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I agree managers are VITAL in today's WWE product. Here's why:

Most of the superstars of today cannot seem to tell a story both in the ring and on the mic. You have guys like Dolph Ziggler (who I know can talk) but does not get much of a chance too, but doesnt need to because he has Vicky Guerrero, who is a freakin' heat magnet!

Fine, but you then have guys who have never gotten experience on the mic, but can really go in the ring. Give them a manager who knows what they're doing and get the guy over! If you don't get em over in the first place, he won't need to learn to talk because he'll probably be demoted to NXT or Superstars where there isn't that much mic work. Mic work is half the battle in this game and if they can't pick it up, they'll never get anywhere. So again, next best thing is to pair the wrester up with a manager to help them pick it up, and in the meantime get them over.