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Originally Posted by Ricky Maivia View Post
Trips' 2 Best Matches:

6 Man Elimination Chamber - World Heavyweight Championship: Summerslam 2003

I am probably going to get some red rep for this, but I could care less. This match is my favorite of all time, and Trips' performance is essential to its quality. He does NOTHING. That's right....NOTHING during the entire match except hide out in his pod, get superkicked in the pod, get totally dominated by Goldberg, only to use the sledgehammer on Goldberg to pick up the win in classic heel fashion. I mean, Goldberg STEAMROLLED through the rest of the competition (including a sickening spear on Jericho through plexiglass)...having him TOTALLY built up to pick up a freaking energetic and massive win for the title. Then, Trips, with his sledgehammer, sucks ALL of the positive energy out of the building and turns it into absolute heat on himself. Classic, classic, classic. That's why Trips is in contention (if not the front-runner) for best heel of all-time.
I like everything you had to say, but I think we need to question whether it was done cause Triple H was great, or because it was all he could do. During that time Triple H had an injured groin, possibly torn if I remember correctly. For having a torn groin, I think he did a good job and I agree with what you had to say, but its possible too much credit is being given to him there.

What I would pick for Triple H's two best matches:

Triple H vs Shawn Michaels - Summerslam 2002

This has been picked a couple times already, so I won't say much about it. But it had a great build, a fantastic match, surprisingly good cause you weren't sure how Michaels would be, and then a great ending. One of my favorite clips in all of wrestling, Triple H walking back up the aisle after the match, covered in blood with a huge grin on his face because of what he had just done to his old best friend, great moment.

Triple H vs. Kurt Angle vs The Rock - Summerslam 2000

One of my favorite matches of all time. This is just one of those matches that I could watch every single day and not get tired of it. The match was great, but something even better came out of it, and I think it showed that Triple H was a legit main eventer and one of the best. This is when Angle got knocked out early in the match, and eventually came back out later while having a concussion. But Angle getting knocked out didn't matter, cause Triple H was able to keep the match going, and not only did it keep going, but it turned out to be a really good match.