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Originally Posted by Mr. Eko View Post
He absolutely is not.
Absolutely? It's an opinion, not a fact, so absolutely seems a bit much.

And that is easily one of the most absurd statements I have ever heard in my entire life. I'm actually stunned right now that someone would actually have a notion as foolish as that.

How is the strong style easier to work than the American style? Are you shitting me? It takes a FAR worse physical toll on the performers and FAR more is required physically and in the ring from the wrestlers than those in the United States. How many times do you see HBK getting a Burner Hammer onto a concrete floor? Oh, that's right, never. How many hour long matches has HBK wrestled in his career? Two? Three? As compared to main event matches in Japan routinely going up to and sometimes over an hour in length? This is the easier style than HBK going out to the ring to do his routine of moves (atomic drop, body slam, elbow drop, sweet chin music, repeat) and lay around for about 20 minutes?

I'm literally baffled by that statement.
I explained it later on in the post.

If the performer is willing to take the physical punishment as these Japanese workers are, how exactly is that a problem? Further more how is that any different from taking a bump, such as the dozens and dozens HBK has taken through tables and off of ladders? In both cases you're physically hurting yourself, and as JR so eloquently likes to put it, "you can't teach someone how to fall".
I didn't say it was bad to be stiff. It can be enjoyable to watch. But it's undeniably easier to do. How can you argue that? Making it look like you're hitting a guy very hard is easier when you're actually hitting him very hard. Regarding bumps, that's a different matter, because, as you said, you can't teach someone to fall. It's going to hurt one way or the other.

Kobashi is simply better in every aspect in the ring though. He's a far better seller than HBK is, he has a reportoire of high-impact power and submission moves that are unlike most that HBK has ever had to deal with on a routine basis in the United States, and absolutely no one in wrestling history can tell the story inside the ring of the underdog rising up to victory like Kobashi can, no one.
I disagree. Kobashi is a better seller/has better psychology, but i think Shawn is the better bumper. Regarding the storytelling, he did tell the one story very well (the underdog rising to victory), but that was pretty much his only story! He wasn't really telling any other stories. He was great at that one, but that's it. Shawn may not have told any particular story as well, but he told a wider variety of stories pretty well.

I am again simply baffled by your explanation for why you think Shawn is a better worker than Kobashi. You have a vastly different definition to a great worker than the overwhelming majority of people do.
I guess so. Maybe I'm looking at it more from a worker perspective, as opposed to a pure fan perspective, where the main concern is whether it looks real, and that's it. To me, as I said, the true art is performing without hurting your opponent, and the puro style isn't about that as much. To me, it's easier to look like you're hitting someone when you're actually hitting them, rather then looking like you're hitting someone while they barely feel you're touch.