jericho hooks a chinlock and you can feel an energy here which is nice. There’s a nice German suplex as Jericho is busting out a lot of stuff here. Jericho gets a great roll through of a something into the Walls and Bourne is in trouble. He makes the ropes of course but there was a chance that it could work there.

That’s something I haven’t felt in a very long time. Jericho throws him to the floor and he hits the table. FREAKING OW MAN. Back in, Bourne hits a double knee to the top of Jericho (call it his shoulders I guess) for two. He goes for Air Bourne but takes WAY too long. He lands on his feet but eats the Codebreaker. Foot on the ropes though as this is a VERY good match. Jericho just starts yelling at him to stay down and runs into a rollup for two.

Not really anything to sweat but a nice one. Air Bourne is blocked again and we go up. Jericho gets knocked down but Jericho gets up AGAIN and crotches Bourne. Sorry for all the play by play here but this is back and forth. Jericho goes down a THIRD time and Bourne hits the Shooting Star to the back and GETS THE CLEAN PIN. WOW.

We recap the Smackdown title match, which somehow is about Kane and Taker. Uh, sure. Well at least it’s going to tie in and I believe Kane said one of them was guilty and would pay tonight so there we go.

Smackdown World Title: Big Show vs. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger

Striker keeps calling him the Giant Big Show. Sure why not? Punk sends the SES to the back. Rey is still annoying. No way Swagger wins here, at least I don’t think. Everybody gangs up on Show to start and it doesn’t work at all. Oh look: Rey vs. Show. This has NEVER been done before. Nope not even close. So once they all try to beat him up, Rey takes him down on his own. Oh dear. They all gang up on Show and get him to the floor.

Lawler says would you ever believe you would see Punk and Rey working together. Cole: I can’t believe Punk and Rey are getting along!” I hate Cole sometimes. I truly do. It’s Rey vs. Swagger now as we’re doing the regular formula of one on one while two guys are down, which is understandable at least. Mysterio and Punk are both in yellow. Punk suplexes Rey as Swagger suplexes Punk. Nice spot there.

Gutwrench doesn’t work on Punk and neither does the 619 as Show is back. In a HILARIOUS botch, Cole says Show goes for Rey as he’s the smallest man in the match and that Show made no mistake there. Shame that it’s Punk and not Rey. GTS hits on Swagger in a surprising power move. And that’s Kane’s cue, complete with casket.

Kane goes for Punk and into the casket peasant! Gallows makes the save and Punk runs. Sure why not. 619 hits Swagger and the springboard splash wins him the world title. DAMN IT!

Ad for the MITB PPV. Not sure if I like that or not.

Cena says he’s ready for the NXT guys and that they’ll stand united against them if they show up.

US Title: Miz vs. R-Truth

Miz imitates Truth’s rap. This is kind of funny if nothing else. Truth controls early as you would expect I guess. That’s doesn’t last long so here we go. Miz dominates for awhile and then the referee has to stop things to check on Truth to see if he can continue which is part of the policy now too. Truth is hurt apparently as this is just a boring match. I think I get the point of the title change on Monday but I’m not entirely sure.

The whole thing is about his ribs hurting and I just cannot get into this at all. He hits a Downward Spiral and a suplex into a Stunner both for two. Yeah his ribs must be KILLING him. Truth misses a top rope cross body but gets a small package for two anyway. That was so stupid it made my head hurt. Miz reverses into a pinning combination for the retaining.

Edge wants to talk about psychology. Ok then. Cena is shaken because of all the other losses in fatal fourways tonight. Orton is shaken because of his shoulder. Sheamus is nervous because he’s not ready yet. Also Orton, Cena and Edge have main evented a dozen Wrestlemanias. I can think of I believe 5?

Hart Dynasty vs. Usos/Tamina

When did this stop being a tag title match? Whatever. The Usos have beaten Goldust and Mark Henry. Oh joy. The women start us off. The Usos are a nice idea as they’re Samoans that aren’t savages. You know, because Rikishi and Rock were SAVAGES. Jimmy Uso sounds like Jimmy Olsen. This is better than the previous match, but why not a tag? To be fair the girls can wrestle here so it’s harder to complain here.

Jimmy Snuka was pushed to the back allegedly. Uh, yeah. He was pushed to the back of HULK HOGAN. That’s not discrimination. That’s basic intelligence in booking. Tyson is playing Ricky Morton here Everything goes all clusterfuckish as Tyson hits a nice dive over the top. Oh and Natalya is in vs. Tamina. Tamina misses a top rope splash which Natalya was up before she jumped for but whatever. A discus lariat ends it for Natalya.

We recap the Raw world title match, which is again more about a different storyline, in this case the NXT Invasion, but they give more focus here to the challengers which is good. This works really well and makes you think anyone can win it, which is the right idea.

Raw World Title: Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Edge

Even on headphones Edge’s pyro is LOUD. After the big match intros, we hit the big brawl and everyone clears out. The fans do the dueling chants for Cena. The Raw guys are watching. Damn I’m kind of drained by this show for some reason. They’re kind of just going through the motions here with nothing of note happening, which is a problem with WWE stuff. Orton hits a double elevated DDT on Sheamus and Cena which got a huge pop.

Edge hits a big boot to take him down. See what I mean about the big boots? Damn Edge’s eyes are awesome. Orton does the mat slam for the RKO on Edge but Sheamus says not so fast ye tanned tattooed laddie. Cena fakes out Sheamus and it’s Cena vs. Edge. Wow I’m shocked! STFU on Edge and let’s see who makes the save. Cole: Edge has one chance: Orton or Sheamus making a save. WOW I can’t stand him at times. The pale dude saves it. RKO TO CENA!

You have to shout on those. Sheamus shoves the referee out though and it’s more or less back to even. Orton gets speared and Edge takes a Bicycle Kick to the….arm, but he goes down anyway. He’s a Celtic Criminal now. Ok then. In the back the NXT guys destroy the Raw guys watching the match. Cena sees it and here they come. The four guys in the match try to fight them off but the 7 are too much for them.

AND SHEAMUS STEALS THE PIN ON CENA! He bails through the crowd and everyone beats down Cena. Sheamus shows up on the ramp with the title and the NXT guys chase him off to end the show….at ten thirty. WOW.

Kofi Kingston b. Drew McIntyre – Trouble in Paradise
Alicia Fox b. Gail Kim, Maryse and Eve Torres – Covered Maryse after Eve’s moonsault
Evan Bourne b. Chris Jericho – Air Bourne
Rey Mysterio b. Jack Swagger, CM Punk and Big Show – Springboard Splash to Swagger
Hart Dynasty b. The Usos/Tamina – Discus Lariat to Tamina

Quick Results

The Miz b. R-Truth, John Morrison and Zach Ryder – Pinned R-Truth after Starship Pain
Evan Bourne b. Chris Jerich via DQ – Jericho refused to stop beating Bourne
Gail Kim/Eve Torres b. Maryse/Alicia Fox – Spinning neckbreaker to Alicia
Mark Feuerstein/Big Show b. Ted DiBiase/Virgil – Elbow drop to Virgil
Santino Marella b. William Regal – Rollup with Tights
John Cena/Randy Orton vs. Edge/Sheamus went to a no contest

Alex Riley b. Kaval – TKO
Kofi Kingston/Michael McGuillicutty b. Lucky Cannon/Mark Henry – Spinning neckbreaker to Cannon

Ink Inc. b. The Band – Mooregasm/Samoan Drop combination on Young
Samoa Joe b. Hernandez – T-Bone Suplex
Douglas Williams b. Max Buck – Tornado DDT
Lacey Von Erich b. Angelina Love – Love DDTed Lacey on a chair
Beer Money b. Team 3D – Rollup on D-Von
Jay Lethal b. Desmond Wolfe – Belly to Back Suplex into a Neckbreaker
Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss vs. Mr. Anderson went to a no contest – Triple Countout

Vance Archer/Curt Hawkins b. MVP/Christian – Elbow from the top rope to Christian
JTG b. Chavo Guerrero – Shout Out
Drew McIntyre b. Teddy Long – Foot on the chest
Dolph Ziggler b. Chris Masters - Sleeper
Rey Mysterio/Big Show b. Jack Swagger/CM Punk – Reversed Gutwrench Powerbomb into pin

Fatal Fourway
Kofi Kingston b. Drew McIntyre – Trouble in Paradise
Alicia Fox b. Gail Kim, Maryse and Eve Torres – Covered Maryse after Eve’s moonsault
Evan Bourne b. Chris Jericho – Air Bourne
Rey Mysterio b. Jack Swagger, CM Punk and Big Show – Springboard Splash to Swagger
Hart Dynasty b. The Usos/Tamina – Discus Lariat to Tamina
Sheamus b. Edge, Randy Orton and John Cena – Pinned Cena after NXT attack

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