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The below sentence is a lie
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vampirek is looking to come up from OCW...vampirek is looking to come up from OCW...vampirek is looking to come up from OCW...

Originally Posted by mrbooker View Post
The facts are you need the old timers in their because people 20 and older grew up on hte monday night wars and ECW, ans especially with older wrestling fans guys like your hogan, flair, sting thats going to get attention from older watchers who might check it out and in the process see an AJ styles or a Ken Anderson. The problem with bringing guys back like daniel, amazing red etc.... is because TNA doesnt have a strong base to begin with who is the best in TNA without argument??? TNA is building their main angle for bound for glory they cant focus on mid card matches/feuds which is exactly where daniels would be right now if he was on air every week.
What the hell are you on about? People don't tune in to see the old timers (this is reflected in the ratings alone). You say about people who grew up with the Attitude Era, lets get this straight they cared more about the younger guys than the has been repeating storyline after storyline. So to say they are now tuning in to see the has beens repeating storylines is far off the mark.
Now on to the rest of the silly post. I bet a large amount of the audience knows how Ken Anderson/Kennedy is and as for AJ, he has a huge following and much larger than what you think it is.
As for building their main angle and can't focus on the midcard. What the hell, a wrestling company should never rely on its main event. Ever. It needs a strong midcard, its where WWE have been going wrong for many years now. The midcard builds the future, the future feuds and so on. Its very valuable to a company and by doing so a company can establish their own wrestlers, with a career in the company behind them rather than filling the roster full of guys people are sick to death of seeing.