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Originally Posted by theBec2101 View Post
No it shouldnt of been a WrestleMania match. The match the 2 matches the put on were not that great. Batista cant wrestle at all and relies on the other guy to do the wrestling. All he really does are his 3 signature moves and a bunch of clotheslines and stomping and punching. Cena if givin the chance can actually wrestle. Just look at video of him back in the day before wwe and around the time he entered the wwe. But togethter no. But it did have the right to be a mainevent on anther PPV, that I will agree on. I would also say maybe like a 1st or 2nd card on WM. But if your going to have them both in WM i would have them against other people to help carry the match and make it a little more technical.
Let's be honest, alot of what you've said is irrelevant. Firstly, Batista wasn't a bad wrestler, he was playing a brawler - not a technician. He was simply playing a role, and when he had to, much like Cena; he could show off alittle bit with his mat skills.

Another thing - I can tell that you don't like Batista, but just because you don't like a wrestler or you think that they're crap, it doesn't mean that they're not a good draw. WWE caters for fans other than 'wrasslin' fans; most people just want to be entertained. Two big stars fighting at Mania'... Sounds like a draw to me!

In terms of entertainment, Batista and Cena could of been this generation's Rock and Austin. I'm not making an individual comparison, I'm just comparing their significance and role during their respective eras. At the time of WM26, Edge turned face and Jericho was on SD, so Batista took the role of top heel for awhile until he left. Going into WM26 you had the top face taking on the top heel, both stars began their rise to the top together, both were the two biggest stars since the attitude era... It was gold. If anything, I hope that Batista comes back one day to have one last run to finish things with Cena. It never really ended; Batista left after their 'I quit match' without getting revenge in the long term for his injuries. Maybe in a few years we'll see the rematch... WM30-onwards!

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