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TheMainEvent is looking to come up from OCW...TheMainEvent is looking to come up from OCW...TheMainEvent is looking to come up from OCW...
Default Who should be the new Smackdown GM? Should Raw get new GM as well?

With Daniel Bryan now back on the active roster I expect a new Smackdown GM to be announced following WrestleMania, so who should take that role?

My pick would be to move Kurt Angle over to Smackdown as GM. Him still being GM on RAW seems unlikely following the match with HHH/Stephanie and he has history with Shane that could work a fun dynamic. He was a big part of Smackdown and could have some fun interactions with a lot of the roster as well.

That leads to RAW needing a new GM and that’s harder to fill. They could get someone like Bischoff to return or freeze hell over and give it to Jeff Jarrett. Maybe a RAW legend like Jerry Lawler or JR could take on a more serious corporate role, or bring in someone like Taz or Edge. I’m honestly stuck on finding a perfect candidate for the Raw position though... everyone else’s thoughts.
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