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My all time favorite was probably the triple threat at WM 20, (my favorite match ever,) but I'll stick to two awesome singles matches

1. NWO 2001, Triple H vs austin. This was intense as hell, and had a great buildup, with austin coming back and destroying triple h at survivor series 2000, the feud continued and got more and more intense, with the two men not being able to touch each other other before the match. then they pummeled each other for nearly 40 minutes, and it never got old, triple h finally falling on austin after they both hit each other and getting the pin.
2. smmerslam 02 HBK HHH this match was awesome, the breakup of DX, shawn's return match, the threatening condition of HBK's back, great match, HHH beat the hell out of michaels, which actually looked pretty legit, and the cries of JR and King to stop it made it all the better from the announce table. HBK came back with somesick offense of his own, busting the game open, and eventually winning by countering the pedigree with the roleup. HHH showed why he's one of the best heels ever, by hitting michaels in the back with a sledgehammer after the pin, causing HBK to be taken out on a stretcher.
HHH-taker at mania 17, rock-hhh ladder match 98, other hbk matches are great too,