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Originally Posted by enviousdominous View Post
There's something in this world that bugs me to no end, and I keep meaning to vent about. Something that turns the greatest people in the world into assholes at best and homicidal maniacs at worst. This is more meant for me to explain (and perhaps relate) what I think is going through the minds of these individuals, and less meant to remind everyone of what they already know exists in this world.

Shitty drivers.

There's many avenues of that subject to go over, so once again I'll break it down.

How I drive (warning; much bragging in the spoiler):

Click for Spoiler:
I drive like someone who wants to live, which is coincidental as consciously I drive only so that I can get to a destination. I prefer to drive the speed limit, but I'm willing to go faster if the flow of traffic dictates that doing so would be wise. If there's a slower vehicle blocking traffic, that's fine. Life goes on, and I'm fine being a little late for something if it means getting there safely.

Driving isn't that complicated; I either go, stop, or turn. If someone breaks the rules and that inconveniences me, most of the time it's advisable to let them be on their way. Those times where I must intervene for the good of humanity, I pull over and report the unsafe driver to the local police or highway patrol. I acknowledge that my attitude toward someone else's driving doesn't give me the right to risk the lives of other drivers, and I don't know what that unsafe driver has in their vehicle to use as a weapon if they feel threatened by me.

I'm a highly defensive driver who, after 18 years of driving, hasn't been in a single accident.

There are many types of shitty drivers out there. I'll start with the most obvious type, when someone drives in an aggressive manner just to show off.

Click for Spoiler:
So I was at a red light, that was just about to turn green. This intersection is a bit unique. There's another lane to my right, but that lane ends immediately after one proceeds through the intersection causing any traffic in that lane to merge into my lane. I happened to see in my rear-view mirror a white truck -- driven by a "portly" white woman -- barreling down the lane to my right, so I chose to stay put while she rushed through the green light going 80 in a 45. The only thing that really bugged me was that she didn't give me a thank you wave.

I proceeded through the light, and eventually caught up to her as the -- now single lane -- road had traffic that was backed up behind someone who was going the speed limit. We had a solid double yellow line separating our lane and the oncoming lane, and sure enough that same woman in the truck chose to get into the oncoming lane and speed past twelve other cars. The road went over several hills (which any rational human being would have recognized as being blind spots) so I was able to see that fate decided not to put any oncoming traffic in the crazy person's way.

What I imagine was happening there was that often-times people will develop such a grandiose persona while driving, that they'll see other drivers as ants who aren't even worthy of their thanks when they're cooperative. The journey supersedes every other aspect of one's purpose for driving, and cooperation is something that little people do only so that they can be reminded of their uselessness. When you're out and about on foot, you're subject to the judgment of people who had chosen to use their valuable time to better themselves. When they're in their vehicle, they win every battle because -- for one -- their lack of empathy runs so deep that they don't even care if they or the other person gets hurt or killed and -- for two -- they can just move to a different district when bounty hunters start hearing about their unpaid speeding tickets.

So, there are these people out there who like to follow the rules. I applaud that, most of the time. Hell, I've been a part of many conversation circles where the bragging of our driving expertise and adherence to the rules of the road became damn near homoerotic at a certain point. But, if you react with rage to the notion that someone else isn't religiously obeying the rules of the road, that's still shitty driving and that's never justified.

Click for Spoiler:
Left lane blockers, Jesus H Christ I hate these pieces of shit. I've seen them in many ugly forms, but their purpose is always the same. They're upset that someone is driving faster than them, and they draw the conclusion that the other driver is attempting to measure dicks instead of attempting to make an appointment in time.

If lanes are blocked by people going the speed limit, I bear it and drive the speed limit. I don't ride their bumpers and flash my lights and scowl at them. However; I'll admit that I'm annoyed at how they choose to drive.

The most forgivable logic I've seen for this behavior is when someone prefers not to drive in a lane where there's a lot of other traffic. They'd rather be in the wide open fast lane, as opposed to driving the exact same speed in the slow lane with cars visible behind and/or in front of them. I personally feel that if being near other cars causes you to do something unsafe like block a lane of traffic just because there's fewer cars there, you probably shouldn't be driving.

Less forgivable logic, that I've publicly scolded friends of mine for admitting to possess, is that the faster drivers are "breaking the law" and that for their own sake they need to be made to drive slower. That type of vigilantism is pretty fucking stupid in that the left lane isn't solely for driving fast, it's for passing. If traffic is being blocked, then that means that emergency and police vehicles are also at the mercy of their fucked up driving etiquette.

Deliberately driving in a way to obstruct other drivers is a form of definite road rage that is exercised as a means of preventing imagined road rage. The assumption being that someone passes them only to belittle them for driving slower, therefore they have to teach them a lesson in the rules of the road by taking the law into their own hands.

Sometimes people do pass to be assholes, and sometimes they do so in an area where such driving is reckless. If I feel justified in doing so, I report them and go on about my day.

Then there's people who drive fast because they feel that driving is a video game that can only be won by driving like a complete ass.

Click for Spoiler:
Peddle control is something that I take very seriously. When I drive (lookout, more bragging) I pride myself on my ability to pick a speed and go only that speed. If I'm in someone's way, I get out of their way.

If I'm in a hurry on the freeway, I'll be in the fast lane going steadily at 15 miles an hour over the speed limit. I know, I know, shame on me. Now then; even at that excessive amount of speed, people often attempt to show me up by breaking the sound barrier. If I can anticipate them, I get out of their way so they can pass. At that point, now that they can no longer use me as an excuse if they're stopped by a police officer, they slow down. They slow down to a point where they're just pacing me while at my eight o'clock.

These people don't have anywhere to be, they just like driving fast and their logic dictates that if someone is in their lane they have to be riding their bumper. I could be going 50 miles an hour over the speed limit, and they would still try to drive faster than me if they're behind me, or they would drive my exact speed if I'm in the slow lane. Their driving is at the mercy of how I choose to drive, they'd probably lose their fucking minds if there was nobody else on the road to base their driving off of.

Finally; most of us want to be heroes. We want to be the subject of a "Good looking person stops bad driver" headline. If you witness a shitty driver, don't chase them.

Click for Spoiler:
YouTube is overflowing with videos of "INSANE ROAD RAGE CAUGHT ON CAMERA" which is really just videos that have been downloaded (stolen) from other YouTube pages and plastered with a bunch of eye catching graphics. A common trend in these videos is the idea of chasing down, and confronting people who committed acts while driving that were deemed as unsafe.

If someone forces someone else into a situation where they feel threatened, they have a right to defend yourself. It doesn't matter if the bad driver behaved like an ass, and they justifiably upset the other person. If someone reacts in a shitty way to a shitty driver, then they're on the same shitty level.

Most of us are aware, from personal experience doing so, that a lot of drivers travel with weapons. It's a smart thing to do given that emergency services can't always be expected to aid you in certain parts of the country. Therefore, it's not a good idea to confront someone as a means of getting them to admit their earlier driving faux pas.

The belief is apparently that when confronted, the individual will be so embarrassed that they'll apologize and swear never to drive unsafely ever again. Although, getting to the point where both parties can have a conversation with the potential for that outcome involves following the person to their destination. Most people don't want to lead aggressive strangers to places that they frequent.

If the driving of the shitty driver was so shitty that it melted your shitty scale, be a good citizen and report them.

To recap, I'm as annoyed with people who drive like maniacs as I am with people who think that an acceptable reaction is to drive like an even bigger maniac. In my wanderings through YouTube, I've seen comment sections devolve into six month long shit storms of hatred between people guilty of one or a combination of the driving sins I've mentioned above.

Driving involves employing one's better judgment and instincts to make split-second decisions, poor driving habits don't always reflect someone's personal style outside of their vehicle. We'll never cure humanity of its desire to impose its will over others by any means available (in this case, a mobile hunk of metal), but know that you're not alone if you're also annoyed by the types of shitty drivers I've described.
From what you wrote, I can feel you.

Here, it's even worse. Especially in my state. People don't care about dippers or indicators. They care about blowing horns without any reason. Noise Pollution isn't a thing for them. If they commit a mistake, they'll act as if they didn't and you are the defaulter instead of them.

I have dealt with multiple accidents. The worst was me on bed for almost 2 months. Standing on one leg. With a crutches in my hand. Feeling handicapped. Costing my family a bunch of money when we were already economically unstable. Almost going through a surgery if not for a couple of good doctors. Somewhat of hearing loss as well. Why? All because a father couldn't take care of her little daughter. I'm ashamed to even call him a father. If you're a parent and you can't take care of your children that too when you're near the road, I seriously doubt your parenting. And that little daughter of that careless father came in front of my scooter. Since my scooter was in medium speed, I did what I could. I still thank God for saving my life.

And what's worse was the timing. I was at the best phase of my life regarding academics and sports. It was running so smooth and then it happened. Plans were shattered. Mental difficulties that I faced and more importantly my family faced are what I can't even explain in words here.

So accidents are horrible. Physical wounds will be healed sooner or later. Mental wounds, Damn difficult. They crack you up. More than 3 years have gone. I still remember the time. The date. The accident. Whatever happened. Deep wound inside me which hasn't healed yet. I was afraid to even ride scooter after that. But I've fortunately curbed it.

So long story short, people need to learn driving/riding. If you don't learn it, you'll pay for it. And I guarantee you that you'll pay hard and huge. Also, children needn't be just given vehicles without any training by the parent himself or a professional.
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