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TakeTheSting is looking to come up from OCW...TakeTheSting is looking to come up from OCW...

I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with nxt right now they’ve just been hit by major blows from all sides and need to recover. The buildup of Drew McIntyre as the face of the brand then losing him that quick is s major loss. Then you lose Asuka. Quite possibly the greatest woman wrestler to come to wwe in a long time, maybe ever. You just can’t replace her. I do like Billy Kay and Peyton Royce they’re really Improving and one of them more then likely will hold the gold. The main event scene is on life support because nxt has gave me no reason whatsoever to care about the current champ. I’m still willing to give him a chance but he has to Really start showing something. Aleister Black Lars Sullivan and Adam Cole will eventually help the main event get better. The tag team division hasn’t lost a step. I think NXT will rebound it will just take a few months.

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