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Originally Posted by ShinChan View Post
Since you were smart enough to ignore many things, I'll try to be smart like you.

What I wanted to convey with that WCW comment was that no company/promotion has perfect product. Just like no man is perfect. Well except Tye Dillinger. The thing is that every era or promotion has its weaknesses or problems. Currently, it isn't any different either. There are problems but there are very good things as well.

Also, I amn't a crybaby defending the product. I thought that we could discuss without petty insults being thrown. No? Well, that's your decision to insult or not. I won't.

Women stole the show at Wrestlemania because the show wasn't good? Right but regardless of overall quality of the PPV, the match was very good. It would've been good even if the whole PPV was a classic.

Also, you say that you rarely watch now but how do you know that the product is poor? Without actually watching, you're judging it? It's like I said that WCW was horrible without watching it. You can't judge accurately without seeing it yourself.

Also, I can understand why you feel that old is gold. That earlier times were better in terms of wrestling. But that doesn't make the current product poor by any measure.
I 'ignored' much of what you said because either a) it was a good point and you were right or b) it was a poor point, but not one of your poorest points.

I have no clue who Tye Dillinger is. Is he related to Doug Dillinger?

Yeah it was a great women's match. It was a shitty Wrestlemania. I'm not here to slag women. I'm here being realistic about women's wrestling. I slag the men 20 times as hard as I slag the women.

I watch the product right around the time of the Royal Rumble and I annually lose interest right after Wrestlemania. There are many Raws and Smackdowns that I will fall asleep watching during this period. I mostly PVR these shows. I watch the product when it's at its peak and that's how I know.

As for your 'old is gold' comment, I ignored that point last time because you're generalizing. it isn't really true when it comes to what has happened to WWE over the past decade. I do love the past, sure, we all do..but there was a time when I loved present day wrestling without it feeling forcefed. I mean, I could go back and watch old Raws and Smackdowns from 2009 and still be bored out of my tree. Same with WCW. It sucked in 2000. That year in history still sucks now.