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Default RAW April 15th, 2002 (1/2)

April 15th, 2002
College Station, Texas

We see clips from last week's RAW. Austin and Flair stand across each other in the ring as a Flair soundbite plays, "I'm not too proud to admit that last week, things got a little out of hand.." at that moment we see when The Undertaker attacked Stone Cold from behind with a steel chair. We also see The Undertaker's post match assault on The Hurricane. Finally we see highlights of the nWo's attack on the Dudley Boyz. Jim Ross screaming "RAW truly is WAR" plays over a slow clip of Flair's shocked face and one final soundbite plays of Flair stating "I will be respected on RAW. I have to be."

We come on the air and Ric Flair is already in the ring with microphone in hand. After RAW's intro music fades out the WWF co-owner gets right to business.

Flair: "I just watched the same footage you all did. To say that my first two weeks of control have been anything but embarrasing, would be a lie. But Rome wasn't built in a day, and I have a great vision for RAW that will make sure we are the premiere brand in sports entertainment for decades to come. That starts this Sunday, when we crown a World Heavyweight Champion. But before we can do that, we have a little business to handle tonight. So right now, I'm going to need The Undertaker to come to this ring. Now."

The fans come out of their seats. It's about to get real.

"Rollin" by Limp Bizkit breaks out and here comes The Undertaker. Perched on top of his motorcycle the Phenom makes his presence known. JR and King remind us what's at stake this Sunday. Two of the WWF's greatest icon's battle to decide a World Heavyweight Champion. Who will pioneer RAW into the next generation?

As the graphic goes down, The Undertaker has parked his motorcycle and is entering the ring. The Undertaker steps through the ropes and steps right up to Ric Flair. The boss doesn't stand down. As Undertaker's music comes to an end, Flair raises the mic.

Flair: "I also need Stone Cold out here. Now."

The Undertaker suddenly has a very serious look on his face. The fans pop big but instantly top that reaction when the glass shatters and Stone Cold comes marching through the curtain with chair in hand! Looks like Austin may want some revenge for last week's attack. The Undertaker backs up to the far side of the ring as Stone Cold approaches. Flair stands firm in the middle and begins to shout..

Flair: "Hold on Austin, HOLD ON!"

Stone Cold rolls into the ring with the chair.

Flair: "Austin if you take one more step with that chair I promise you'll be sitting at home this Sunday!"

Austin stops in his tracks, his eyes never leave The Undertaker.

Flair: "Now if you two can act civil for ONE second, I'll explain. Due to the high stakes of this Sunday's main event, and the high tension on RAW. I'm making a ruling as of now, that if either of you two lay one hand on the other tonight.. you will be removed from the World Heavyweight Championship match at Backlash, and the pay-per-view all together!"

There's a mixed reaction from the crowd. Some understand the rule, some just wanna see Austin and Taker destroy each other.

Flair: "That includes chair shots.."

Austin for the first time looks away from Undertaker, now staring at Flair. He hesitates for a moment, but eventually drops the chair.

Flair: "Thank you. Now all we gotta do is make.."

The Undertaker takes the microphone away from Flair.

Undertaker: "Excuse me Ric, but there's just been something I've been dying to get off my chest for a week now."

The fans let out an "oooh". You never know what to expect from The Undertaker.

Undertaker: "Last week, you said my actions were not fitting of a champion. And I have to.. respectfully disagree. For example, look at that bike I showed up on here tonight. That is a fine piece of American machinery that cost thousands of dollars. Would you prefer you champion show up to the arena in a pick up truck with empty beer cans sliding around in the back?"

Austin takes offense and steps towards Undertaker. He's mouthing off but the camera doesn't pick it up. Flair extends his arms between the two men in hopes of keeping them apart.

Undertaker: "Oh you know what, I did say I would disagree "respectfully". Maybe that was out of line. But I would really like to change your mind Flair. So, if you'd give us a momentary break from your no touch ruling, I'd like to give you something you asked for. Two weeks ago, you wanted us to shake hands. And well, I'm in a good mood. So.. what the hell."

The Undertaker extends his hand towards Austin. Is this.. the same Undertaker? Flair looks at Undertaker with ZERO trust in his eyes. But he realizes these two shaking hands, would be a great step in his attempt to establish authority. Flair nods and can be heard saying "You better not mess this up." Undertaker and Flair both look at Austin, who doesn't budge. Austin's arms remain at his sides, and the fans cheer the decision. Flair and Undertaker both seem dejected.

Undertaker: "I'm sorry Flair, I tried. I understand your ruling for the night, and I fully intend on following it. I won't lay one hand on Austin."

Undertaker then turns his extended hand towards Flair. The fans implore Flair not to take the hand, but he does so. The two rivals shake hands. All seems calm... until The Undertaker smirks. At that moment he shoves Flair into Stone Cold, and both men fall to the mat! Undertaker drops and rolls out of the ring, making his way around to the ramp. The fans are surprised and Austin immediately gets up and tries to chase down The Undertaker, but Flair holds him back.

Undertaker: "Why you so mad Austin? I didn't touch you!"

Undertaker lets out a chuckle and drops the microphone as he backs up the ramp. Austin picks up the steel chair he dropped earlier and raises it. He's gonna throw it at The Undertaker! Flair grabs Austin by the arm and restrains him again. Big mistake. Stone Cold hits Ric Flair with a Stunner! The fans are shocked. The Undertaker seems very pleased that he can so easily get into Austin's head.

Referee's come out to check on Flair as Austin leaves the ring. We go to JR and King at ringside. JR expresses concern over Austin being unable to keep his cool which has led to him assaulting his new boss twice in three weeks. After a replay of Undertaker shoving Flair into Austin, and Austin eventually hitting Flair with a Stunner, we see Flair making his way up the ramp flanked by officials. He's holding his neck, and looks very aggravated.

We go backstage and see Edge making his way down a hallway with his newly won United States Championship over his shoulder. Edge is dressed to compete, and JR confirms that the U.S. Champ will be in action next! We take our first commercial break of the night.

Before RAW resumes we're see highlights from last week's triple threat main event for the United States Championship. Edge stands victorious after pinning Kurt Angle. Now back from break we see Kurt Angle backstage. It looks like he's waiting for someone, but who? We find out pretty quick as Flair comes walking in still surrounded by officials and now Arn Anderson. There's heavy discussion among the group until Angle interrupts.

Flair: "..what do you want Kurt?"

Angle: "Look Flair, I know you were depending on me last week to win that match and be a True American champion. But.. well I got distracted! That dinosaur Mr. Perfect.. he got in my head Flair! I want to be champion.. but I really need to kick his ass!"

Flair: "You.. want Mr. Perfect?"

Angle: "Oh yeah. I want Mr. Perfect TONIGHT!"

Flair: "Fine. You get Mr. Perfect. This Sunday."

Angle: "Sunday? Screw Sunday! I want to kick his ass tonight!"

Flair: "Kurt I'm not arguing this with you! As much as you annoy me, you vs Perfect is a pay-per-view quality match, so pay-per-view is where it will happen. But to shut you up, I'll give you Perfect tonight, in a tag team match. Both of you find partners, and go nuts."

Angle: "That works for me. Thank you Flair."

Flair: "Get out of my office Kurt."

The fans pop for both announced matches. JR hypes how much of a fantasy match up Kurt Angle vs Mr. Perfect is and can't believe he'll witness it at Backlash. "You Think You Know Me.." the unmistakable theme of Edge begins to play. The fans let out a roar as the popular young stars comes running out on the stage. With his new United States Championship secured around his waist, Edge makes his way to the ring. His opponent is already in the ring waiting for him, and that opponent is Test. JR quickly mentions that it was Edge vs Test at Survivor Series last fall that unified the United States and Intercontinental Championships.

Match 1
Edge vs Test

Riding a huge wave a momentum, Edge is on a roll in the early going of the match. But Test is no push over and uses his obvious size and strength advantage to take control of the match. The new champion's heart is put to the test as his opponent is trying to beat him up, he's trying to win. Test goes for numerous big strikes and big moves. Big boots, a pumphandle slam and even a Super Plex from the top rope. All moves that have brought him victory in the past. He goes for the pin after each move, yet every time Edge kicks out. The frustration begins to build as Test sets up for another big boot. He waits for Edge stand, motioning for him to hurry and get up. Test charges but is cut off by a sudden Spear! Edge takes Test down but isn't able to immediately go for the pin. With Edge obviously worn out from the onslaught of attacks he suffered from Test, the match is back to an even playing field. Both men work their way up to their feet, the next big move.. could be the one that wins. They exchange blows for a moment, wtih the larger Test getting the better of the exchange thanks to his heavy hands. He grabs hold of Edge again, and again looks to hoist him up for a pumphandle slam.. but Edge falls behind his opponent and when Test turns to find him, all he finds is a foot in his stomach before getting dropped by Edgecution! The U.S. Champion is able to hook the leg and secure the victory.

Winner: Edge
Edge celebrates his victory as his momentum continues to build. We go backstage and see Mr. Perfect. He's conversing with Matt Hardy and Lita. It's a quiet discussion that the camera doesn't pick up, but it looks like Mr. Perfect may have already found his tag team partner as Matt Hardy smiles and shakes Mr. Perfect's hand. JR states we're on the verge of a commercial, but on the other side of the break, the war between the nWo and the Dudleyz wages on.

Up next. X-Pac takes on Spike Dudley.. in a Cage Match!

We come back to RAW as pyro falls from the arena's roof. It collides into the stage which causes an explosion of even more pyro. This brings out the Dudleyz! Spike Dudley is flanked by his brothers Bubba Ray and D-Von but noticeably absent is Stacy Keibler who was most likely left behind for her own safety. The smallest Dudley appears confident as he approaches the cage. He gives a fist bump to each of his brothers before entering the ring enclosed by the steel cage. After a moment the screen goes grey and the nWo strut through the curtain. Kevin Nash and Scott lead the way while X-Pac trails behind. As the nWo make their way down the ramp, two groups of security file down either side of the ramp. The Dudley family stands outside the far side of the ring in front of the commentary area. The nWo stay down at the bottom of the ramp as the security squads take post on the side of the rings. JR confirms that Ric Flair called for the heavy security to prevent another all out brawl. As X-Pac enters the cage, JR and King hype that these two factions are on a collision course for this Sunday.

Spike and X-Pac stand across the ring from each other as the referee locks the cage door. With so many bodies surrounding the cage, their's a big fight feel and even bigger feeling that all hell is about to break loose.

Match 2
Cage Match
Spike Dudley vs X-Pac

The bell rings, and the fight is on. The two superstars charge each other and immediately start throwing punches. X-Pac is a more refined striker, but Spike Dudley may be the scrappiest fighter the WWF has ever seen. That point is proven when Spike eventually tackles Pac down and continues to throw down punches. X-Pac covers up and is able to defend for the most part, but he eventually has to roll Spike off him and create space. As the match continues, it's more of a fight. There's not as many shiny cage high spots as there are stiff shots. The two use the cage as more of a weapon. After having his face rammed into the cage and raked across it over and over, Spike is eventually cut open and wears a crimson mask. As the fight inside the the cage grows more intense, the jaw jacking outside the ring escalates as well. Every time the Dudleyz or the nWo attempt to get around to the other, there's a crew of security guards between them. As the two forces get closer and closer, the wild fans in attendance eventually get their wish as it's Kevin Nash who fire's the first shot, extending his arm past the guards and catching D-Von with a right hand. The fight is on. The nWo and Dudleyz collide into each other with security caught in the middle or getting thrown to the side by these raging superstars. While the fight on the outside takes away from the match for the moment, the fans eventually spot X-Pac climbing the cage. With Spike down, X-Pac is looking for victory. But the little Dudley Dog is never out and eventually springs up to chase X-Pac. Spike climbs up after X-Pac, and both men are now sitting up on top of the cage with the fight outside the cage wages on 15 feet below. The two men exchange blows just as they did at the beginning of the match. Spike catches Pac off guard with a sudden headbutt out of no where that rocks him. With Pac groggy for the moment, Spike attempts to shove him off the cage back into the ring. X-Pac grabs hold of the cage but slides back down the cage, falling between the steel and ropes. Spike has the opening he needs. But instead of climbing down.. Spike gets to his feet! Spike stands on top of the cage as he looks back at X-Pac. He then looks down at the brawl going on outside the ring. A complete blur of Dudley, nWo and security. Spike shakes his head then jumps! He falls down crashing into the pile of bodies fighting on the floor. The fans can't believe how far this has gone. As the bodies clear out, Spike rolls away and is clearly touching the floor.

Winner: Spike Dudley
As the Dudleyz music begins to play, Spike pushes up to his feet and scurries away towards the ramp. He's eventually met by his brothers as they help hold him up. The nWo stand surrounded by fallen security guards and are livid. X-Pac lays in the ring, clearly spent from the fight he just endured. The Dudleyz celebrate up on the stage, now joined by the Dutchess of Dudleyville Stacy. JR wonders if this is the same scene we'll see at Backlash when the war finally comes to a head in a Six-Man tag match.

Backstage we see Kurt Angle leaving the locker room area. He starts down the hallway and JR wonders how Angle's search for a partner is going. We go to commercial.

We're welcomed back to RAW by Johnathan Coachman.

Coachman: "Please welcome my guest, the number one contender for the Women's Championship here tonight.. miss Trish Stratus."

Stratus: "Thanks Coach."

Coachman: "Trish your title match is moments away. Are you confident that tonight is the night you can finally defeat the champion Jazz?"

Stratus: "Ya know Coach, I am. Winning the Women's Championship last year was a dream come true. A dream that at one time I thought never would come true. Then Jazz swooped in and turned my dream into a nightmare. She took everything away from me. Well I've worked too hard and too long to let my dreams slip away. I thought I had her at WrestleMania.. but it wasn't my night. Tonight, tonight is my night. I can feel it.

Coachman: "Thanks Trish, good luck tonight."

Stratus: "Time for some Stratusfaction."

Trish gives Coach a wink and walks away. We see Kurt Angle again, there's a loud commotion, and it appears he's approaching it.

Angle: "Hey guys. Yeah guys over here!"

Kurt Angle walks right up to the Dudleyz who are celebrating Spike's victory moments ago.

Angle: "Hey great match Spike. You're tougher than I ever thought."

Bubba Ray: "Can we help you Kurt?"

Angle: "You actually can! I don't mean to interrupt you're celebration, but I'm sure you've heard about my tag team match against Mr. Perfect tonight.."

Bubbay Ray: "Nope."

Angle: "..and I'm allowed to pick any partner I want. Now Perfect has already suckered Matt Hardy into teaming with him tonight. Now Matt, yeah he's good. The Hardyz were a heck of a tag team. But I was thinkin.. you know who's even better than the Hardy Boyz? The Dudleyz!"

Bubbay Ray: "You really think so?"

Angle: "Absolutely! You guys are best! So I don't really care which of you it is, but I could really use the BEST tag team partner out there tonight. What do'ya say?"

Bubba and D-Von look at each other. Stacy stands behind them snickering.

Bubbay Ray: "I say.. you better keep looking Kurt! C'mon guys."

The Dudleyz walk away as Kurt briefly pleads for them to come back. It's a lost cause. Kurt appears flustered and storms away. We go back out to the arena where Trish Stratus' music begins to play. The popular young diva makes her way down to the ring to a great ovation. Her opponent however, is despised. Jazz marches down to the ring paying the fans no mind. With the Women's Championship firmly around her waist, Jazz enters the ring ready to fight as always.

Match 3
Women's Championship
Jazz (C) vs Trish Stratus

These two know each other very well and it doesn't take very long for this match to really get going. Who needs a feeling out process? There's definitely more of a determination behind Trish's offense tonight as she tries to go for early pinfalls, all of which fail to put the champion away. Jazz however has a more methodical approach and once she takes advantage, she starts directing her attack towards Trish's back. Forearm shots whenever she's behind, knee strikes when she's on the ground, and when she can, Jazz applies an abdominal stretch. Its clear she's trying to weaken Trish in the event she can lock in the Bitch Grip! Jazz's harsh submission not only brought her the Women's Championship, but has allowed her to retain it. The challenger continues to fight back. Trish has a heart the size of Canada and refuses to lose. The pace quickens and Trish tries to stay on offense. Momentum is in her favor, and she looks to seal the deal with Stratusfaction. Trish goes for her bulldog, leaping and kicking off the top rope. But as she turns to drive Jazz down into the mat, the Champion pushes Trish away. Trish crashes down to her knees, and Jazz pounces. Quickly hooking both of Trish's arms from behind, Jazz shows off her true strength by lifting Trish from her knee's straight up into the air above her locking her into the Bitch Grip! Trish immediately begins to scream. Screams that only get louder as Jazz squeezes tighter. But Trish holds on. There's a blonde blur as Trish shakes her head, refusing to tap. Trish starts kicking back, her foot colliding into Jazz's abdomen a number of times before she finally loses her grip. Trish rolls down out of the submission and tucks her head. She grips Jazz by the legs and rolls her forward into a surprise pin attempt.


Wait.. NO! The ref's hand hit the mat, but Jazz has reversed the pin. The ref immediately beings to count again..


A different camera angle shows Jazz gripping Trish's tights..


Winner: Jazz (Still Champion)
The air is sucked out of the arena as Jazz rolls out of the ring as soon as the bell rings. Trish comes up to her knee's with a look of complete dismay on her face. The ref races around the ring to hand Jazz her championship and raise her arm in victory. A replay is shown of the pin reversal and Jazz holding the tights. We see Trish again, shaking her head in disappointment as she holds her arm, likely sore from the submission hold.

We go backstage, again joining Kurt Angle in his search for a partner. He walks down the hall way and passes by a group of superstars. Kurt stops and turns towards them. We see William Regal in a suit. He's talking with Albert and DDP. They talk in a hushed tone and Regal hands the two superstars a clipboard. As they all look at it and discuss, Kurt can't help but interrupt.

Angle: "Hey guys, whatcha talkin bout?"

William looks back at Kurt startled and takes the clipboard back from Albert.

Regal: "We'll continue this conversation later, thank you gentlemen."

He essentially shoo's the other two away and Albert and DDP walk away. Kurt seems confused but now that the number of potential partners have dropped from 3 to 1, he gets right to the point.

Angle: "Look Regal, Flair has stuck me in a tag team match tonight, and I really need a partner. And I'm standing here thinking about how dynamic of a team Kurt Angle and William Regal would be and I know we could beat Mr. Perfect tonight."

Regal: "I know all about what Flair has been up to I assure you, but unfortunately I'm just too busy to help you tonight Kurt. Best of luck."

Regal turns and leaves in the same direction as Albert and DDP without giving Kurt a chance to get another word in. Kurt stands with his jaw hanging for a moment before rolling his eyes and letting out a groan.

Before we go to commercial, JR announces that after the break it will be Stone Cold Steve Austin taking on Kevin Nash. Austin was successful in his WrestleMania rematch last week against Scott Hall. Can the Texas Rattlesnake make it 2-0 against the nWo?

We come back from break and we're shown a replay of what happened at the top of the show. JR explains Flair's "No Touch" rule for Austin and Undertaker tonight. We see Undertaker shoving Flair into Austin, and eventually Stone Cold dropping Flair with a Stunner. We go backstage where Flair is sitting on the coach in his office. All the officials and security who were with him earlier in the night have left, and it's just him and Arn Anderson alone.. until they're not. Arn is talking to Flair when his attention is suddenly caught by something off camera.

Anderson: "What are you doing here?"

Flair's head shoots up. He instantly grabs his neck, obviously still feeling the stunner.

Flair: "You want something?"

The camera pans over, and we see Raven.

Raven: "I want Edge."

Flair: "Well you can't have Edge. He already had a match. You'd know that if you weren't so busy sneaking up on people. What's with everyone thinking they can just demand a match?"

Raven: "Then give me Edge Sunday. He didn't beat me last week, he beat Kurt. I'm not gonna be a footnote in his rise to the top. I can make his U.S. Championship disappear just as quickly as he got it."

Ric is obviously not in the mood.

Flair: "Listen, Raven. I have plans for Edge this Sunday. I have plans for the United States Championship. Neither of which, involve you. So if you'd please.. actually, not please. Get out now."

Raven remains calm, but his eyes are boiling. He stares at Flair and Arn for a moment before turning to leave. He reaches for Flair's door just as Maven opens it up. Maven enters the room with the Hardcore Championship over his shoulder.

Flair: "Well look, someone that I actually ASKED to come to my office. What a nice surprise. Come on in Maven."

Raven brushes past Maven and exits the office as Maven approaches Flair.

Flair: "Have a seat. I need to watch this next match, but we have lots to talk about."

Maven: "Sounds like a plan."

Arn steps off the coach allowing Maven to sit next to Flair. Just as he does, the screen turns grey. The visual of Flair and Maven starts to cut out before the whole screen turns to static. We glitch back out to the arena where Kevin Nash makes his way out to the stage. Usually rolling 3 deep with the rest of the nWo, Big Kev is actually alone as he makes his way down to the ring. Nash enters the ring and looks towards the hard camera. He goes to throw up his arm and do his usual pose before *GLASS SHATTERS!* Here comes Stone Cold! Austin marches down to the ring as always with deadly intention. He steps through the ropes, but instead of going towards any of the corners he walks right towards Nash on the two start brawling! The ref tries to break them apart for a moment, but eventually just steps back and calls for the bell.

Match 4
Kevin Nash vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Nash stepped out of his corner to trade blows with Austin, but Stone Cold is able to force his opponent back into the corner and takes control of the fight. Nash takes the defensive as he covers his head. The ref shouts his 5 count at Austin who finally steps back at 4. Nash takes the opening to step forward and deck Austin in the head which drops the Rattlesnake. Austin hits the mat but rolls and pushes back up to his feet. Nash pursues, but Austin finally removes his vest as he comes to his feet and throws it in Nash's face. This stops Nash in his tracks. Austin charges into Nash and pushes him towards the ropes. Both men fall through the middle ropes, falling down to the floor. They both come up swinging, but Nash changes things up with a knee to Austin's stomach that changes things in his favor. Nash quickly grabs hold of Austin's head and throws it down into the nearby announce table. The brawl continues on the outside for a few moments before finding its way back into the ring. Any time Nash tries to work Austin over, Stone Cold finds a way to find back and take control. Austin takes Nash down with a Thez Press and sends a flurry of right hands down at Nash's face. He stands, adrenaline pumping before the nWo's music begins to play. Austin turns towards the stage and sees Scott Hall and X-Pac. The two approach the ring but stay outside. Austin shouts at the two as we go to commercial.

We come back from break and Nash has Austin pinned in the corner ramming shoulders into his abdomen. Nash steps back and mockingly flips Austin off which gets a pop from the nWo watching outside the ring. Stone Cold's face suddenly turns angry as he grabs Nash by the head and turns, throwing his opponent into the corner he himself was just trapped in. Austin throws kick after kick up into Nash's gut until the big man sinks down to a seated position against the bottom turnbuckle. Austin's kicks turn into ferocious stomps! JR proclaims Austin his stomping a mudhole and walking it dry. He flips Nash back the two birds before planting one more stomp for good measure. He turns and flips the nWo the same fingers before reaching down and pulling Nash up off the ground. Austin gives Nash another kick before grabbing him by the head to attempt a Stunner! But Nash pushes him away. Austin is forced towards the ropes where X-Pac now stands on the apron. Before X-Pac can make a move, Austin decks him with a right hand, dropping him back down to the floor near Hall. This stops Austin's momentum, and Nash takes advantage as he charges and catches Austin with a surprise clothesline that sends Stone Cold over the top rope and out of the ring. Right next to the nWo. Hall and X-Pac stay back. Austin slowly pushes up to his feet and he looks ready to fight. Nash stays in the ring as Austin looks back and forth at Hall and Pac. There's a tense stand off and it looks like the nWo is gonna stay out of it.. yeah right. The two pounce on Austin like hyena's! The referee immediately calls for the bell, ending the match in DQ.

Winner: Stone Cold (Disqualification)
Austin's getting beat down outside the ring until Nash yells something at the other two. They both nod and pick Stone Cold up, pushing him back into the ring where Nash gets a few stomps in. Scott Hall walks over to the announce area where he takes Lilian Garcia's chair away. At the same time X-Pac reaches under the ring, eventually pulling out a can of spray paint. The nWo regroup in the ring where Nash is pulling Austin up. Pac drops the spray paint and grabs hold of Austin along with Nash. Stone Cold is on his knees with Nash and X-Pac holding his arms. Hall is all smiles as he taunts Austin with the chair. Hall cocks the chair up preparing to destroy the Texas Rattlesnake when suddenly the Dudley Boyz music begins to play! The fans erupt as Bubba Ray and D-Von sprint to the ring. The slide in and get right into the fight. Bubba goes after Hall, D-Von tackles X-Pac which allows Austin to get back to his feet and resume his fight with Nash. The nWo don't go down easy and the fight is all over the ring. D-Von eventually forces X-Pac out of the ring. Somehow Austin has gotten his hands on the very steel chair that was meant to put him down, and he cracks the chair into Kevin Nash's skull! The big man crumbles and rolls out of the ring. This leaves Scott Hall on the wrong side of a 3 on 1 fight. He finds himself face to face with Austin holding the the chair. Hall quickly turns away, only to be scooped up by D-Von and thrown down with a huge 3D! The fans love it. X-Pac reaches in and pulls Hall out of the ring by his feet. The nWo are retreating! As the 3 backtrack up the ramp, Austin throws the chair out of the ring towards them as his music begins to play. The Dudleyz stand behind Austin ready to fight just in case the nWo find some bravery and come back down. We see a replay of the Dudleyz making the save, Austin's chair shot and eventually the 3D.

We go back to Flair's office where he and Maven are still sitting in the same place. Flair is slowly nodding.

Maven: "Well that got pretty crazy."

Flair: "The craziness never stops... but forget about all that."

Flair stands up off the couch and Maven follows his lead.

Flair: "I know you sat at home for 2 weeks and probably wondered the whole time why I even drafted you. Well you have a lot of potential Maven, but with that Hardcore Championship of yours, you're a walking target. Believe it or not I'm trying to prevent chaos on RAW. A championship that's defended 24/7 with no rules whatsoever.. that breeds chaos."

Maven looks down at his Hardcore Championship.

Flair: "But don't worry, I'm not just gonna take your title away. I've tried to do everything I can to make Backlash historic. And this Sunday.. we're gonna have a unification match! It will be you versus the United States Champion Edge! Both of you walk in as Champion, but only one will leave that way. How's that sound?"

Maven: "Definitely sounds historic, thank you so much for the opportunity Mr. Flair!"

Maven extends his hand and Flair shakes it.

Flair: "Well I look forward to seeing you perform on a big.. HEY!"

Maven is attacked from behind! It's Raven! After dropping Maven with a clubbing blow he stomps the young superstar a few times before picking him up and throwing him over the couch.

Flair: "What the hell are you doing!? Stop damn it!"

Arn Anderson steps in to restrain Raven put gets punched in the face and thrown over Flair's desk. Flair keeps his distance as Raven starts dragging Maven back up to his feet. Maven throws a few punches at Raven's abdomen but they have little effect. Raven holds Maven up and kicks him twice in the stomach before grabbing him by the head and dropping him to the floor with the Ravenflow DDT. Raven comes up to a knee and glares at Flair, a sick smile on his face. Flair his speechless. Raven turns and lays on Maven. He pulls his leg up like he's pinning him and suddenly he is as a ref falls into view to make the count!

Match 5
Hardcore Championship
Maven (C) vs Raven


Winner: Raven (New Hardcore Champion)
Raven gets up to his feet and the referee hands him the Hardcore Championship. Raven takes the title and shoves the referee away. He steps towards Flair and gets face to face. Raven's panting a little bit thanks to the mini-brawl.

Raven: "You were saying Flair.. I got Edge this Sunday?"

Flair looks disgusted as he stares a hole through Raven.

Raven: "Definitely sounds historic, thank you so much for the opporutnity.. Mr. Flair. It's exactly what I wanted."

Raven mocks Maven, almost exactly repeating what he said just seconds ago before getting jumped. Raven turns and leaves the office. Flair shakes his head and shouts asking for some help for both Maven and Arn. This sends us to commercial.