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TootsieBear is looking to come up from OCW...TootsieBear is looking to come up from OCW...TootsieBear is looking to come up from OCW...TootsieBear is looking to come up from OCW...

I have a number of books by famous pro-wrestlers. As mentioned above both Chris Jericho and Mick Foley's books are awesome. Jericho is the better writer of the two.

Bret Hart's book was okay. I got tired of his self righteous character in the book. While I enjoyed reading the backstage stories, it felt like Bret was trying to promote him as the victim for a lot different issues in his life.

Terry Funk's book amazingly reminds me of Foley's. I loved his down to earth and stories he told throughout the book. The only problem is that it goes all over the PLACE! Like please pace yourself guys.

Dutch Mantel, best known as Zeb Coulter in the WWE, second book is awesome. I haven't read his first book, however his second book is awesome. The stories of wrestlers like Scott Hall debuting in wrestling, The Iron Sheik having a little fun in a bar, and many other wild stories.

Bob Holly's book is different from the others mentioned above. Each chapter discusses a different subject in his life-feuds, relationships, etc-which have shaped him as the person today. Very down to earth, in your face kind of book.

Freddie Blassie book is awesome. Great wrestler and manager, who shows that even though he can be seen as a terrible bad guy, has a even bigger heart.

Edge, like Jericho, book was awesome. The only problem is that some chapters are very short. I do love both Edge and Jericho's cheesy sense of humor.

Both the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin have okay books. Nothing memorable if just want to learn more about their backgrounds and cool stories.