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Calling a spade a spade, Bret was a tremendous wrestler and a decent interview. (Basically William Regal if he didn't look 40 years older than he was.) That said, the whining got old after a while, and there was little anyone could do with that in WCW by the time he got there. He may have been the hottest name in the business when he got there but how do you keep a 'hard done by' guy over? You can't because it gets old fast.

I still don't believe for a second that McMahon ever promised Bret that Hogan would put him over for the title. There was nothing there storyline wise that would have led to that at that point and Bret just wasn't going to mesh well for a well booked title match. Yoko was a draw at that point and Hogan and Yoko worked and was a draw when Hogan put him over. (And he put Yoko over better than he put Brock over and that's saying something.)

There was little from the WWF's New Generation era that drew after Hogan. Lex, HBK, Diesel, Bret, none of them were a draw. Razor and Taker were the ONLY ones in the company that were serious draws at that point, and to a lesser extent Hennig. The only time Bret was truly over was in Europe and the Canada vs USA angle. I respect that Bret wanted to be the man but he handled the fact that he couldn't be very badly, knowing full well that Bret Hart can never truly be the man in a winning wrestling company for the Monday Night Wars. He is only the man when he's in a wrestling company devoid of true top stars to the point that Bret would get his fill by default. In a good wrestling company, Bret being the guy would never have happened.

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