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BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...

(Streak Match) (Pinfall or Submission only)
Finn Bálor vs. The Undertaker
- Finn goes right after Undertaker with punches and kicks and gets him in the corner and climbs the ropes and starts punching him off. Finn runs back up and starts punching him in the corner again and Taker pushes him off again. Finn runs back and gets a Big Boot
Taker then grabs Bálor by the back of the head and throws him out the ring. Bálor looks at Taker completely stunned before sliding back in the ring. Bálor starts kicking Taker in the mid-section before Taker grabs his foot and chops it down. Taker takes Bálor to the corner and hits Old Skool. Taker does the Rest In Peace throat slash and hits Finn with a Chokeslam and the lights starts blinking crimson red and black. And now Finn is back up in complete Demon mode as Taker looks freaked out. Taker runs at Finn and gets a Swingblade. Taker back up and Finn hits a Running Front Dropkick on him knocking him into the corner. Finn backs up in the other corner and Dropkicks Taker in the corner and goes for a second one but Taker grabs his leg and grab his neck and tries to Chokeslam him but Finn jumps down and counters with a Pele Kick. Finn hits Take with a Springboard DDT before going top rope with a COUP DE GRACE TO THE BACK OF THE SKULL OF THE DEADMAN!!! 1..2..NOOOO!! Finn gets even madder and goes outside of the ring and grabs a steel chair and FINN BÁLOR​ IS BEATING THE HELL OUT OF UNDERTAKER WITH THAT STEEL CHAIR!!! Finn sets Taker in the corner and puts the chair in front of his face and DROPKICKS THE CHAIR INTO THE FACE OF THE DEADMAN!! BÁLOR TAKES THE STEEL CHAIR AND STARTS ATTACKING THE BACK OF THE SKULL OF THE DEADMAN!!! 15 CRUSHING BLOWS TO THE BACK OF THE SKULL OF THE DEADMAN!!! TAKER'S SKULL IS BUSTED OPEN!! Finn pins him and Taker kicks out. Finn gets even madder and picks Taker up and Enziguri's him over the top ropes. Finn goes outside of the ropes. Finn goes for a Moonsault but Taker slides out of the way. This pisses Finn off even more. Finn tosses Taker into the steel steps. Finn grabs his trust bat from under the ring and BASHES IT INTO THE SKULL OF THE DEADMAN!!! Finn tosses Taker back in the ring and Taker struggles to sit up and Finn takes his bat and bashes his skull into Taker's head. Finn pins Taker again for a near fall. Undertaker is not going into the night easily. Finn sets up for an Inverted DDT but TAKER COUNTERS WITH A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!! 1..KICKOUT!!! NOT EVEN A TWO COUNT!!! Taker is stunned as Bálor mocks The Deadman and sits up and laughs in Taker's face. Taker tries to get up but FINN TAKES HIS LEG OUT FROM BEHIND WITH THAT BAT!!! FINN STARTS BEATING THE DEADMAN RUTHLESSLY IN THE SKULL WITH THAT BAT!!! TAKER'S OUT!! BÁLOR COUP DE GRACE TO THE BACK OF THE SKULL OF THE DEADMAN AND A SECOND ONE!!! AND 1..2..3!!!! THE STREAK IS OVER!!! THE WHOLE STADIUM GOES SILENT!!! EVERYBODY'S SHOCKED!!! 24-0 graphic on the tron shows. BUT FINN IS NOT DONE!!! FINN CONTINUES TO BEAT TAKER WITH THE BAT!! Finn pours lighter fluid on The Deadman. Finn lights a match and sets him on fire. Taker is on fire until the fire mysteriously stops. Final image is Taker not moving as the camera zooms up to end the segment. (GONG) The lights turns off and when they turn back on Takers hat, coat and and gloves are left in the center.

Winner: FINN BÁLOR!!!

After 24 years of being undefeated on the Grandest Stage..From WrestleMania and Rock Bottom...The Streak is over..Thank you Undertaker!

(Extreme Rules Promo)

Hulk Hogan music hits and he makes his way out and says we have broken the attendance record with 103,900 in attendance. Fans cheer as pyro explodes. Coming up next it's our main event and it's​ for the WCWF Championship. Let's yake you back to how this all got started

(Cena/Reigns Video Package)

Roman Reigns music hits and he gets one of the loudest pops of the night. Just behind AJ Styles and Sami Zayn. The lights goes out and some new music hits for John Cena. Cena makes his entrance and takes his jacket off. Mixed reaction for the 16x Champ. The bell sounds and...
(WCWF Title) John Cena vs. Roman Reigns- Cena and Reigns paces around each other as the fans chant (Let's Go Roman/ Let's Go Cena.) Cena and Reigns locks up and Reigns throws Cena to the ground and Cena looks shocked. Cena gets back up and the two locks up again and Cena twist Reigns arm behind his back and pushes him into the ropes and Reigns comes off with a Shoulderblock. Cena gets up and gets a Dropkick from Reigns. Cena gets out of the ring and Reigns flies out with a Vaulting Plancha. Reigns Hard Whips Cena into the barricade. Reigns runs at Cena with a Spear attempt and Cena counters with a HURRICANA OVER THE BARRICADE!!! The two takes the fight in the crowd and the ref is gonna give us some leeway. Cena starts punching Reigns through the crowd and Reigns fires back with a headbutt to Cena before SUPERMAN PUNCHING CENA BACK OVER THE BARRICADE!! The ref begins the count and Reigns throws Cena back in the ring. Reigns gets back in the ring and Elbow Drops Cena for a kick out at 2. Cena gets up and heads to the corner and Reigns smashes Cena in the corner and goes to do it again but Cena gets out of the way and Snap German Suplex's Reigns. Cena for the cover for only 2. Cena picks Reigns up and hits a Reverse Atomic Drop and Reigns falls into the ropes and Cena hits a Side Slam. Cena tells the fans they couldn't see him. Cena goes to the top rope and attempts a Superfly Splash but Reigns catches him and rolls through and hits him with a Fallaway Slam. Cena falls out of the ring. Reigns goes to the top and when Cena gets up he jumps off with a hard Missile Dropkick that sends Cena into the stairs by the announce table. Reigns runs for at Cena for a Spear attempt and gets put THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE WITH AN FU COUNTER FROM CENA!!! Fans begin a "Holy Shit" chant and a "This Is Awesome" chant. Cena lifts Reigns up and throws him back in the ring as the ref starts the count. Cena notices Reigns slowly getting up and hits a Throwback on Reigns for a near fall. Cena grabs Reigns and starts an attempt for 3 Amigos but by when he went for the third one Reigns blocked it and Suplexed Cena. Cena gets back up and gets a Empire Strikes Back (Razors Edge) from Roman Reigns for a nearfall. Reigns backs up and sets up for a Spear and Cena counters with the set up for an FU, but Reigns counter that with a DDT. Reigns backs up and Spears Cena for a nearfall. Roman Reigns puts Cena in a Crippler Crossface and Cena considers tapping but reaches the ropes to force a break. Roman Reigns Superman Punches Cena over the top rope. Roman picks Cena up and runs runs around the ring with him and 360 SPEAARRS HIM THROUGH THE BARRICADE!!! Both man are down as the ref begins the count and both slide back in the ring before the ref reaches 10 at the same time. Cena whips Reigns to the corner and Monkey Flips him. Cena hits a Springboard Crossbody on Reigns for a nearfall. Cena lifts Reigns up and gets dropped with a Half Nelson Neckbreaker. "OOOOOHHH-WAHHHH!!!" REIGNS WITH A SPEAARRR!!! Reigns backs up and A SECOND SPEARRR TO JOHN CENA!!!! Reigns backs up again AND A THIRD ONE!! 1..2..3!!!! ROMAN REIGNS WINS!!! ROMAN REIGNS IS THE NEW WCWF CHAMPION!!!!

Winner AND NEW WCWF Champion: Roman Reigns

Reigns celebrates with the title a long with the fans in the crowd. Reigns gets back in the ring and gets on the top turnbuckle and poses with the title as pyro explodes. "If YA SME-Ell..What The Rock..Is Cooking!!!" Rock makes his way out to a big pop from the crowd. Rock tells Roman he's proud of him and hugs him. Rock raises Reigns hand up as the fans cheer....ROCK WITH A ROCK BOTTOM TO ROMAN REIGNS OUT OF NOWHERE!!! THE ROCK JUST ROCK BOTTOM'd ROMAN REIGNS!!! Rock leaves down the ramp as the fans are stunned to end Rock Bottom III.
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