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dd23beatlesfan1 worked a dark match on ECW recently...dd23beatlesfan1 worked a dark match on ECW recently...dd23beatlesfan1 worked a dark match on ECW recently...dd23beatlesfan1 worked a dark match on ECW recently...dd23beatlesfan1 worked a dark match on ECW recently...dd23beatlesfan1 worked a dark match on ECW recently...dd23beatlesfan1 worked a dark match on ECW recently...dd23beatlesfan1 worked a dark match on ECW recently...

First off to IrishCanadian, both picks are fantastic choices. The Flair/Savage match would make my top 5 Savage matches, while the Hogan one would possibly as well. But my two choices are different.

They're actually the exact same two matches that TM Punk posted. But I will of course give my viewpoints on why those are the two top Savage matches.

Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat, Wrestlemania III

This match I liken to a game of chess. This match perhaps moreso than any other wrestling match I've seen is simply one guy upping the other, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, like a masterful game of chess.

You have quite possibly the two greatest workers of the 1980's (as far as American wrestling goes) in Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat showing the wrestling world how it's done. 20 years later, the match is still showing everyone how it's done. It was also probably one of the first big WWF/E matches to feature outside interference causing the heel to lose rather than win. This matchup has inspired countless wrestlers. Heck, even Chris Jericho stated this match made him want to be a wrestler. One of the all-time classic matches in wrestling history.

Randy Savage vs. The Ultimate Warrior, Retirement Match, Wrestlemania VII

This matchup is one of the greatest matches I've ever seen. This matchup should be given ***** by every wrestling critic as far as I'm concerned. The feud itself was highly entertaining. The Warrior upped his game to look like one of the best wrestlers in the world (Savage always brought the best out of the Warrior as their match at Summerslam 92 was very good too), and Savage showed why he was the real MVP of the WWF from 1986-1992, until Bret Hart took his place. You had the retirement angle looming on fans and the wrestlers. No one probably knew who was going to retire. At this point, at least in the WWF, there hadn't been enough retirement matches for everyone to know that the loser would eventually come back. So you had a huge consequence to losing making this match very meaningful and important and exciting. You had the action which was just flawless. You had brilliant storytelling, especially towards the end where the Warrior almost gives up after having Savage kick out of his splash and wondering if he no longer had the power to go on and continue wrestling, and if he should give up. That part might seem corny, but I thought it was an essential part to the story of the match. Then you have the brillant spot where Savage drops the elbow 4 times, and the Warrior still kicks out. This was one of the earliest matches where the wrestlers kicked out of each other's finishers, maybe a first in WWE history. Savage gave the Warrior everything he had, and still couldn't put him away. Then Warrior does his finisher multiple times before finally beating him.

We've already seen one of the most action-packed matches in WWE history, but no, that's not enough. After we've been blown away by the action-filled drama, now it's time for emotional drama. In one of the greatest babyface turns ever, Sherri turns on Savage, and Elizabeth comes out of nowhere after being gone for 2 years, saves him, and you have the most emotional moment arguably in wrestling history, the reunion of Liz and Randy.

This match had it all. Importance of result (the retirement angle), brilliant ring psychology, tons of action, 2 wrestlers wrestling at their very best, a hot crowd, revolutionary and influential spots, and ridiculously high amounts of drama and emotion.

One of the best matches in WWE history and quite possibly the most underrated match in wrestling history.

That's my take on it.

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