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Just Zay'n is looking to come up from OCW...Just Zay'n is looking to come up from OCW...

I've got the feeling that Damien Sandow has a bit of an attitude problem backstage. Don't get me wrong, he's a great performer and very entertaining, but there's just something about his demeanour and general attitude that might be preventing him from being on TV. There was this YouTube interviewer who was referring to him as the Miz throughout the interview (this was during his Mizdow stint), which is objectively funny, however Sandow refused to play along and have a bit of fun - instead looking visibly irritated, correcting the interviewer that he is not, in fact, the Miz, and in the end threatened to have security escort him from the building before storming off. This guy just isn't any fun. Any other wrestler would've played along and insulted the interviewer back in their usual heel shtick (which is exactly what Rollins and Sheamus did when he interviewed them). So my theory is that Sandow is headed for the unemployment line at some point, and not really NXT.

The Ascension weren't getting a push before Konnor got suspended, and they ain't getting a push when Konnor's suspension ends. They're more or less done IMO.

We all know Tyler's gimmick wouldn't really get over on the main roster, but I don't think he'll go back to NXT. He'll stick around on the main roster for a bit and may have a few Intercontinental Title reigns (it'd fit well for him, he has 'seasonal residences' in different continents!), but he probably won't go much higher than that.