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Stumbling through the hallways, his vision blurred, in a total haze as Justin Cooper pushed backstage workers to the side, his speech slurred, and his footing slowly slipping away. His own weight barely supported as he crashed into a nearby wall, his face pressed against it and a smear of blood staining the otherwise white surface.

Can we get some help over here? We need a trainer for Justin Cooper, he has lost too much blood,” shouted one among the masses that has gathered to see the fallen champion.


They gathered to laugh and stand triumphant over him, after all these months they would finally have their day. That was what Justin saw as he looked up from the ground, the blood soaking into his eyes causing a burning sensation, his body had betrayed him in battle – he was alone.

No! Keep your trainer. I do not want help from any of you,” spat Justin, pushing himself off the ground and standing on wobbly legs.

You need help. Look at the state of you. You’ve can barely walk, Justin.

It was another from the group that surrounded him, this one stepped forward and grabbed his arm to aid his travels. Justin refused, shoving the man to the ground and turning on him, spitting words like a venomous snake who is corned.

I said, no! That lot of you can go to hell. You pretend to give me aid when in reality I see it in your eyes. This is nothing but a jest at my expense, and one that you have been waiting over a year to take part in. I am no joke,” Justin yelled, turning towards the larger group as the man he pushed to the ground scurried away.

Once again, Justin could feel his body pulling him to the ground. He refused, not now he thought, showing his determination to not appear weak in front of those he believed wished him to appear so.

I am the greatest wrestler in the world. Show me the respect I have earned and get out of my fucking way! Move,” Justin cried out, the crowd parting thereafter and none made eye contact with the man as he walked through.


His right leg limped behind, slowing his pace down as he fought a war within himself to remaining standing on his way to the locker-room. The end of the hallway was his goal, his body taunting him, blood drying upon his face, his long-time injured knee began to burn once more, and his vision moved as a single wave.

Keep going… don’t you fucking fall… almost there,” he whispered to himself through gritted teeth, battling pain unlike anything he had ever sustained.

Justin reached the locker-room, it was private, specifically for Vis Imperium and on this occasion, it was empty. That was perfect. Justin had no desire to sit with his so-called teammates, they had disrespected him in public, the cameras rolling and the world had no doubt seen it. The thought of Vis Imperium made his stomach turn, a bunch of hacks who had been carried on his back for months.


In the corner of the room stood a monitor, it displayed the entrances of the main event – Vis Imperium’s fate would be decided while Justin Cooper sat in their locker-room. He took no part in the match, he didn’t care either way and his mind was far from the tales of Vis Imperium and Mr. Banks. While he showered, Justin rubbed his shoulders, bruises already appearing, his back marked with cuts, his face sliced on the forehead, the water pouring into it like salt. Justin found it hard to drink, opening his mouth allowing the water to enter but when he went to swallow, the water kicked back up, his body fighting him again.

After showering and removing his wrestling gear, Justin sat on a stool and prepared to leave. His things were gathered, placed in a gym bag and the match continued. It was then that Justin heard a knock at the door, his head turned from packing his bag and looked toward the door.

Is my car ready?” Justin said, he picked up the bag and wrapped the sling over his shoulder, standing up and making his way toward the door.

Hello, it’s Leon Kensworth. Justin, I’m wondering if I can have a quick word about what happened tonight?

The former World Champion, the thought irked him greatly, stood stagnant for a moment. His face crinkled in a mix of anger and pain, his hands shaking, the cut on his forehead oozing puss now. Then, Justin stepped toward the door and opened it, finding Leon on the other side with an anxious look about him.

Oh, are you leaving already?” Leon asked, his anxiousness replaced by confusion.

My match is done. Why would I hang around?” Justin said, refusing to look at Leon. “This company has taken enough from me tonight. Surely they can spare me a few extra minutes to lick my wounds in peace without being hounded by pestering reporters?

I thought you’d wait to see the result of the main event. It’s happening right now,” Leon said.

I know. Do you think me a fool, Leon? Are you hear to laugh as everyone else has as I walked to the locker-room? It’s funny,” Justin answered, finally looking at Leon.

I survived Hell in a Cell, a structure so dangerous that only a handful of people have ever competed in it, I do so against a man who is in the WZCW Hall of Fame and yet people like you take this opportunity to laugh at my shortcomings. Well, go on! Have your laugh, Leon! Take in your moment to live in the failure of my night because I promise, I fucking vow on my life that this will not happen ever again!

Kensworth stood in stunned silence as Justin wobbled, the passion he showed taking whatever strength he had remaining out of him, falling against the wall and sliding down to the ground.

Oh my god. I should get help,” stuttered Leon, he tried to leave but Justin grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him back.

I will not give them the privilege of seeing me in this state more than once. You will do no such thing, Leon. I might be weak now but soon, I will be healed and when I am, if you were to seek medical attention and shame me to those fools, I’d take it as a personal insult and have to return with an appropriate act of… aggression. Do you understand?” Justin said, his voice soft and faint as he eyelids fluttered up and down.

You are not well, Justin. Hell in a Cell takes more than its fair share from every competitor who steps inside it. You need to see the trainer, we can get you an ambulance and you’ll be taken care of at the hospital.

Justin spat on the ground next to him, his fingers feeling his stomach… it was absent gold. He missed the feeling already. The cold touch of the leather on his skin, the weight of the title around his waist and the feeling of his name etched in gold upon the name plate – it felt so soothing beneath the touch of his fingertips.

I will not go the hospital. I have a car coming. Help me stand, Leon.

Leon hesitated for a moment but the sight of Justin in pain on the cold cement floor was enough to drive Leon into action. After a few moments of struggle, Justin stood with his back against the wall and they began to walk towards the parking lot. As they walked, every few steps Justin would lean on Leon, bracing himself for a fall that never came.


I believe you had questions, Leon. Ask away,” Justin said, the sound of nearby workers muttering under their breath was magnified. He knew they were talking about him, laughing – they all were.

Why are you leaving before the main event is finished? Do you not care about the fate of Vis Imperium? You are the leader, Justin.

I haven’t cared about the group for a long time, Leon. They were a means to an end. It was about me. Vis Imperium lost its way when the focus switched to Mr. Banks and his bullshit with Ty. I had the World Championship, the most powerful position in professional wrestling, and instead of focusing our assets on securing that forever, Banks wanted to play puppet master with Ty.

Mark and Xander were pulled into it. They got so caught up in this war between Vis Imperium and WZCW that they lost sight of the bigger picture. The success of Vis Imperium was never going to be about if Banks was in control or if Ty was still in the company. The future was secured so long as I held the World Championship. I was the key, they all failed to realise it. The history books will tell you that Vis Imperium died when Ty Burna and Titus defeated Mark Keaton and Xander LeBelle, but it died the moment I lost the World Championship to Constantine.

They reached the edge of the parking lot, Justin leaned against a metal barricade and waited for his car. He couldn’t see it, so he continued to humour Leon and his questions.

You have no faith in them winning?

Justin laughed, it hurt and caused him to clutch his ribs.

Without me? As I said, Vis Imperium died before any of those four men stepped into the ring,” Justin confirmed, his tone harsh and his eyes defiant.


It’s the first time since February that you aren’t WZCW World Heavyweight Champion. What’s it feel like, Justin?

There was a long pause for this one. The thought had entered Justin’s head multiple times, he pushed it back whenever it appeared but now it had drilled in, poisoning him from within.

I don’t know,” Justin responded, it was all he could muster.

In his own mind, Justin was more alone now than he ever had been. The World Title had been his identity for the entire year. He was the main event, the top guy, he defied expectations but on this night, the night he fell, he had once again done what the world expected – he was supposed to fall to Constantine.

Each time he won, defending the title, he felt a rush unlike anything he had experienced before. Justin Cooper was the man who was never going to be anything. A seven year veteran who had played around the mid-card, until he shocked the world. A fluke they said, so he did it again. Beginner’s luck, so he did it again. Repeatedly, Justin Cooper reigned over the competition, legends fell, myths were debunked and even super saiyans were left without hope. Yet, Justin had been passed over for the Hall of Fame in favour of Constantine, he was often regulated to segments other than the opener in favour of Titus Avison. His reign while great would be overshadowed by the reign of a man that Justin had idolised and defeated.

Was it all for nothing?” Justin muttered, he stood up and screamed, falling to his knees.


What is it? Are you hurt?” Leon asked, he was completely out of his depth in the madness of the man.

I have fought through the best this company has to offer, Leon. I had answered every challenge put to me and now they laugh. I’ll give them something to laugh at, Leon! I’ll have them laughing when I tear this whole fucking company down to get my title back! I don’t care who I have to go through, I want my damn rematch! Do you fuckers hear me?” Justin screamed into the night, the parking lot echoing his voice.


Justin, it’s just you and I here. Nobody is laughing at you,” Leon said, trying to calm him down.

They’ll hear, Leon. Let ‘em fucking hear me now. You think I’m done? You’ll need to fucking kill me, boys! We’ve got the roulette rounds coming up, ask me about them? Come on Leon, ask me about the roulette rounds – it doesn’t matter how the wheel spins because whoever walks out with the World Title, I got next!

Justin staggered to his feet, looking at Leon with wild eyes, approaching him and tapping the side of his head.


They’ve been waiting for me to fall, Leon. I’m down right now but soon I shall rise… up I will go and back to the top of the mountain like a phoenix rising into the night’s sky. I will be the moon after a long day, putting out the flames of John Constantine and replacing it with the freezing night air. I’ve seen it in their eyes, Leon. They were waiting for me to lose, everyone in the locker-room… I saw it.

Justin…” Leon said, taking a few steps back.

Justin turned, shouting up into the sky wildly.

Keep laughing! I hear you, keep laughing while you can. I will take back the World Title, it belongs to me. It’s is me! I need it. I need it. I… need… it. What am I without it. I will get it back, yes. Yes… I will. They are jealous, it’s in their eyes… jealous of me. I deserve it. I’m the greatest. Leon! They will see. You will see! You and your eyes… your eyes.” Justin said, as he stepped closer to Leon.


Thank you for your time, Justin.” Leon said, turning and making his way for the door.

You have the look, Leon! I see jealously in your eyes! DO NOT LAUGH AT ME, LEON! I will get the World Title back. Do you all hear me? At the roulette rounds I will spin that wheel and then I’ll be laughing, I’ll be laughing when I get my title back. Yes, we’ll all laugh. Not at me. No, never at me. I'll be laughing at them. Yes, at them.

The car for Justin pulled up, he remained frozen and let it pass on by. Slowly, Justin sat on the ground, his back against the wall of the parking lot and clutched his gym bag close. The sound of laughter echoing in his head… and yet nobody else could hear it.


Please, don’t laugh at me.

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