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Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...Davie Broon is an ECW Champion...

I wasn't here for a long time. I was here for a good time!

-Big Will (Hall of Fame Ceremony, 2017)

* * *

"The One" Big Will

When you think back on the origins of WrestleZone Championship Wrestling, one man who will always spring to your mind is none other than “The One”, Big Will. Although not the most successful Champion in the history of this Federation, Big Will went on to craft a legacy build on hard work, determination, and a knowledge that he would rise to the top of the company.

The legacy of Big Will started on the sixth edition of Meltdown, back in 2007. On that night, so much had to be new to everyone. On that night, Will went toe-to-toe against someone already on their way to forging a great legacy, Downward Spiral. That night marked the start of the Elite X Championship but no one really expected Will to come through it. Not only did he come through the match as the winner, he showed everyone that he was made of stern stuff; putting his name into the next round of the tournament and going over a WZCW stalwart in the process.

Over the course of Will's first few months in the company, he would go on to chase the Elite X Championship, eventually becoming the first ever superstar in the history of WZCW to hold the illustrious Championship.

Click for Spoiler:
Big Will shows signs of movement, as he crawls out of the broken tables that he was put through, as he slowly begins to pull himself back up, off the floor & sliding back into the ring. As Big Will pulls himself up, he notices all three men, laying outside the ring. He then looks back at the ladders in the ring. He grabs the closest one to him, & positions it directly under the Elite X Championship, as he very slowly begins climbing up the ladder. The fans boo wildly, as it doesn't look like anyone will stop him.

Suddenly, movement starts happening in the pile of Hasheem, Gus & El Guerrero, as Gus is pulling himself up, using the apron, only to slide into the ring. The fans begin chanting "Gus" as he starts slowly climbing the opposite side of the ladder. As both Big Will & Gus are trying their hardest to get to the top first, Heidi comes rushing back down, as she slides into the ring.

Heidi sets up the second ladder, next to the one Big Will & Gus are on, as she looks at Gus & cheers him on! Heidi then climbs up the side Gus is on, as she starts pushing him up the ladder, only to out of nowhere deliver a low blow to Gus?!?!?! The fans gasp, as Heidi then climbs up next to Gus, only to deliver a DRAGON DDT to him, off the ladder!!!!! Big Will is left alone on the ladder, as he reaches the top, he reaches up & grabs the Elite X Championship, pulling it down, off the rung it was on. The officials call for the bell, as Big Will falls off the ladder, holding onto the Elite X Championship!![/b][/i]

Copeland: What the Hell??? Dont let a match like this End like that.

Cohen: See that what im talking about. You leave the extra baggage in the locker room. Gus main squeeze just screw him other than in the bed

As the official slides into the ring, pointing at Big Will & raising his hand,As Harrys holds up a mic. & proclaims...


Will sits on his knees, looking down at the Elite X Championship, as he holds it with both hands, it looks as if he's crying. He then gets to his feet, with help from the official, as he turns to look at Heidi, who's standing over Gus. Heidi turns toward Big Will, with a devilish look on her face, as Big Will smirks back at her. Heidi walks over to Big Will, only to leap up into his arms, as she begins kissing him!!!! Big Will holds Heidi, who in turn holds up the Elite X Championship, as they both turn to look back at Gus, only to laugh. They exit the ring, as the officials have come out from the back, to check on Hasheem & El Guerrero who're barely showing movement, while the official in the ring is helping Gus up, who's asking what happened.

The official points up the rampway to Gus, as he looks up to see Big Will & Heidi standing at the top, only to kiss again. Big Will points at Heidi, then to Gus, followed by holding up the Elite X Championship & pointing to himself, as Gus has a expressionless look on his face. The camera fades out..

At the end of the day, perhaps Big Will be remembered as being the first ever Elite X Champion more than anything else. But perhaps that is slightly unfair. After all, Big Will is one of only 5 men in the history of the company to hold the Elite X.Openweight Championship on more than one occasion, alongside Gus, John Constantine, Sam Smith and Austin Reynolds. But Big Will seemed to always make the seemingly impossible possible. Perhaps the best indication of that fact was the first ever Lethal Lottery event.

In the opening contest of the match, Big Will would go onto lose the Elite Openweight Championship to Gus in an extraordinary match. But everyone's mistake was counting Will out after that defeat. In the end, Big Will would go onto win the first ever Lethal Lottery match, outlasting 29 other men to cement his spot in the main event of the first ever Kingdom Come event. From humble beginnings to the main event of the biggest show in sports entertainment would be a challenge for most. But for Big Will, it seemed so natural. Will made a career of being the first to do something and that summed up the man. Tenacious but supremely talented, Will went on to accomplish another first – winning the Heavyweight Championship at the first ever Kingdom Come in his first attempt. A truly remarkable feat to this day.

The career of Big Will came to an end shortly after but almost like a supernova, it was better to burn out than fade away. Big Will was a hurricane blowing through WZCW on the way to greatness and now, finally, he gets the top reward for that success. The WZCW Hall of Fame welcomes him home...

Click for Spoiler:

"The One" Big Will

6'3 230lbs


WZCW Heavyweight Champion x1
First ever WZCW Elite X Champion x2
First ever Lethal Lottery Winner
Main Event of Kingdom Come
7th Member inducted into the WZCW Hall of Fame


Will of Fame