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Post Bring It Back! - Managers

I miss the good old Managers of the 80's and 90's with the likes of Mr Fuji, Virgil, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Sensational Sherri, Miss Elizabeth, Jimmy Hart, Brother Love, Paul Bearer to name a few of accompanying there wrestlers to the ring.

I use to love how much cheap heat it would give some of the heels if the manager got involved in the match up on the apron, put there foot on the ropes to stop the 3 count, salt to the eyes. They pulled out all the stops so there guy could gain advantage or retain there title and it would work you would see someone win a match because of it and the crowd would go nuts that the face was screwed out of the title.

I know we have Vickie Guerrero who I think does a fantastic job but I would love to see her have a nice stable full of potential heels (like the Heenan family back in the late 80ís early 90ís) obviously with Ziggler, Swagger and maybe some more like Tyler Reks etc this would not only give the character TV time he would gain the heat he needs to be over.

I would love the Managers to be a character aswell with the backstage promos, commentary, bigging there guys up etc so they donít fade into the background like say Khaliís manager (im not even going to spell that). Just a thought what do you guys think? Would a manager help or hinder the progress of future stars?