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Yarrr... I found the ultimate treasure

Steamboat Ricky (Hall of Fame Ceremony, 2015)

* * *

Steamboat Ricky

* * *

When you consider the lore and history of WrestleZone Championship Wrestling, a few names immediately spring to mind. Showtime David Cougar, Everest, Ty Burna, Titus... And this man; Steamboat Ricky. The young man who was born to sail the seas and plunder wherever he could has now found his biggest treasure of all... A spot in the exclusive WZCW Hall of Fame.

Although Steamboat Ricky did not hold many Championships in his time with WZCW, his impact and reputation amongst the staff and fans of professional wrestling cannot be understated. Making his debut appearance in a WZCW ring at Meltdown number 6, Ricky immediately found that being successful within a wrestling ring could be as tough as navigating the high seas in a monsoon; eventually coming up short to Gus in the Elite X Championship tournament; after an amazing 900 degree splash from the aforementioned opponent. But like so many of his Hall of Fame compatriots, Ricky learned quickly what it took to be successful and found his first pinfall victory at the first ever Civil Revolution PPV against Sam Orwell; a man had become a very persistent thorn in his paw. It was at that moment, that Ricky stole the hearts and minds of the WZCW faithful.

It wasn't long after this that Ricky really begun shaking things up in WZCW; bringing the now defunct Mayhem Championship to the gates of the WZCW city. No sanctioned matches and with sheer destructive violence the name of the game, Ricky found himself to in his element; claiming his first win against Ben Legend in a match that was deemed “too violent to show on TV”.

Fast forward to Kingdom Come 1 and the invention of the King For A Day briefcase. An Elimination Chamber match awaited the man from Tortuga as he was pitted against 5 other men who have written their names in the illustrious history of WZCW. It was here that Ricky really cast off the shackles of midcard obscurity and burst into the main event scene, beating the 5 other men to claim the first ever King For A Day Briefcase. Ricky would hold onto the King For A Day briefcase until Unscripted, later that year, when he would face off against one of the best Champions this company has ever seen. With the fans at ringside firmly behind the sailor, it was only a matter of time until the pirate was given his treasure.

Click for Spoiler:
Ricky looks out toward the fans, seemingly unsure what to do next as everything has been done already. Ricky pulls Everest up out of the corner, only to hit a very stiff spike piledriver. At this point, Ricky then signals for the end, as he yells out “Man Over Board!” Ricky climbs up the ropes slowly, only to look out toward the fans. As Ricky gets ready to jump off the top rope, Everest suddenly nips up.

Copeland: The end could be near for Everest!

Ricky seems shocked, both un-Ricky-like jumps off the ropes anyway, going for an axe smash, only for Everest to block it, and counter into the set-up to The Rock Slide. Ricky quickly realizes the trouble he’s found himself in, as he pounds on the side of Everest’s head with hard elbows, shaking Everest loose and stopping the finish coming that soon.

Copeland: Everest almost had him there. I thought it was over.
Cohen: Ricky is lucky he had the sense to know what was going on there because nobody kicks out of the Rock Slide!

As Everest stumbles away, Ricky tries to then put the match away himself, but sweeping Everest’s legs out from under him, going for the Boo Box, only for Everest to counter that attempt with a roll-up for a 2-count. Both men get to their feet, as they rush at each other. Ricky throws a quick right, only for Everest to block it, and hit a float over DDT. Everest once again nips up, as he yells out to the fans and signals for the end himself.

Copeland: Could this be the end?

Cohen: We'll just have to see...Everest is a mighty competitor, but don't count Ricky out just yet!

Everest grabs Ricky by the hair, trying to pull him up, but Ricky seems lifeless. Everest pauses a couple different times, before finally pulling Ricky up to his feet and positioning him for a Rock Slide, as Everest goes to connect, Ricky once again blocks the attempt with several shots to the side of the head, causing Everest to stumble away, only to turn back into Ricky as Ricky goes for a Deck Swabber, only for Everest to counter out of the mid-portion, landing on his feet, countering out of the Powerbomb and yet again going for a Rock Slide, only for Ricky to block yet again, swinging Everest around and hitting a huge Blunderbuss!! Ricky falls on to Everest, as the official makes the count. 1.……….. 2.…………… 3!!!


Copeland: Ricky's done it! We have a new WZCW Heavyweight Champion of the World!!! Steamboat Ricky's career-long journey has culminated in winning the WZCW Title!!!
Cohen: Wow. What a match, Seabass...a chess match between two masters!

The fans go crazy, as the bell sounds and the announcer announces Steamboat Ricky, as the NEW World Heavyweight Champion!!

Harrys: Here is your winner....and....NEW!!! WZCW World Heavyweight Champion...Steamboat...RICKY!!!!!

Ricky is on his knees, as Everest rolls out of the ring, seemingly in disgust. Ricky is awarded the Championship, as it seems he might almost be crying.

Suddenly, Everest rolls back into the ring and grabs the Championship away from Ricky, as the fans give a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. Ricky seems confused, as Everest holds out his hand, in offering to help Ricky up. Ricky allows it, as both men are once again eye to eye. Everest holds out his hand again, this time in an attempt to shake Ricky’s hand, as Ricky nods and shakes Everest’s hand. The fans cheer loudly, as Everest holds out the Championship, resting it on Ricky’s shoulders only to then raise Ricky’s hand and point to the NEW Heavyweight Champion.

The career of Steamboat Ricky really opened the door for other, more out there, characters in the world of WZCW and was laden with moments that the world will never forget. The Ricky World Order proved to the staple of what good stables should be made up of in WZCW. But the charisma and guile of the pirate will be the ever-lasting legacy of the man. No one could light up an arena quite like the pirate from Tortuga, even until this day.

The WZCW Hall of Fame welcomes home Steamboat Ricky!

Click for Spoiler:

Steamboat Ricky

6'5 260lbs


WZCW Heavyweight Champion x1
WZCW Real World Champion x1
First ever WZCW Mayhem Champion
First ever WZCW KFAD Winner
6th Member inducted into the WZCW Hall of Fame


Deck Swabber