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To me, the Flair 30 for 30 reinforced that the only success he's ever had has been in a scripted world. In the real world, Richard Fliehr is basically an abject failure. Alcoholic? Check. Deadbeat father? Check. Broke and horrible with money? Check. It also left me with a few questions:

1) Was the Hogan interview conducted immediately after the Gawker verdict or something? He seemed so........human. I'd love to know how heavily edited his stuff was.

2) Why was, of all people, Shawn Michaels criticizing Ric Flair for living a life of excess? Hypocrisy humors me more than most things and that stuff had me laughing.

3) What's Charlotte thinking? She seems to have a good head on her shoulders and seems to realize that she grew up in a by dysfunctional family. Yet, she's only 31 but has already been divorced twice. Not surprisingly, both marriages were to wrestlers, one of whom beat her, and she's working in the same profession that contributed to her brother's death.

4) Is no one else talking about the fact that HHH allowed someone who pissed dirty to be re-tested and told him in advance that he'd be tested again? That seems a tad bit unprofessional for an executive who way too often clearly gets caught up in being a fan.

5) Why did that documentary try to paint Flair as an outlier in terms of a wrestler from the 80s and 90s who struggled with substance abuse, alcoholism, and horrible parenting? Anyone who pays a small amount of attention to what happened to many of those guys knows Flair was a lot closer to the norm, though most don't have the 9 lives he clearly has.
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