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First lets start with Jeff Jarret, I believe he holds grudges with VKM for the reason he never got anywhere in wwe. So he came up with TNA a wrestling show where there stars are wwe dropouts or werent good enough to compete on a raw main event. Why does TNA keep picking up wwe nobodies??? its almost like TNAs wrestler qualifications standards are "the wrestler wasnt good enough" WWE build stars in 3-6 months look at brock lesner was wwe champ 6 months and to be a wwe champ is big it means you are a "draw" though i stand corrected BY MY OWN SELF I can't really say shaemus is a draw but back to my point WWE builds stars in no time CM PUNK, JACK SWAGGER, WADE BARRET, and so on how long has aj styles been in TNA? and can not cut a promo and look like he gets his haircuts in gaybash california. TNA is dwelling on the same stars for years or picks up wwe cuts. HELL TNA is too southern probably prais that confederate shit in the locker rooms. BRING in some new guys stop with the whole samoa joe, chris sabin, sting, abys im so tired of these guys. WWE wassmart they brought in Alberto Del Rio who does tna bring? Orlando jordan hes as tough as a play girl model. tho i did enjoy the whole FN show TNA does not bring that type of quality everyweek. think about tho they got low ratings they were still praised and can put on the best show in history does not mean they will get the rating its all in "CONSISTENCY"

yea and these old stars are dilusional its a new day and new age WWE does not rely on old stars unless they can keep up with the younger guys like undertaker, the rock,jericho KANE, HELL i think wwe went the TNA route bringing Bret Hart Back. but in all fairness they build stars MIZ is on fire while Styles is..................... GAY not sayin he cant wrestle but damn i hate his promos.

one more thing I cant stand sting, nash, eric young, foley and all the has beens/ never were like steven richards