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~Chapter 13: Unpredictability~

Another opportunity came. And then went while Yemrez failed to grab it. Another loss in a match where stakes were high. Yemrez was visibly upset about it.

However, it was not the end of the world for her. She wasn't gonna just sit and cry about the past failures. You don't ruin your present as well as future by over thinking about the past failures, do you? Yemrez won't. Before The Calling, she may have thought just about the negative outcomes she has suffered since joining WZCW. But after The Calling, she's a lot mature now. Introspecting herself. Contemplating where she failed to capture the victory. All thanks to Goddess Pikne.

Roulette Rounds are next. And getting a bit of advice from Goddess is always helpful. Yemrez recalled what Goddess Pikne said. Not the first time though. She had been thinking over Goddess' advice since many days. Goddess Pikne had advised her to face the defeat without any regret or shame. Surely, Yemrez lost. But, she actually won as well. Life is all about learning, no? And Yemrez learnt something even when she was defeated. Failures lead to learning. You may never learn while winning what losing will teach you.

Goddess Pikne had also encouraged to know her opponents more. Not just what they showed. But also what they hid. Everyone can see what's being shown. But who wants to see what's hidden? Something that's non-existent for most of the people. That's what Yemrez yearns to find out now.

Yemrez always took advises to her heart. After all, she's all about the heart. In this long journey, she was doubted a lot. Termed as generic. Termed as bland. Someone who doesn't have any character. Someone who's a choker much like her inspiration Eve Taylor. Someone who just shows off her love for her country. Someone who's ignorant about her body because of the abundance of the tattoos. Someone who fails more than anyone else.

But that's not the truth. That's just what seems as the truth. The truth was that she's nowhere near bland or generic. She has a strong character and it was pretty evident as well. But if someone deliberately wants to close eyes to the obvious truth, she can't do anything about that. She was told that wrestling isn't what she should do. And then she reached the semifinals of Gold Rush Tournament. She was told that weight lifting isn't what she should do. And then she won numerous medals and more importantly, so much respect all over the world while representing her country Estonia as proudly as someone could. She never showed off her love. You don't need to show off the truth, do you? Truth always comes out. No matter how much someone tries to hide the truth. And the truth is that she actually loves her country. Why would she represent it with her head held high in this huge world consisting of 7.5+ Billion people? Tattoos ain't any disrespect to her body. They are just some useful add-ons. She isn't ashamed of any tattoo. She is just proud of herself as well as her country.

She has been an inspirational human being to lots of people. Inspiration can do wonders. Inspiration is like what light is to darkness. Just like what Yemrez is to most of the WZCW wrestlers. Be it Justin Cooper, Titus Avison or anyone else. Their status or achievements can't over shadow the fact that they turned to darkness. And therefore, their success isn't based on their credentials. It's based on their manipulative skills. And WZCW isn't about manipulation. It's about wrestling skills. About determination. About will power. About Right against Wrong. Wrong may dominate initially, but Right always has the last laugh.

One could see the recent example of Vis Imperium getting demolished. Karma isn't partial. You can't buy it. All you can do is do right and Karma will do right to you. Justin Cooper was the one who threw Constantine out of Vis Imperium. And who defeated Justin Cooper now? Constantine. Karma, you know. It comes back full circle. Yemrez may be losing but she isn't stooping down. Just to get victories which are meaning less if you didn't earn them. Just imagine how great Justin Cooper would've been if he didn't betray his fans. But he isn't great.

Yemrez also lost to Constantine. Fair and square. Justin also lost to Constantine. Fair and square. What's the difference? Constantine was 100% while facing Yemrez. Constantine was broken while facing Justin. So, basically, Yemrez couldn't defeat Constantine when he was at his best. And Constantine defeated Justin Cooper while being in worst condition. That's the big difference. Yemrez has nothing to be ashamed of. Justin? Well. Everything.

The former World Champion is just a big example of why someone should never embrace darkness. At least, Yemrez won't.

Roulette Rounds. Unpredictability. Nothing new if you actually understand life, no? Life is unpredictable as well. You don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow. Just like Rouette Rounds.
Yemrez doesn't know who she will face. No one knows except God. Life is a helluva roller coaster ride. Ups and downs. Yemrez could face Constantine for World Heavyweight Championship. Or anyone else. Uncertain foes. Uncertain allies. Anything could happen. So, why worry about something that isn't your hands. Some things are for sure though. Yemrez won't give up. Yemrez won't back down from a fight. Yemrez won't stoop down just for winning. Yemrez won't embrace darkness. Yemrez won't quit. Yemrez will give her best. Yemrez will try the hardest to win. Yemrez will be fair and square. Yemrez will be determined. And Yemrez will win because she can.