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Harrys: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!

The crowd does not look pleased and boos for the newly formed tag team of Stark and Susumu as they walk out with Hiraku in front. They walk down the ramp with Stark brushing past Susumu, forcing both men to keep an eye on each other as they hit the ring.

Harrys: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 385 pounds, Alexander Stark and Hiraku Susumu... MIND OVER MATTER!

Cohen: I'm excited that these two decided to make it official. These men are a force to be reckoned with considering what they did to a legend like Titus.

Copeland: You make it sound like they're married, Jack. Anyway, they took advantage of the handicap situation and no doubt they'll be looking to win via underhanded tactics.

Stark has overheard what Cohen has said and just glares at him with Jack trying to break eye contact. Susumu turns his partner around and tells him to focus on the match as...

Most of the crowd cheers loudly with some boos from certain groups as Hammond enters the arena and raises his hand high in the air before heading down to the ring.

Harrys: And their opponents, first, from London, England, weighing in at 275 pounds... SCOTT HAMMOND!

Hammond gets to ringside and hesitates to get in, thinking about waiting for his partner before entering the ring. However, he decides to use the steps and wait on the apron as Stark and Susumu stand their ground.

The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as Blade makes his presence felt by raising his championship high as soon as he passes through the curtain. He makes his way down the ramp as the song kicks in and lowers his championship, encouraging on Hammond and pretending to be his best friend.

Harrys: And his tag team partner, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at 235 pounds, he is the current WZCW EurAsian Championship... BLADE!

Copeland: Something doesn't seem right here with Blade. He is still continuing this tirade to get Hammond in his pocket.

Cohen: How dare you, Seabass! Blade genuinely wants to form an alliance with Hammond that would be mutually beneficial for both parties. Nothing wrong with joining forces to get further in this company: that's why tag team wrestling is so important in this company.

Copeland: I won't argue with you there but this situation smells a little fishy.

Stark has opted to start off the match with Susumu on the apron reminding him to concentrate on the task at hand. Hammond has not moved from the apron as Blade, who is in the ring, tries to convince that he is on his side. Blade offers his hand to Hammond for a sign of peace but Hammond doesn't shake. Blade shrugs it off with a smile and tells Hammond "it's for the best". The referee takes the belt off Blade and gives it to a ringside hand before signalling for the bell.

Stark gets into the middle of the ring ready to go as Blade scopes out his opponent first by walking a circle around him. He shakes his head at Stark and tells him he isn't worth his time, turning his back on him. Stark doesn't take too kindly to that gesture and goes after Blade who turns around and attempts to clothesline Stark. He dodges the attack and hits a gamengiri kick to the side of Blade's head, stunning momentarily to allow Stark to hit a couple of European uppercuts before whipping Blade across the ring. Stark lifts up Blade and delivers a backbreaker, hitting a couple of elbow strikes before letting Blade land on the canvas. Stark immediately goes for the cover... 1... kick-out by Blade. As he tries getting up, Stark uses some stiff kicks to deliver some quick damage before assisting Blade to his feet and sets up for a spinning heel kick. Blade grabs the leg of Stark and hits him with a modified enzuigiri, this time stunning Stark. Blade uses this opportunity to hit some uppercuts of his own and goes to whip Stark across the ring. However, Blade holds on to Stark's hand and whips him into his direction and lands a backbreaker of his own. Instead of letting Stark drop, Blade gets Stark to his feet before dropping him with a DDT close to his corner and applying a guillotine choke. Blade extends his hand out to Hammond for the tag with a smile but Hammond is reluctant about getting into the ring. With Stark being very familiar with a guillotine choke, he manages to escape quite easily to Blade's surprise and uses it to quickly get across the ring and tag in Susumu. Blade desperately gets up and tries to stop Susumu in his tracks but he is already in the ring and drop toe holds Blade to the mat, followed by a sliding kick from the ropes. He goes for the cover on Blade... 1... 2... kick-out.

Copeland: Hammond is going with his instincts and doesn't seem to be trusting Blade.

Cohen: Well his "trust issues" seem to be costing him the match here, Seabass.

Copeland: I don't think Hammond cares about this match to be honest. He's trying not to succumb to Blade's mind games.

Susumu has wrenched the arm of Blade and continues to put pressure on him. Blade tries to find a way out of the hold but Susumu is quick to transition the wrench into the Sukui (Kimura lock) with Blade trying to resist screaming out in pain to give his opponent a mental edge. He eventually makes it to the ropes but Susumu doesn't let go and yanks Blade off the ropes, still with arm wrenched. He forces Blade into his corner and hits a couple of knee strikes before tagging in Stark who gets into the center of the ring. Susumu whips Blade into Stark who gets Blade up for a Samoan drop. Susumu hits a swinging neckbreaker on Blade as Stark drives Blade into the ground. Stark holds on for the bridge and goes for the cover as Susumu gets back on the apron... 1... 2... kick-out by Blade. Stark doesn't look pleased at the ref's count and goes to pick up Blade. He fights out of the predicament and crawls towards Hammond for help who is starting to look concerned for Blade but Stark drags Blade back to their area and stomps him in the face. Stark picks up Blade and hits the stun gun flapjack before tagging in Susumu. Stark gets Blade in position and the two perform a double Russian legsweep with Susumu locking in the Octopus stretch. Stark gets on the apron as Susumu keeps the pressure tight, eventually causing Blade to scream in pain. He does not let up though and does his very best to push his body to the ropes once again, this time Susumu breaking the hold and leaving Blade near the apron before going over and stomping on Blade multiple times. The referee does his best to pull Susumu off but is unable, which prompts Hammond to enter the ring and go after Susumu but the ref interrupts him and tells him to get back on the apron. Hammond argues as Susumu smiles at what he's done and slowly picks up Blade as Hammond eventually gets on the apron. Susumu smirks at Blade and drops him with a dropkick. He goes for the cover... 1... 2... Hammond interrupts the count to a cheering audience as Susumu complains to the referee.

Cohen: Ah... so Hammond does have a heart. He's warming up to Blade.

Copeland: He's doing what anyone would do when their tag team partner is being toyed around with.

Hammond gets back on the apron and starts to give Blade encouragement as Susumu cockily kicks the head of Blade back down as he tries getting up. Susumu sets up Blade and runs off the ropes, getting a spinning headscissors in motion until Blade transitions it into a 180 spinebuster with a thunderous impact. Susumu clutches his back as Blade is out on the mat and tries recovering. Hammond yells at Blade to come to his corner as Susumu begins getting up. Before Blade can make any distance, Susumu grabs the leg of Blade and pulls him to the middle of the ring, picking him up. He kicks him in the mid-section and goes for a brainbuster but Blade blocks the attempt multiple times and twists it into a belly to belly piledriver attempt. Susumu counters with a quick adjustment into a headscissors, sending Blade to the ropes where he ends up leaning against the second rope. Susumu recovers and runs at Blade looking for his finishing Kami no Tettsui (Spear) but Blade dodges the attack and hits a German suplex on Susumu. Both men are out in the center of the ring as they try to crawl to their respective partners. Hammond gets the crowd going in a wild frenzy as he begs for the tag. Susumu gets to his partner first and tags in Stark whilst Blade is very close to Hammond. Before he could make the tag, Stark knocks Hammond to the floor and picks up Blade to go for the IQ Drop but Blade hits the Blade Runner out of nowhere, knocking Stark down. Hammond recovers and climbs up on the apron calling for the tag. Blade turns around wearily and hesitates for the tag... but he eventually slaps the hand of Hammond and the crowd goes wild in a frenzy as he enters the ring with Stark still recovering. Susumu jumps in to stop Hammond but he hits him with a snap suplex. He sees Stark recovered and drops him with a snap suplex. Susumu is back up and goes for a wild swing but Hammond catches Susumu and drops him with a T-Bone suplex. Stark takes out Hammond from behind, sending him to his knees. He hits some kicks on Hammond before he pushes Stark away. Stark runs at him but Hammond lifts Stark up high to the cheering audience.

Copeland: Look at the strength Hammond is showcasing.

Cohen: You'd have that much strength too if you saw your partner be destroyed with you not being able to do much about it.

Hammond military presses Stark to the canvas who clutches his chest from the impact. He goes for the cover on Stark... 1... 2... Susumu interrupts the pin and he hits Hammond with quick strikes to keep him down. Stark does his best to recover and joins in on the fight with both of them picking Hammond apart like savage dogs. Susumu picks up Hammond and positions him on his knees as Stark yells at him to his face and hits a low savate kick to his face. Susumu runs off the ropes to complete the Mind Altering Experience but out of nowhere Blade hits a thunderous clothesline to Susumu with Blade dropping to his knees. The crowd cheers as Blade gets up and dodges Stark's wild attack and clutches the throat of Stark... Chokeslam to the ground. Blade checks on Hammond and asks him if he is okay before seeing out of the corner of his eye Susumu charging at him. He moves back and anticipates the strike to allow both men to go over the top rope and crashing to the floor. Hammond shakes off the kick to the head and sees Stark trying to recover. Hammond picks up Stark who breaks free of his grip. He tries grabbing Hammond but he reverses it into a Full Nelson Slam. He looks around the arena and sees the fans cheering as he calls for the turnbuckles. He climbs to the top rope and dives off looking for a headbutt but Stark rolls out of the way just in time. Both men lay out in the center of the ring as the ref starts the count. The action on the outside continues as Blade goes to put away Susumu but he pushes him into the steel steps, with Blades head smacking against the steel hard.

Copeland: That was a rough shot.

Cohen: All's far in love and tag team warfare.

Hammond is up and sets up Stark for London's Calling but Stark uses his knees to kick Hammond in the head, allowing him to drop Stark down. Stark grabs the referee and distracts him on his way down as Susumu gets into the ring and spears Hammond with the Kami no Tettsui and quickly rolls out of the ring. Stark sees this opportunity and locks in his own guillotine choke. Hammond tries to overpower Stark out of the hold but the pressure is too tight and has no choice but to tap out.

The crowd boos loudly as the referee rings for the bell and forces Stark to release the hold. M.O.M.'s music plays as Stark holds his hand high in the air and gets up to his feet. Susumu enters the ring and assist Stark to his feet with both men still a little iffy on each other. Stark and Susumu nod at each other and raise their arms separately in the air.

Harrys: Here are your winners... MIND OVER MATTER!

Copeland: That split second moment where Stark distracted the ref allowed Susumu to do the damage and sneak their way into a victory.

Cohen: It's how you utilise your tag partner. It's classic team strategy and Hammond would of won this match if he got that through his head. Blade was there to help and he didn't realise this until the end.

Copeland: He didn't know what to make of the situation considering Blade is a master of mind games.

M.O.M. exits the ring with another victory in the books and leave up the ramp with both men standing a far distance away from each other. They exit the arena to a series of boos before Blade gets into the ring standing over Hammond, shaking his head. The crowd anticipates something wrong to happen but instead, Blade helps Hammond get to his feet and gives him an applause for his efforts. The fans and Hammond are confused but audience members clap out of appreciation. Hammond clutches his head as Blade goes over to grab a microphone and talks with Hammond.

Blade: See what I mean... when I say... that the rookies... are trying to take over this company? Chris KO... James King... These kids who are trying to make names for themselves... We have already made names for ourselves... And all we need to take over this whole company is our combined skill. I felt it, you were resisting allying yourself with me fully and my philoshophy for this whole match, and we lost because of it.

The speech interestingly elicits a more positive than negative response by the fans. Hammond is still trying to catch his breath and listens intently to Blade who is about to continue as soon as he grabs his title.

We can't keep going back and forth in a petty stalemate feud over this championship whilst undeserving rookies like Saboteur get the opportunities that are long overdue for us. So it'd be pointless for the two of us to have a match against each other at Unscripted for the title.

This time, the crowd boo's at the idea with Hammond becoming quite agitated at what Blade just said. Blade does his best to keep Hammond cool.

Just hear me out Hammond. I met up with Myles to discuss possibilities for the EurAsian championship match at Unscripted and I had an idea. Since another match between you and I would be pointless, I put forth that we have the fans vote who should be my opponent. These men would consist of whoever has been eliminated from the All or Nothing Tournament: whoever loses the Fatal Four Way tonight; the Internet Warrior...

A nice reaction for the mention. Blade hesitates before saying the last name.

... and Chris Beckford.

The crowd cheers loudly at the name drop. Hammond isn't impressive however and questions' what he is doing for Unscripted. Blade smiles at him and puts his hand on his shoulder.

Now, I did give you the week off so you could think about my offer and make a decision tonight... I don't want your answer to be in words. I want it to be with actions... so that's why at Unscripted, you have been assigned the special guest referee of the match. Scott Hammond... my destiny is in your hands... you have the power Scott... so choose wisely!

Blade smiles as he makes his way out of the ring and leaves the microphone on the apron. His music hits as he holds his championship up high, leaving Hammond in the ring confused at what to think. Blade smiles as he walks up the ramp, telling Hammond he'll see him at Unscripted.

Copeland: I knew it! Blade doesn't want to face Hammond after their last encounter because he fears that he is close to capturing his championship.

Cohen: Didn't you hear a word Blade said? He doesn't care about this feud! All he cares about is the well-being of Hammond and how both of them are being treated in this company.

Copeland: I never believe a word that Blade says. He twists his words and actions to get his way in the end. Nothing good can come from this.

Cohen: You're being paranoid, Seabass. Blade always has good intentions. You will see come Unscripted.