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Now here we have a problem. What do we define as 'falsely accuse?' An accusation is 'an allegation that a person is guilty of some fault, offence, or crime; imputation.' We know that, and false if you really need a definition you will probably struggle with the rest.

Lets have a look at something I wrote in a CL post a few months back:

In 1994 a study was conducted for the Washington Times by “two leading universities” ( and written up by Alan Dershowitz, a professor at Harvard Law School which found out that 40% of all men accused of rare were found to be falsely accused. The definition of false as used in the study is, "the intentional reporting of a forcible rape by an alleged victim when no rape has occurred." Indeed, it includes only cases in which the complainant herself "admitted they are false." That's amazing that in these cases in 1994 40% of the rape charges were announced to be false by those who made the accusation.

Cool beans Lee, cool beans indeed. However I think the definition of falsely accused they use is a bit wrong. Time to get a bit greedy and think about yourself for a second. Have you ever been falsely accused of anything? Chances are you have. Have you ever falsely accused anyone of something? I bet you have as well....wait what? I'm of course using stupid example like it was my brother whole stole the cookie not me.

I digress, but think from your point of view. Your handbag has been stolen down a busy street. Luckily a policeman is nearby, you didn't quite see the guy "erm he has a black coat on but my bag looks like this!" the robber meanwhile is running with bag, taken the belongings and thrust it in the hands of an unsuspecting passer by. The Police man sees the guy with the bag, gives you the bag back and says is this the man "well he has a black coat and my bag so yeah it must be him!" Well done, you've just falsley accused a man of robbery, not your fault though, your adrenaline was pumping and you thought he was the right guy. Should you pay the full court costs for this mistake? No flipping way.
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