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Harrys: The following contest is the Champion vs. Champion Match, scheduled for one fall!

Ricky comes out to a large outburst of boos as he raises his championship belt high in the air and makes his way down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and does his usual run around the ring. He looks around with a smile on his face as he looks set for action against Everest.

Harrys: Introducing first, representing the rWo from Tortuga, weighing in at 260 pounds, he is the True World Heavyweight Champion, Steamboat Ricky!

Well Ricky looks fired up for his first match since the Lethal Lottery. He was handpicked by Everest as his opponent here.

Cohen: Something tells me that this isnít the only thing Everest handpicked for tonight!

Orange laser lights shoot back and forth across the blank big screen that then flashes the words ďAre you Ready to GoĒ. The arena goes dark for a few seconds until the lights return with the World Heavyweight Champion standing in middle of the stage. He makes his way to the ring rather hastily but has his eyes set on Ricky.

Harrys: His opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 205 pounds, he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Everest!

Cohen: The champion is set and focused. You can see he wants to his this match!

Copeland: Wonder what he must be thinking right now

Everest slides in under the ropes and then climbs up the nearest turnbuckle to show off the belt to crowd in a series of camera flashes. He climbs down and faces Ricky who has his belt on him, taunting it, say ďIím the Real Champion!Ē The ref eventually takes both belts off of each champion and hands it over to the timekeeper before signalling to get the match underway. The two men stand in each otherís face, not saying a thing, with Everest giving a stern look while Ricky has a weird smile going. Ricky then goes for a fist but Everest blocks and starts getting a few rights in before Ricky gets his own series in. Ricky then irish whips Everest only for the champion to hit a neckbreaker. He gets Ricky up and does an irish whip on him but Ricky reverses on the return with knee strike.

Both men stand tall again as they have so far matched each other on offence, they grapple up in the middle of the ring, with both men locking for position. Ricky shoves then Everest shoves followed by a headlock, Ricky reverses looking for the belly to belly, but Everest counters by getting behind going for a german suplex but Ricky uses the ropes to bounce him off of it. Everest rolls backwards and goes for a run but Ricky tries a back elbow with Everest ducking and leaping in the air for a spinning heel kick, but only gets air.

Copeland: If I were asked, who is the true World Champion right now, I canít say!

Well itís Ricky, his is the one with that official title!

Everest goes for another attack, but Ricky lifts him, going for a pumphandle slam but Everest gets out of it and connects with a Russian leg sweep, taking down his foe to the mat. He gets Ricky up onto his feet again but Ricky then goes for a bite and the ref starts his count to five, with Ricky breaking off at four. Everest checks his face to see if heís bleeding at all but appears fine, but Ricky suddenly hits a school boy and goes for a quick cover 1Ö..2Ö kickout by Everest.

Everest gets up again and tells Ricky to come at him, so he does so and Everest tries for The Rock Slide, but Ricky elbows out of it, Ricky then kicks Everest in the abs, looking for the Blunderbass, but Everest shoves Ricky away. On his return heís met with an enziguri and he thinks for a moment on how to get one on Ricky. He gets up and takes Ricky to the corner, he shoves him into it and starts with some rights, suddenly Ricky blocks one and has Everest on his shoulders, going for the Deck Swabber, but Everest counters with a hurricanrana and then grabs Ricky from behind to go for the Mountain Climber but Ricky jumps off his feet and hits a counter on Everest.

Copeland: These men know each too well, itís a scary sight!

Cohen: Got that right Seabass, I canít see either of them quitting now while both are ahead

Everest and Ricky slowly stir off the mat before Everest says ďScrew it!Ē He rolls out of the ring and grabs his World Title belt from the timekeeper and starts walking past the ring as Ricky leans through the ropes to grab him, but Everest just stares and then whacks him with gold and the ref signals for the immediate disqualification as the crowd boos with Everest heading up the ramp. He continues up as the FHD come through the crowd to tend to Ricky with Everest just staring back.

Harrys: The winner of this match as a result of a disqualification, Steamboat Ricky!

Copeland: What a poor sense of bad form by Everest. I hope he doesnít pull this against Titus at Kingdom Come!

Cohen: Big deal Seabass, Titus is the one that has to beat Everest, not the other way around! Everest is keeping himself fresh to countdown the days to Kingdom Come!

Copeland: But given he chose Ricky for his opponent, you think he would go all the way with it!

Cohen: Championís prerogative!

Everest continues up the ramp and poses with his World Title belt, proclaiming this is his as Ricky and his fellow rWo members stand there watching on as Meltdown goes off the air.