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Recent events have brought a huge pet peeve of mine to light. When two idiots argue, and they both appeal to you to be a witness unto the bullshit of the other party.

A guy on Reddit, who thankfully has not been named (more on that later), posted a video to a pro-Trump page depicting the CNN logo on Vince McMahon's face during a clip of the Battle of the Billionaires.

Click for Spoiler:

Now, I would have never seen that gif if CNN hadn't put it on blast by posting a headline of "Donald Trump punches CNN in a juvenile tweet". So yeah, CNN was apparently searching high and low for vindication. Donald did catch some flack for retweeting the video, and as usual he ignored it and went on with being the President.

I'd like to point out that Chelsea Clinton posted this on Twitter as a reaction:

July 2, 1776: Continental Congress votes for independence
July 2, 2017: Trump auditions for @WWE

So.... apparently Chelsea Clinton thinks that WrestleMania 23 occurred last Sunday.

CNN apparently decided that what they should do next is track down the person who created the video. I can't think of a good reason for them to do that to be honest. It sucks to be ridiculed online and tormented with criticism from malcontents, but I really don't see that video as being as controversial as CNN made it out to be. It depicts violence against CNN, sort of. I acknowledge that Journalists have to deal with violence and harassment, but I think that CNN is wrong in their implication that the video encourages attacking or harassing its journalists. My impression was that Donald Trump was supposed to look like he was dominating a human representation of CNN in the midst of a pro-wrestling match, which for me doesn't translate to "attack a CNN journalist for thinking different".

CNN apparently contacted the individual, and coerced him into making an apology for making a silly video that slighted CNN. The apology can be read here. My impression; that was the most candid and thoughtful apology I've ever observed, so kudos to HanAssholeSolo for showing some professionalism. However; people understandably became suspicious regarding the sincerity of the apology as it came out that this heartfelt mea culpa may have happened because of arm twisting from CNN.

Last October CNN hired a guy named Andrew Kaczynski to bring his brand of investigative journalism to their offices. While Mr. Kaczynski does have an impressive resume for catching politicians and prominent public figures contradicting themselves or plagiarizing other published works, he gained his reputation while working for Buzzfeed which is well known as the least trusted news source in existence. I'm just saying, CNN should have probably reigned him in a bit during this idiotic meme saga.

Mr. Kaczynski apparently recognized the backlash, and chose to explain himself. His explanation can be read here. Of obvious note is that last line, "CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change". Umm, wow.

CNN has been understandably tap dancing around what was meant by that, their statement regarding that particular line of text can be read here. What ticks me off about that statement is that I think they're attempting to mislead us into believing that when they said that the individual "apologized and deleted his account before ever speaking with our reporter" that the individual just up and deleted his social media presence based on a sudden feeling of guilt. What they apparently meant was that the individual had deleted his account prior to a subsequent phone call to Mr. Kaczynski, which I believe occurred for the sole purpose of verifying that the memes had been deleted and that a sincere apology was written.

What I'd like to ask CNN -- even though I'm sure they would just resort to filibuster -- is: "What happens if this guy up and recants his apology?" My point is; we all have the right to be pieces of shit. We all have the right to release the names of those who offend us online, but I think that it would be really fucked up to do that to someone just for pasting the CNN logo on Vince McMahon's head. I realize that apparently HanAssholeSolo also posted images of CNN reporters with stars of King David around their heads, but he doesn't strike me as your run of the mill social media hate monger. My impression is that CNN did threaten him, that the apology is bullshit as a result, and that what CNN did is petty at best and completely fucked at worst.

It doesn't end there, unfortunately. Alex Jones and his band of mad raving dipshits at Infowars see this as an opportunity to be interesting for a day. Given that CNN didn't side with Alex Jones when he chose to demonize families of dead children, Infowars will pretty much jump on any stupid shit that vaguely mocks CNN. They've been featuring videos that have the CNN logo on characters who get owned in scenes from various movies where Donald Trump's head is pasted onto the heads of the characters who commit the ownage. If you want to look up the videos, feel free. I should warn you that most of them also feature Alex Jones cackling and belching out obnoxious laughter, and listening to that is part of what I'd define as a living hell. The obvious hope is that Donald Trump might tweet one of their vids, and that they'll get more attention than some obscure shmuck named enviousdominous ranting about it on the WrestleZone forum. Good luck with that Infowars.

I'd also like to point out, in spite of what EVERY fucking news media outlet has been reporting, a clothesline IS NOT A FUCKING BODY SLAM!
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