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Harrys: The following contest is a tag team match and is scheduled for one fall!

Frank Mortlock makes his way out to cheers from the crowd, appreciating the return of the detective to WZCW. He walks down the ramp, removing his coat and hat and hanging them up on a ring post before entering the ring, throwing a few shadow punches.

Harrys: Introducing first, from Gloom Springs, Frank Mortlock!

Copeland: It's been some time since we've seen Detective Mortlock here in WZCW, tonight he pairs up in an unlikely tag team.

Cohen: Frankly I'm surprised he was able to deduce a way to get here Seabass.

The crowd pops loudly as the good Doctor Alhazred makes his way out from the back, his fist held high in the air with the Power Glove showing off in all it's glory. He walks briskly down the ramp, soaking in the response before sliding into the ring, holding the Power Glove up high once more.

Harrys: And his tag team partner, from His Hidden Underground Laboratory, Dr. Alhazred!

Connor: The former tag team champion Dr. Alhazred certainly hasn't been forgotten by these fans.

Cohen: Alhazred is someone missed by these morons because he's an agent of chaos. Mr. Banks has done a great job keeping order round these parts now.

The fans cheer loudly as the first Gold Rush winner rushes out to the right part of the stage, lifting his fist up in in the air as the Dirty One Gordito gets the crowd fired up. He plays to the crowd before heading down the entrance ramp, slapping hands before sliding into the ring and climbing a turnbuckle, beating his chest with both arms before lifting his fists up, yelling out once more.

Harrys: And their opponents, first, from San Francisco, California, he is the Dirty One, Gordito!

Copeland: Gordito was the very first Gold Rush winner in WZCW history, and went on to face none other than the now Tyrone Blades for the world title. He's been a fan favorite ever since.

Cohen: He came up short though Seabass, so why are we celebrating him again?

The crowd roars as the one of the greatest Tag Team Champions makes his way out. As Saboteur stands at the top of the entrance stage, he motions for the crowd to make more noise before spinning around and pointing towards the ring. He makes his way down the ramp, stopping to take photos with fans and those that aren't even asking him for one. He slides in the ring and climbs a turnbuckle, withdrawing his katanas and forming an X in front of him.

Harrys: And his tag team partner, from Union City, New Jersey, being accompanied by Action Saxtion...Saboteur!

Connor: Saboteur is a celebrated former Tag Team alongside Action Saxton, tonight he teams with Gordito, but there's no doubt he'll be showing off his Tag Team expertise.

Cohen: I still contend Saboteur was robbed in Hell in a Cell a few years ago. He should have been World Champion.

Saboteur turns and points to the titantron as Action Saxton appears. He runs down the ramp, through the ring, out the ring and into the crowd. It seems like he has spotted Latin Music star Ricky Martin and will take his fight with him off camera.

Referee Elizabeth Prince calls for the bell to start the match as Gordito and Saboteur play rock paper scissors to start. Gordito wins which doesn't amuse Saboteur but he exits to the apron as Mortlock looks to start for his team. Gordito looks to lockup but Mortlock takes on an old style boxing stance. he throws a quick right cross but Gordito catches him and whips him into the ropes. He looks for a hip toss but Mortlock stiffens, hitting Gordito with a shot to the stomach but Gordito retaliates with a stiff backhand chop. The crowd cheers for the shot as Mortlock grimaces holding his chest as Gordito delivers another one, forcing Mortlock into the corner. He ducks under the ropes as Prince forces Gordito back, eliciting boos from the crowd. Gordito backs up and motions for Mortlock to face him in the center. Mortlock shakes his head and walks over to his corner, tagging in Alhazred who enters the ring. Saboteur meanwhile yells for Gordito to tag him in, while jumping up and down on the apron. Gordito looks back at Saboteur before nodding his head, tagging in the resident assassin. Saboteur cracks his knuckles as Alhazred pulls the Power Glove tighter on his hand. Suddenly Alhazred goes for Level 5! But Saboteur catches him and tries to tear the Power Glove off! Alhazred retreats quickly, clutching his glove tightly to his chest.

Copeland: A uh, very interesting start to this contest. Alhazred went for the Level 5 right away, but it appears Saboteur is more interested in taking the Power Glove from him.

Cohen: Can you blame him? That glove has knocked out many opponents, who knows what someone like Saboteur would do with it.

Saboteur points at the glove, motioning he wants it but Mortlock suddenly tags himself back into the match to booing from the crowd. Saboteur looks disappointed but doesn't have time to dwell on it as Mortlock grabs him and delivers an uppercut. Saboteur stumbles back from the attack, but Mortlock quickly whips him across into the ropes. He goes for a clothesline but Saboteur ducks under. He ducks under a second clothesline attempt and bounces off the ropes again. He baseball slides under an attempted third clothesline, pulling Mortlock's legs out from underneath him in the process. He quickly begins delivering punches to the face, but Mortlock covers up and Prince warns Saboteur before starting the five count. Saboteur waits until four and gets to his feet, before letting Mortlock get up. He hits a European Uppercut but Mortlock suddenly delivers a stiff jab followed by a cross! Saboteur is knocked to the mat from the stiff punches, as Mortlock goes for the cover, 1..........2....Saboteur kicks out! Alhazred holds his hand out, looking for the tag which Mortlock obliges. Mortlock lifts Saboteur up before dropping him down with an over the shoulder arm drag followed up by a fist drop by Alhazred. Alhazred quickly with the lateral press, 1.........2.....Saboteur kicks out again. Alhazred lifts Saboteur up and punches him square in the stomach, forcing him down to one knee. He bounces off the ropes and connects with a running neckbreaker, Saboteur looking worse for wear suddenly. Alhazred pulls him to his feet, not giving the former tag team champion a chance to breathe as he goes for a back suplex, but Saboteur counters with a standing shiranui! Saboteur slams the back of Alhazred's head to the mat as both are down. They begin crawling to their respective corners, Alhazred getting to Mortlock first, but Saboteur makes the tag to Gordito! Gordito comes in fired up as he delivers a dropkick to Mortlock before clotheslining Alhazred to the outside. Gordito ducks under as Saboteur comes flying over him and the top rope and connecting with Super Saboteur on the outside! The crowd pops loudly with cheers of holy shit as Gordito looks on impressed.

Connor: Saboteur has not missed a step since leaving WZCW it seems. That Super Saboteur lariat was a thing of beauty!

Cohen: What a leap though Cat! He cleared Gordito and the top rope in one jump and connected hard with Alhazred on the outside.

Suddenly Mortlock grabs Gordito from behind and delivers an Inverted Atomic Drop followed by a legsweep! Gordito goes down as Mortlock now begins delivering mounted punches, the crowd booing at the detective as Gordito now tries to cover up. He lifts Gordito up and whips him into the corner and follows up with a running elbow shot. Gordito drops to the mat and Mortlock begins choking him with his foot. Saboteur meanwhile tries to get back in the ring but Alhazred grabs a hold of him and connects with a Rising Dragon Fist! Saboteur is knocked into next week as Alhazred has a sick smile on his face as he gets to his feet, staring down at Saboteur. Meanwhile Prince was up to four before Mortlock stopped the blatant choke. He pulls Gordito up and whips him into the ropes, off the rebound Mortlock delivers a head scissors takedown, dropping Gordito on his head. Mortlock quickly tags Alhazred back in, who climbs up to the middle turnbuckle, and comes off with a diving elbow drop, connecting right across the head of Gordito. Alhazred is back to his feet, swinging his arms before delivering a pendulum elbow to the throat. Gordito begins coughing as he holds his throat, Alhazred slowly stalking his prey.

Copeland: And just like that Alhazred and Mortlock have taken control of this match. Saboteur is still slowly recovering on the outside from the Rising Dragon Fist of Alhazred, and Mortlock has gotten Gordito down.

Cohen: Alhazred seems to be focusing his offense on the head of Gordito. One good Level 5 should knock the Dirty One out for good tonight!

Alhazred lifts Gordito up, while Saboteur on the outside slowly begins crawling around to the other side of the ring. Alhazred delivers a stiff right punch with the Power Glove before running to the ropes. He comes from behind and delivers a one handed bulldog, dropping Gordito down hard. He goes for the cover, 1............2......Gordito kicks out! Alhazred tags Mortlock in who gets in the ring and begins delivering the Prison Stomps. He focuses on each limb until finally delivering a hard kick to the face. He backs up into the ropes and comes off with a knee drop, once more focusing on the head and face of Gordito. He goes for the lateral press, 1............2.....but Gordito shows his resiliency and kicks out once more. He pulls Gordito to his feet and whips him across into the ropes, but Gordito surprises him with a crossbody block! The crowd erupts as both men are down. Prince checks on both but doesn't administer a standing ten count, letting the match continue. Gordito seems to check his head for blood before rolling over, slowly crawling towards his corner as Saboteur drags himself up by the ropes! Mortlock rolls to his corner as Alhazred tags himself in. Gordito reaches out desperately as does Saboteur but Alhazred comes flying in with a punch to the side of the head, preventing Gordito from making the tag.

Connor: I have to say I'm impressed with how Mortlock and Alhazred are working together in this match.

Cohen: Why are you surprised by this Cat? Alhazred is a former World Tag Team Champion just like Saboteur, he knows all the tricks in the book.

Alhazred drags Gordito back to the center of the ring before he begins delivering repeated elbow strikes to his opponent's head. Gordito covers up as Prince checks on him, but seems to be ok with where he's at. Alhazred pulls him to his feet and whips him into the corner. He runs towards him and goes for a punch with the Power Glove but Gordito spins him around at the last second and delivers a hard European Uppercut! Alhazred is rocked and falls to the mat as Gordito stumbles back before running forward and connecting with the Bronco Buster! The crowd roars as Gordito gets to his feet, but Alhazred is back to his feet quickly and delivers a hard heart punch right to the sternum. Gordito is knocked off his feet once more as Alhazred clutches at his chest from the previous attack. Gordito tries to scramble to his corner but he's cut off as Alhazred stops him. He pulls him up and whips him across into the ropes again, this time circling around and applying a Sleeper Hold! Gordito reaches out desperately towards his corner, but Alhazred pulls him back to the center of the ring. The crowd begins cheering wildly for Gordito, trying to put life back into him as he begins to slowly fade.

Copeland: After a brief showing of life from Gordito, Alhazred suddenly has him fading in that sleeper hold.

Cohen: No way he breaks out of it, not with the Power Glove providing Alhazred a clear advantage.

Prince checks on Gordito, who falls to one knee and his eyes close as Alhazred yells for him to give up. Prince lifts Gordito's arm up but Gordito keeps it up and forms a fist, the crowd cheering loudly for him. He slowly gets back up to his feet, delivering a couple stiff shots to the stomach before suddenly turning around and trapping Alhazred's arms and delivering headbutt after headbutt! The crowd roars as Alhazred has no choice but to take each brutal strike to his head, his eyes rolling backwards for a moment as Gordito gives it his all with each headbutt. Suddenly he drops low and lifts Alhazred up and connects with a Samoan Drop! Saboteur goes crazy on the outside, running from corner to corner before holding his hand out for the tag! Both Alhazred and Gordito slowly begin to stir, crawling towards their respective corners as the crowd begins to buzz loudly before promptly erupting as Gordito makes the tag to Saboteur while Alhazred gets the tag to Mortlock. Mortlock rushes in but Saboteur runs towards him as well, spinning him around and connecting with a tornado DDT. Mortlock, though dizzy is back to his feet quickly and both men go for a bell clap, but Saboteur follows it up with a headbutt, connecting with More Cowbell! Mortlock hits the mat hard as Saboteur goes for the cover, 1...........2.......Alhazred runs in to break it up!

Connor: The pace of this match has suddenly picked up as the fresh man Saboteur is in the ring now, attacking everything that moves in there!

Cohen: He better be careful, he attacks the ref and this match is over!

Alhazred begins delivering shots to Saboteur as Prince tries to get Alhazred out of there. He pulls Saboteur up as Prince checks on the assassin, but suddenly Alhazred is dropped with a low blow! Prince didn't see it as Alhazred drops to the ground, holding his crown jewels before rolling out of the ring. Saboteur turns towards Mortlock who suddenly pulls Sabotuer through the ropes to the apron and delivers the Hard Justice rope hung DDT! Mortlock goes for the cover, 1...........2........Saboteur kicks out at the last second! The crowd goes nuts as Mortlock looks disturbed that his maneuver didn't finish the match. He motions that it's time to end this and sits in the corner, waiting for Sabotuer to get up. As he does he goes for Police Brutality, but Saboteur catches the attempted Codebreaker! He throws him into the ropes as Gordito comes flying into the ring and connects with the Cactus Clothesline! He sends him and Mortlock to the outside but before he did so, Alhazred got back on the apron and made the blind tag! Saboteur didn't see it and is too busy looking at the outside when suddenly he turns and is hit with the Level 5 spinning backfist! Saboteur spins around but counters with a Pele kick! GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL! Alhazred stumbles backwards and turns around, just in time for Gordito to get back in the ring and pick him up, delivering the Meteor of War facebuster! The woozy Saboteur climbs the top turnbuckle, and comes off of it with Airborne Assassin! He hooks the leg, 1.................2..................3!

Harrys: Here are your winners, the team of Gordito and Saboteur!

Copeland: What a chaotic ending to this tag team match from some great WZCW veterans!

Cohen: That tag never counted! Saboteur pinned the wrong man!

The crowd cheers loudly as Gordito gets to his feet, holding his hands up high in victory while Saboteur seems to have torn the Power Glove away from Alhazred. He holds his hand and the glove high in victory as Gordito gives him a sideways glance. Saboteur giddily tries to put the glove on but finds out that it simply doesn't fit him.

Cohen: Ha! Serves him right Seabass!

Alhazred slowly stirs and gets to his knees, staring at his Power Glove in the hand of Saboteur. He reaches out for it and Saboteur shrugs, tossing him the Glove. Alhazred catches it and quickly puts it on, holding it close to his chest when suddenly Saboteur delivers The Death Blow! Saboteur's knee connects with the side of Alhazred's face, sending him under the bottom rope to the outside. Gordito and Saboteur begin to celebrate in the ring, climbing the turnbuckles and playing to the fans who cheer loudly for the two veterans.

Copeland: Another great match here tonight for the 10 Year Anniversary Show, with Gordito and Saboteur showing they still know how to fight! But we have so much more to come, including our Eurasian Title match Main Event!
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