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Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Showtime makes his way out to the top of the ramp as gold pyro goes off on the corners of the stage. The boos immediately reach a deafening pitch as Showtime walks down the ramp, holding his WZCW Tag Team Title high into the air. He drapes the title over his shoulder as he walks up the steel steps and enters the ring, holding the title up once more.

Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 213 lbs, Showtime David Cougar!

The crowd begins cheering in anticipation for Everest. The music plays throughout the arena but still no sign of Everest. The crowd begins buzzing as the music stops. Showtime leans against the turnbuckle and holds his hands up and yells at the ref. Everest's music hits once more and the crowd cheers once again, ready for his arrival. The music cuts out and the tron kicks on. Chris K.O. and James King are shown stomping away on Everest in the back. The crowd boos as K.O. lifts Everest up and tosses him back first into a steel container. Everest crumbles to the ground as King and K.O. stand over him.

K.O.: It's time to go on the shelf Everest! We don't need people like you and Steamboat Ricky taking spots away from us that deserve to be featured. We should be the ones getting all the attention, not you.

K.O. slams his foot into the face of Everest as King just stares down at him.

King: I would suggest finding a partner Everest. And don't count on it being Ricky, after Ascension he's going to that retirement home Baller set up for him.

King drops down and gets right in Everest's face as Everest tries to pull himself up.

King: And at Unscripted, we're finishing what we started.

King shoves Everest's head into the steel container again and the two assailants walk down the hall as referees and the medical team quickly rush to check on Everest.

Copeland: That was disgusting. What was the point in all this? K.O. has beaten Everest already, what else does he have to prove. And why is King following him?

Cohen: That was what we call taking hold of the situation. They're not getting anything handed to them by WZCW management so they're going to make their own opportunities.

Meanwhile back in the ring, Showtime stands in the ring with his title belt and holding a microphone.

Showtime: Ladies and Gentleman, your winner as a result of his opponent’s ass being kicked and beaten down before even making it to the ring... Showtime David Cougar. And a round of applause as well for Chris K.O. and James King. You boys just might have a future in this business.

So... I beat Everest. Clearly... I am ready to return back to singles competition... and this belt... I bid sweet fairw-

"Ride of the Valkyries" cuts in and Stan Rogers appears on the stage with his Tag Team Title belt. The audience cheers as Stan makes his way to the ring, occasionally waving at the crowd. He climbs up into the ring and grabs a mic.

Rogers: Champ... good to see ya again. I see you’re putting all these folks here to sleep again tonight. Maybe they want to see less talk coming out of your hole and more boots being put up your other one.

Showtime: A comedian. Good lord I didn’t realize I was teaming up with a funny man. Joking aside Rogers, you’re stepping into a dangerous circle here. I might have to take that belt back from you again.

Rogers: Try it.

Rogers takes the belt off his shoulder and holds it high above his head. Showtime looks up at it, knowing Rogers wants to see Showtime try and grab it.

Showtime: Funny, funny. Are you trying to intimidate me rookie?

Roger: No... I came out here to congradulate you on your “victory”. I myself was also victorious here tonight. I made Ricky Runn tap out. Tell me Champ... how’d you get your win?

The two look about ready to square off when “Falling On” hits and Chuck Myles appears on the stage.

Myles: That’s enough you two, that’s enough. The Tag Team division has had a huge increase in interest that hasn’t been seen for close to a year now so I am not going to let my two Tag Team Champions bicker and argue and fight like a couple of school yard boys.

Rogers playfully pushes Showtime, to which Showtime pushes back.

Myles: I said that’s enough gentleman. And Showtime... if you think you are going to just walk away from this team you are sadly mistaken. If I ever hear you talk about dropping that belt I will suspend your ass.

Now there was a very good reason why I came out here and I’m glad your both here cause it has to do with your guys match at Unscripted. Now Showtime... I know few people are better at preparing for a match than you so I wanted to make sure you guys had an interesting twist in your match. You will be fighting... one team. But who that team is you won’t find out until Unscripted. The fans... your viewers Showtime, are going to decide Stantimes fate and vote for three possible teams. The three options are the team of Runn Reynolds Runn in a Captains Elimination Match. The fast rising team of Alexander Stark and Hiraku Susumu, Mind Over Matter, in a Normal Tag Team Match. Or a mystery team to be revealed at Unscripted in a Tables Match.

The crowd cheers and Showtime is furious inside the ring. He is against the ropes and yelling out his complaints to Myles. Rogers comes from behind and jokingly puts an arm around Showtime in support. Showtime removes the arm and quickly leaves the ring storming up the stage ramp.