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My. Fucking. Goodness!


Now, I am not going to lie, I have not read every detail of Unscripted but I have skim-read all of the matches and all of the segments and I will say this right now – Unscripted is easily the best WZCW PPV I have ever read and I have been doing this a while. So, without further ado, let me share with you my thoughts on one of the finest pieces of reading I have ever read.

Blade vs Phoenix:

Now, I a huge fan of both Blade and Phoenix and I would have hated to see this PPV go down without them. In my eyes, they have done enough to prove that they should be on each and every PPV and when I saw the voting, a small part of me really wanted some sort of action taken to ensure that both of these guys were competing. I got my wish and I absolutely adored the match choice. Of course this match was going to be brutal and I think that by putting Phoenix over, we have something that could easily turn into a great feud.

Putting Blade over may have ended the feud right there but Phoenix going over leaves a lot of room for both of these guys to work with. One thing I will say is that Blade should go back to being a heel. I personally think that he needs the direction and by having a fixed alignment, he will get that.

Tag Match:

The writing out of Kravinoff will have thrown a spanner in the works, I bet. However, you guys are good enough to not let that stop you and I knew that you would have had more in the pipeline for that. Hammond deserved the shot, I guess. He put out a good RP and it was a shame that I never got the chance to face him. In my opinion, he deserved more and that was the great thing about Unscripted. It allowed you to slot him in and it worked easily.

As for the match, I think it makes a lot of sense to have Reckless Youth go over and I am sure they will be good Champions for you guys. They seem really involved with the Fed and they deserved their win. I will say that I hope Toyota is not done with the Tag Division because he honestly makes the division that much better by just RPing in it. That being said, this might be the right time to move him into the Mid-Card. My only worry is that by doing that, you will leave yourselves short in the Tag Division.

Strap Match

This was an absolute war and for good reason. I always loved writing the Mayhem matches because you had so much leeway to use, that you could write anything and it will be accepted. Honestly, I have really enjoyed the way you guys wrote out this angle and I feel as though it has come to an great conclusion tonight. I think Baez has done enough to warrant him getting his title back and although he never lost it, it makes sense to give him the title back.

Elite X Match:

Beckford again?

I know that you guys have little control on what goes on but I honestly would have liked for some dort of swerve to be thrown on there. Honestly, Beckford cannot afford to keep losing to Reynolds at every single PPV they are both involved in and I honestly think that he is starting to look like a weak superstar, despite him being a strong RPer. Personally, I would have loved to see someone else being added to the match to give Reynolds a test. Beckford needs to be put with someone else right now and let him get on a par with Reynolds. If Austin Reynolds consistently has his number, neither of these guys are getting anything out of the feud.

I would love to see Beckford thrown into the Elite X Division for a while and let Reynolds feud with someone new. By moving Beckford and allowing Reynolds to feud with someone else, the WZCW Universe might see something from both men that make this feud viable again in the future. Right now though, Beckford is a dead horse for Reynolds.

The match itself was fucking awesome though and is nothing less than I expect from you guys. Both of these fellas really gave it everything and I was sure that Beckford might have pulled out a shock win. However, it was not to be and Reynolds retains. Reynolds looks a great Champion at the moment and I would actually love to see him feud with Big Dave at All Or Nothing. However, with the Lethal Lottery involved, maybe we can see something develop there…

Constantine Match:

I very much enjoyed my match and think that is a great opportunity for Constantine.

I honestly thought that feeding him Doug Crashin was bad booking from the WZCW Universe but it is nothing more than I expected. The fans wanted to see him getting put in his place by Constantine and they got it. However, my one thought about this match was that Everest should have been the one who was pinned. However, when it came to pinning predicaments, Everest was just as visible as he was in the RP boards. Personally, I thought that Doug should have been spared this time and Everest should have taken the pin.

However, it was really nice to go over the leader of this little faction and hopefully Doug can go from here and work this into his character. No offense to Doug but I think he is batting way out of his league with people like me and Everest. With the ending to the match going down the way ti did, I can only hope that Everest will look to challenge Constantine in the future, if he is sticking around. You wrote the match brilliantly and I enjoyed it immensely.

I really like the way that Constantine is being built up and I am trying to build the same ground base of wins that I had with Karnage. I will continue to do that and I think that now would be the right time to get Constantine into a proper feud.

EurAsian Championship Match:

This match is honestly a fucking instant classic. Let me just say this for everyone to digest…

The Career of former World Heavyweight Champion; Titus… IS OVER!

Truth be told, I skipped ahead and read that Titus had lost. I then went back and read the full match and Big Dave should have been the one to retire him. As I got to the last couple of paragraphs, I could feel the emotion leaping off of the page at me and that is the great strength of this match. You could tell that it meant everything to both of these guys and if Titus was going to go, he was going to go out all guns blazing.

I really want to congratulate Ty on a match well written and I want you to know that I honestly thought that it is one of your best matches. I could feel the energy of the match and you captured the match and the emotions confined therein perfectly. Congrats.

As I read the final paragraphs of Titus’ WZCW career, I could not help but feel really sad. Lee has been a terrific supported of WZCW and Titus has been a joy to read. There was a thread a while ago that asked who would you RP as if you had the chance. For me, it is Titus in a no-contest. WZCW will miss him almost as much as I will. A hellacious match to round off a hellacious career. No more than Titus would have asked for, I am sure.

World Championship Match:


Honestly, this has been a long time coming and I really think that both Ty and Showtime are two of the finest RPers in the business. Both of these guys have had my beating all the time and their quality jst shines through constantly. There is a reason that both of them have basically been elevated at the rapid rate that they have been and it is because both of them are World Championship material that most of can only dream of.

Ty is going to be a great Champion and after coming through that epic match, he looks really strong already. Vengeance may have wanted to hold onto the title a little bit longer but I think Ty deserved his Championship run and I think that he and Showtime will contest it very hotly over the next couple of months. Vengeance may be dropping away from the Championship and the E-Fed too but I really would like to thank him for everything he has given us.

Ty will go on from here and I think that the best people to challenge him right now are Show, Dave and Constantine. That being said, most of those guys will be tied up in something else and Show will likely get his Championship shot first. Very exciting match with a wonderful conclusion.


All in all, thank you to the writers who wrote thi brilliant piece of work. I don’t usually write feedback for shows but that event was well worth the wait and the effort on my part.
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