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varan619 is looking to come up from OCW...

1. Heyman already indicated on Raw that when RVD beats Cena at ONS that he will rechristen the belt as the ECW title.

2. Edge knows he is the #1 contender and gets a shot at Vengeance.

Edge won't want the title to be in ECW. He'd likely rather Cena keep it to protect his shot so I think he will interfere at ONS and cost RVD the match.

Sure, Jim Ross says, Edge's shot at Vengeance is against whoever the champion is, but if RVD really does rechristen the belt, then what happens to the WWE title and why would RVD defend the ECW title at Vengeance? Too many questions. Edge goes for the sure thing.

If you've never seen this, check out Cena's WWE debut. No gimmick. No five knuckle shuffle. No FU or STFU.