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Default First Impressions

Now I have been watching wrestling for a long time and when a new person comes, I think their first impression when they speak really says if that person is going to go far or not. Sometimes this is true and sometimes it is not, but I would like to think when a new superstar speaks for the first time or when they do their first ever promo, they need to hit the nail on the head because second chances don't come naturally to capture that moment.

Now I was watching Raw last night and I have never heard of Ambrose. No I don't watch NXT, and I don't follow the Independents. I am a WWE mark if you want to call me that. I come on here often and I hear a lot of Ambrose. I hear how awesome he is and how he is going to be the next breakout star. I even hear and read Justin Labar's stuff on how awesome this guy is but I wanted to see for myself. One word sold me on Ambrose.."Nope"..... For me, his first promo stood out and now I see what everyone has been talking about.

So what WWE superstar really gave you a good first impression or a bad first impression and why?
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