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SCSA vs The Rock from late 1997-2003 is the best rivlary I've ever seen. It's really flawless no matter how you look at it since it had several great matches, the build up to those matches was tremendous and it really made you anticipate and look forward to the match itself. There's a perfect blend of entertainment, intensity and hatred between the two. I'm also a fan of rivalries that extend over the years like this one did.

Here's a brief description for each time they feuded:

- Their whole interaction in late 1997 over the IC title. Austin was over big at the time and above working the midcard at this time but this feud helped The Rock establish further as a heel. I remember the match at DX: IYH; it was far from a classic but had some cool spots involving the N.O.D members and the truck. Later, Austin handing over the IC title to The Rock only to stun him and throw the belt into the river the next week. They were also the final two at the Rumble in 1998 and it was clear they were going to cross paths again.

- Their next feud came during the period The Rock was the corporate champ heading into WM 15. Austin was over big in this time period and Rock was over too, people were still cheering for him despite being a heel and it was obvious they were the top two in the company at the time. Austin crashing the scene with the beer truck, cutting a great promo and giving the beer bath on the RAW before WM 15 is one of my favorite moments. They had a solid match at WM and continued to feud until Backlash. There was a funny segment with Rock throwing Austin's smoking skull belt into the river along with Austin himself while Austin crushed The Rock's limo the next week. This was a heated rivalry that blended entertainment with a high level of intensity and aggression between the two. Their match at Backlash was great but that resulted the end of the feud since Rock turned face the next night.

- Their next feud from the night after No Way Out to WM 17 is the best one since it featured the best build up as well as the best match between the two and it's no surprise why WM 17 had such a HIGH domestic buyrate. This match is a classic, the build is a classic and the end result is a shocking swerve with the heel turn. There's a great, serious interview with the two conducted by JR, some heated segments and they really sold the feud well. They didn't really feud for the rest of the year but they did lock horns at Rebellion, had that singing segment before 2001 SvS and were the final two in the winner take all (WCW/WWF) match.

- Their last feud is based on Rock having never beaten SCSA at WM and has some entertaining segments like The Rock's first ever concert. The match is great despite Austin being in poor condition and The Rock's over the top antics make the match much more entertaining and certainly a classic. It was a fitting end to a great rivalry.