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Harrys: The following contest is set for one fall and is an Open Challenge!

Harrys: Introducing first from Sydney, Australia weighing 210 pounds, representing Vis Imperium; the reigning WZCW World Heavyweight Champion… Justin Cooper!

Bright lights flash across the screen, the arena bursting with colour and slowly it begins to drain out like a hole has been punched through the bubble. Standing on the stage, amongst a sea of colour swirling underneath him, large serpents battling, fangs piercing the flesh, is Justin Cooper. Wrapped around his waist is his most prized possession, the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. The battle beneath his feet comes to an end, a single viper slithers forward, Justin drops to his knees and raises his arms to the boos of the crowd. They hate him but their reaction means nothing to him as Justin smiles. The viper coiled around him now, Justin whispers to it and orders it forward, he follows soon after and makes his way to the ring.

Copeland: He has put together one of the most impressive runs in professional wrestling history ever since returning a few nights after Kingdom Come 7. Justin Cooper, a man who once struggled to find a place to call his own while on the undercard of WZCW events, now resides at the top of the very industry he had so much hatred towards the last time he quit.

Cohen: The three-time defending World Champion, Seabass! The man who dethroned Mikey Stormrage, the man who drove Garth Black out of this business and the man who overcame the most powerful finishing move in WZCW, the Mussel Bomb, at Gold Rush. He has almost done it all in his career. He has held all but a single championship in WZCW, he has won the Lethal Lottery and main evented Kingdom Come. Tonight, we should be celebrating his greatness!

Connor: It’s important to remember that tonight even Justin Cooper has no idea who his opponent is going to be. We have heard all week that he wasn’t exactly thrilled with being put on this show after his hard-fought match against Flex Mussel. It’ll be interesting to see what physical state the World Champion is in.

Once inside, Justin forgoes climbing the turnbuckle as he usually does and instead heads over to the referee. A few words are exchanged, the referee exits the ring and proceeds to hand Justin a microphone. The crowd offer some boos as Cooper, still dressed in his robe and with the title belt still around his waist, paces back and forth.

Cooper: Steamboat Ricky and Big Will… you people worship those two like a bunch of sheep! Those two, people who probably didn’t even know the Tag Championships were retired but yet they get the spotlight tonight. We base this entire show around so called ‘legends’ like them while I’m standing to the side like some extra!

A flicker of rage comes over Cooper’s face as he continues pacing.

Cooper: I am no extra! I am the greatest wrestler alive today and even the dead ones can’t lace my boots. I am the ace of WZCW! I beat the best and yet you idiots make excuses not to give me what I deserve. The Hall of Fame fills itself with people who haven’t won half of what I have and yet I’m still looking in from the other side.

A loud “Cooper Sucks” chant goes up from the crowd and Justin looks infuriated, nearly pulling his hair out.

Cooper: You know what? I hope you people enjoyed Ricky versus Will because you are not getting to see me compete tonight. No, you sheep don’t deserve to see me wrestle. I will not wrestle until I get the respect that I deserve!

With a solid thud, the microphone hits the canvas and Justin Cooper steps through the ropes to the outside of the ring. The referee rushes over to him and tries to talk him out of leaving but Cooper shoves him to the ground and continues walking up the ramp.

Connor: He can’t just walk out can he? These people paid good money to be here tonight. They came to celebrate ten years of this company and the World Champion is showing total disrespect to the amazing fans of WZCW. This cannot be allowed to stand. What example does this set for everyone else and the kids watching? Walk out, ditch your responsibility if you don’t get everything the way you want it? Grow up, Justin!

Cohen: You’re such a hater, CC! Justin Cooper has been treated very poorly by these fans and the Board of Directors who unfairly removed him from the Hall of Fame after Mr. Banks inducted him. It’s utterly disgusting the way the fans have treated Justin Cooper. He is the very best wrestler in the world because he holds the World Championship and none of them have appreciated all he has done for this company.

Copeland: All he has done? Vis Imperium have cheated their way of victories multiple times. They’ve damn near started a WZCW Civil War in recent months and you think we should be thanking Justin for that? Justin has gotten exactly what he deserves from the audience since he turned his back on them first.

The crowd continue to boo as Justin is about halfway up the ramp when suddenly the lights in the arena go out. It’s pitch back and nothing is seen or heard. Without warning, the titantron lights up with a graphic. The light from the big screen allows us to see that Justin has stopped dead in his tracks halfway up the entrance ramp and has a confused look on his face.

Cohen: What the hell is going on, Seabass?

Copeland: Look at the big screen, Jack!

Cohen: Who the hell is it? Who dares challenge the greatest wrestler in the world?

The lights in the arena come back on and the graphic disappears from the titantron. It now shows a shot of Justin Cooper, standing halfway up the entrance ramp, his hand clenched into a fist. He pauses for a moment, nothing happens, and then proceeds to continue walking up the ramp. He yells back at some fans who taunt him until...

Click for Spoiler:

Connor: Can it be? We haven't seen him in years!

Cohen: This can't be happening, Seabass! That's the man who five years ago answered an open challenge held by Justin Cooper and stole the Mayhem Championship! History cannot be repeating itself here tonight.

Copeland: Ace Stevens is back, ladies and gentlemen. The three time Mayhem Champion, the man who, as my partner said, previously did this exact same thing five years ago at Lethal Lottery! Ace Stevens has returned to WZCW to challenge Justin Cooper!

The roar from the crowd nearly blows the roof of the arena. Justin Cooper looks like he has seen a ghost as Ace Stevens stepped out onto the stage to answer the open challenge! The entire arena is standing as Ace adjusts his jacket and reveals a microphone from his back pocket.

Stevens: Did you miss me?

Big cheer from the crowd as Ace slowly steps down the entrance ramp, his eyes locked on Justin Cooper. The World Champion takes a step backwards for every step that Ace takes towards him and he can’t believe what he is seeing before his very eyes.

Stevens: I couldn’t help but overhear something you said, Justin. You’re the ace of WZCW? No, I think you’ll find that there is only one ace and it’s Ace freaking Stevens… and I’m back, baby!

Cooper shouts ‘no’ and a huge grin comes over the face of Ace.

Stevens: And when I say I’m back… I mean full-time! This isn’t a one off. I’m back and just like I did five years ago, I’m going to kick your ass.

The crowd are going wild as Ace throws down the microphone and charges towards the ring.

Copeland: Ace Stevens has returned no just for a one-off but he is back full-time on the WZCW roster. Huge news and what a moment for these fans here tonight.

Cohen: He doesn’t stand a chance against the World Champion, Seabass! Don’t go getting any ideas.

Connor: Ace versus Cooper, the fight is on!

Cooper swings a wild punch but Ace ducks and drops him with a jab to the jaw. The fans are cheering loudly as Ace rips off the rainbow robe from the World Champion, along with the title, and throws them to the side before tossing Justin into the ring. Ace flicks his hair, high fiving a young fan at ringside and then slides underneath the bottom rope, entering the ring as the referee signals for the bell before Cooper can flee.

*Ding Ding Ding*

Right away, Ace slugs away at the World Champion with hard right jabs. One, two, three, it seems like a dozen shots and Cooper seems to have no answer for them. Ace stops for a second and raises his right palm high in the air and spits at it for one more big shot, with stink on it, for Ol' Glory. The shot is of such impact that Cooper shuffles over the ropes and to the floor startled. Ace pumps himself up in the ring, rallying the crowd behind him as Cooper stall at ringside. Ace dares him to get back in the ring and Justin yells at him to back away. Ace sits on the ropes, opening them and inviting Cooper but he just yells more. Referee Jurou Akiyama orders Cooper to re-enter but he doesn't.

Connor: Cooper seems psyched out. He doesn't seem to want to get in the ring with Ace. Why is he so afraid after all the great things he's done, Jack?

Cohen: Don't patronize me, Cat. The World Champion was unprepared and attacked prematurely. When he regains his composure, he'll get right to work and prove why he's The Champ.

Cooper goes around ringside, trying sheepishly to re-enter the ring. He gets on the apron and with referee Jurou Akiyama between them, he demands Stevens scurry away as he finally gets in. Cooper stretches and shadow boxes, claiming to be getting ready while Ace looks on skeptically. Finally, Cooper seems ready. They go for a Collan And Elbow Tie Up, but Cooper feints and just walks past Ace as the crowd boos and the returning star looks on smugly. They measure each other up a second time and attempt the Tie Up again, but Cooper once again just passes by, wagging his finger at the crowd and laughing. Ace just looks frustrated now and Cooper says he's serious this time. They attempt it a third time. A Collar and Elbow Tie Up. But this time, it's Ace who feints and struts past Cooper. Not pleased with that showcase of arrogance, Cooper hits his opponent in the back of the neck. Just a plain, clubbing blow. He starts hammering away at the 3 time Mayhem Champion, commanding his respect and stomps on him, eventually forcing the referee to pull him away.

Cohen: That's what happens when you disrespect the Champion like that. Ace had it coming.

Copeland: Maybe the Champion can start taking things seriously now, because the crowd is getting restless.

Cooper goes right back on the attack, hitting European Uppercut after Uppercut, almost as if he snapped at Ace's small act of arrogance. The hypocrisy completely escaping him as he won't let up. He pins Ace to the corner, blow after blow and that once again forces the referee to interject. Cooper still has the sense of mind to back away, arms in the air, acknowledging Jurou Akiyama, but for the one, single second he turns away to look at the official, Ace fires back with Knife Edge Chops. One after the other, they light up the chest of the World Champion as Ace pins him on the corner. He changes his offense to kicks, rapidly kicking Cooper in the corner like a government mule. Akiyama tries to interject, but before he can, Ace takes Cooper out of the corner and throws him to the center of the ring with a Butterfly Suplex. Ace goes for the cover, 1......2- But barely gets a 2 count as Cooper brushes him off, angry. Ace doesn't give him time to pout though, as he whips him across the ring to the corner and on to the turnbuckle. Ace charges at Cooper who moves out of the way, and tosses the returning rival shoulder first against the post.

It seems Cooper found the opening he needed to slow Stevens down. He's been playing defense for most of this match. This seems to be the first hit to make a dent.

Stevens collapses by the corner as Coopers confidence rises. A smirk appears on his face as he pulls his opponent towards him. He goes straight for a Ripcord, but Stevens ducks, avoiding the Remix and hitting a Facebreaker. A knee driven right against the Champions face, knocking him down and Ace goes for the cover. 1........ 2.....- But only gets a 2 count out of it. Not letting up, Ace sneaks a pair of shots to the head but is forced to back off by Akiyama. Cooper rolls out of the ring again, but Ace knows what's up and goes after him. As Cooper paces through ringside, thinking he's safe, he's surprised by more Knife Edge Chops. The crowd chants "Woo!" with each blow for some bizarre reason. Cooper seemingly tries to get away as the referee administers the 10 count. 1........... 2............ 3............... He reaches the entrance aisle with Stevens in hot pursuit but that's where the trap is sprung as Cooper catches one of the Chops and surprises Stevens with a Devillock DDT on the rampway, being driven head first onto the cold, steel, ramp with a thunderous sound emitting as fans gasp.

Connor: Ace Stevens may have just returned and left in the same match after that blow! What a horrible echo off his own head!

Cohen: You do what it takes to win. Justin lured him in and caught him in his trap.

Copeland: The count continues! We may see another countout win here tonight!

4................. Justin slides into the ring with a sly smirk on his face and nods off at Akiyama to continue his count as he rests on the ropes, looking away from his opponent.................... 5! ............................6! Stevens seems to be out of it but as the count goes on, he starts to come back to life. .......................7!! He drags himself from the ramp to ringside and staggers to his knees. ..................8!! He gets back up and gingerly makes his way to the apron. ................9!! But he collapses!!!

Connor: This is it!

But with a mere second to spare, Ace springs to life and slides under the ropes, breaking the count! The crowd cheers and Justin looks on exasperated and frustrated. Ace is totally out of it and Justin knows it. He stomps on him a couple of times and pulls him to his feet, he sets him up for the Crucifix Powerbomb, but Ace gets out of it. But sadly, he crumbles upon landing. Justin laughs at his opponent and grabs him again, but its a trap! Ace rolls him up with a Small Package! 1.......... 2.............. 3- NO!! Justin manages to kick out! Ace feels his second wind coming as he raises, motivated and angry. He kicks Justin in the legs, the ribs, even the hips repeatedly. He then snaps him to the canvas with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Justin gets up but Ace follows that up with a Scoop Slam, dashing across the ropes afterward and stopping to slick his hair and hitting an Elbow Drop, and he covers. 1.......... 2........... 3-But no, the Champion still kicks out. Ace stops, exhaustion setting in and preventing him from following up. Cooper is already recovering as he stands on one knee. Ace once again runs the ropes for momentum, but momentum catches up to him as he's raised up high by The Champ with a big time Flapjack, Justin applies the Half Crab off that and cranks on the leg.

Cohen: You thought Ace had the psychological advantage on the Champ, but I told you. All Cooper needed to do was to catch his breath and prepare. It's over now.

Cooper cranks on the hold as Ace struggles to reach the ropes. He seems just about to but Cooper pulls him to the center of the ring. All hope seems lost and Ace seems about to tap, but he bites his hand and drags himself with Cooper on him, across the ring. He seems just about to reach the ropes, but Cooper once again, drags him to the center and bends the most he can. All seems lost again for Stevens as he seems unable to escape. But instead of dragging himself again, he instead tries to roll over. He manages to position his back on the canvas and gets out of the hold, ricocheting Cooper off the ropes. Not wasting time, he stands up and hits the Punchline!!! A Rolling Elbow!! Cooper collapses into a heap, but the momentum of the exchange lets him fall outside of the ring! Ace can't believe it!

Copeland: That was Ace's big move but Justin Cooper manages to slink away, almost by pure luck, it seems.

Cohen: Luck? Not luck. Intelligence. Ring savvy.

Ace is about to go after the World Champion outside, but fearing his safety, Jurou Akiyama prevents Ace from going outside. Ace backs off frustrated. As that happens, Xander LeBelle rushes down the aisle and gets on the apron. He stares down Stevens who takes a swing, but LeBelle gets down. Jurou see's LeBelle and turns away from Cooper, scolding LeBelle for being here and orders him to leave ringside. But as that happens, Andrew Adonis appears in the crowd. He quickly jumps the barricade and takes the World title. Ace goes to approach Cooper, but as he does, Cooper recieves the World title and surprises Ace with a shot to the head with the belt behind the referee's back. Ace falls to the canvas and Cooper rolls in for the cover as LeBelle and Adonis celebrate. 1.......... 2.......... 3!

Here is your winner, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Justin Cooper!!

It's a damn shame. Justin Cooper had to resort to that to defeat a former rival of his. Distraction and using a foreign object.

Cohen: Did Ace have to go after Cooper? It's his own fault for not heeding the referee's orders. And besides, that's not a foreign object. It's the World title. And it belongs to Justin Cooper.

Copeland: Well, regardless, it's another win for Cooper against a game Ace Stevens on his return.

Cooper is raised by his two associates on the outside as Jurou Akiyama checks on Ace Stevens. Vis Imperium celebrate up the rampway as the crowd boo's.

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